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Out of nowhere we discovered The Boiler, a Southern American-inspired seafood joint located within the Tai Seng industrial area. We were there on a Tuesday night and the place – despite newly opened a couple of months ago – was absolutely packed, well done! A good sign of things food to come.


The menu centers around a wide array of fresh live seafood cooked with homemade sauce options: “The Works” (mild, medium or ragin’ hot), “Garlic Butter” and “Peppa’ Butter“. All of them were tasty but since I’m usually in love with garlic butter, no prize for guessing which sauce was most finger-licking good to me haha.


Because one was not enough, we shared two Boston lobsters ($75++ each) *bliss* Large and heavy, firm and succulent, I only wish we had a third one *wistful thinking* Also, I read somewhere that a lobster with long antennae is an indication that it has been fresh caught. The ones we had were fresh indeed!


Nowadays, seafood restaurants (think Crab in da Bag etc) seem to like throwing assorted seafood into a bag and then dumping them again onto the table for everyone to dig in. I can understand why though – it’s a great show, it’s fun, it’s messy, so why not right? :)


For a taste of all the crustaceans offered by The Boiler, get the specially customised Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag ($139++ for 4 pax) which contains a party of air-flow Dungeness crab, prawns, mussels, clams, corn, chorizos and a side serving of fried buns (comparable to Momma Kong’s!) to mop up whichever sauce you choose. I thought I’d be partial to the crab but no, I kept reaching for the prawns – exceptionally toothsome, sweet and juicy!


Starters and sides are not neglected, what with interesting items such as lobsicle ($15.90++ for half, $28.90++ for full) and chicks & waffles ($9.90++). The former is the first and only in Singapore (even trademarked!) – whole lobster on a stick, dipped and fried in the chef’s secret batter. Not impressed though, it was dry and tough so just stick to the real thing! The standout was surprisingly the fish & chips ($12.90++)! Ultra soft moist meat sealed within a crispy golden shell, very enjoyable.


Chocolate molten lava cake was sold out so the alternative was CBD, i.e. crispy banana & durian ($7.90++). Decent end to a (more than) satisfactory feast!


Thank you, Carrie, for the kind invitation!

The Boiler
18 Howard Rd
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre
6635 1285

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Our bosses decided to take us out for lunch a couple of days ago and as usual, the resident food blogger was tasked to recommend a place that can accommodate eight hungry folks. Common Man Coffee Roasters was shortlisted and it turned out to be a great choice (self-praise haha) as several ladies in the office have been wanting to try this hippy cafe!

I felt really happy (it’s a foodie thing; I like to see people well-fed and satisfied) that everyone seemed so pleased with their selections, from the turkish/full breakfast to grilled “chilli” chicken with crushed avocado salsa. My crab salad was outstanding too, a lovely plate of fresh white meat tossed with pomegranate and caper crumbs in a yuzu mango mint dressing on a bed of wild rocket, romaine and endive. My idea of a healthy yet hearty lunch.


Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road, #01-00
6836 4695

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Serving Italian styled western cuisine, Sapori D Italia (previously known as Vintage Chef) stuck out like a sore thumb in the Bishan neighbourhood coffee shop. Go ahead and give it a try though! Price tags are affordable for the quality and quantity, plus plating and presentation are not overlooked.

Mushroom soup was blah (read: diluted and watery), salad greens had unsightly holes (obviously not the freshest) but we were suitably impressed with the mains. My double slabs of grilled seabass were as crispy as K’s battered pork loins were tender. We like!


Mushroom Soup ($3.90)
blended sauteed mushrooms, butter, vegetable stock


Pork Piccata ($7.90)
pork loin battered with parmesan and egg, black pepper sauce


Grilled Wild Seabass ($8.90/1 piece or $12.90/2 pieces)
diced sauteed potatoes, balsamic reduction, grapefruit, mixed salad


Sapori D Italia
Blk 112 Bishan Street 12
8101 3134

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Besides Maple and Market, there’s a new dessert cafe (or more specifically, a gelateria) near my house yay! The Hideout sells an array of artisan gelato made fresh daily with no preservatives and (what else but) waffles, of course.


Honestly, most of the flavours tasted rather average (chestnut, matcha and pistachio were disappointing) but we managed to settle on the three better ones – mao shan wang, salted caramel and dark chocolate ($10). I must remember to ask them not to pour the colourful sprinkles and marshmallows on my gelato next time. Hate those artificial stuff.


The Hideout
Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50
6440 0971

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The one and only reason why we found ourselves inside Oblong at Serangoon Gardens was because of their awesomely late closing hours — 12am on Sundays to Thursdays and 2am on Fridays to Saturdays! Despite the late hours, it was crowded and noisy when we reached at midnight. I heard from one of my Instagram friends that the waiting time for the popular red velvet waffles can take up to an hour! Luckily we didn’t order any, phew.


We had our usual triple scoops (even though it was already past 12 hehe) and after trying almost all the flavours, we picked baileys (had a last minute change of heart about chocolate stout which was very good too), coffee almond and pistachio salted caramel. I love the creamy and smooth texture, a great contrast to the nutty bits in the latter two!


Salted caramel molten lava cake!! When we saw this on the menu, I went “I want!!”

Please do not make the same mistake as me. The cake was a joke (sorry to be so mean) haha. As small as my palm (I have small hands, FYI), minimal lava flow (what you see below is what you get), and the weirdest thing was the lack of salted caramel taste! I felt confused while eating it and K said it was one of the worst cakes ever in his life #melodrama

Just stick to the ice cream! Be there or be square!


Oblong Ice Cream
10 Maju Avenue
6858 2320

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Two girls two guys eight tapas one dessert at East 8, a New York fusion “East meets West” tapas bar. In case you are wondering (like I did), “8th Street” is an area in lower Manhattan in NYC, where there are several diverse Asian restaurants. Plus, the number “8″ means luck (huat ah!!!) in most Asian cultures, hence the inspiration behind the name “East 8″.

The one-pager menu is compact and comprehensive with different categories such as “Raw”, “Meat”, “Seafood”, “Vegetables”, “Sides” and “Desserts”. On hindsight, I realized we had a well-balanced meal cuz at least one dish was ordered from each section haha. Anyway, other than a couple of mediocre dishes, I enjoyed most of the tapas, score!

The predictably likable ones are the fresh hamachi slices doused with sesame soy dressing and tuna chunks tossed with cubes of avocado. Most impressive are the crispy truffle portobello mushroom fries (I love how thick and chunky they are!) and miso chilean seabass (so deliciously soft that I wanted it all to myself heh heh). I’m not surprised K likes the cream drunken chicken (his favourite choice of meat!) more than the pork sliders and soy yuzu beef. The bacon wrapped scallops were average and portions were small for the price. I had my heart set on the molten peanut butter chocolate lava cake and it didn’t disappoint! One word: RICH.

Hamachi & Caviar ($16++)
hamachi with sesame, soy dressing & black caviar


A.L.T ($16++)
avocado and lemon on yellowfin tuna chunks


Portobello Fries ($16++)
truffle portobello mushroom fries with roasted garlic aioli


Miso Chilean Seabass ($24++)
marinated Chilean seabass in miso and wine, buttered shimeji mushroom


Cream Drunken Chicken ($18++)
poached half chicken roulade dressed in chinese wine cream sauce, king oyster mushrooms


Land + Sea ($27++)
baked bacon wrapped hokkaido scallops, sunny side up quail eggs, yuzu vodka cream sauce


Molten Peanut Butter & Chocolate ($15++)
lava cake, french vanilla ice cream


East 8, New York Fusion Tapas + Bar
#01-21/22, 10 Coleman Street
6338 8289

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Tough competition, high rental, fickle consumers, and yet there are so many new (and upcoming) ice cream parlors in Singapore these days! Respect!! Because of all these brave entrepreneurs, my to-go list has been lengthening rapidly so time to strike off one!

Beans & Cream at Bukit Batok (omg sooooo farrrrrrrrr) clearly caters to the residents in the neighbourhood – I saw families/couples in tees/singlets, shorts, slippers and kids wearing pajamas, cute. It’s a very plain-looking shop but the varieties of ice cream in the chiller are anything but!


Waffles are predictably on the menu so we tried one set ($9 with two scoops of ice cream; additional $0.80 for every “premium” flavour). The shape and size of the waffles are similar to Creamier but I still prefer the latter. These were pretty decent but not as crispy as I’d like (I love super crispy ones!) and missing a certain aroma to it? Anyway, doesn’t matter because the avocado supreme and green tea ice cream were so creamy and smooth! The former had swirls of chocolate and gula melaka while the latter was bittersweet and apparently made from Kyoto-Uji matcha containing the super nutrient chlorella. Healthy ice cream yay! #whoamikidding


I wanted three scoops of ice cream on the waffles (our default!) but the staff refused cuz two is the max! Something due to their POS system, whatever. So I’m penalized because I want to buy more (and help them save one paper cup)?! Pfft, doesn’t make sense to me. Okie rant over, back to happier topic – ice cream, of course! Pistachio ($3.80) is one of the premium flavours and will only be available for a limited period. The initial taste was good and nutty but somehow it got sweeter and sweeter hmm. Kind of regretting that I didn’t get the black sesame soy instead…

Note to self (and K): next time!


Beans & Cream
#01-260, 347 Bukit Batok Street 34

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