We wanted to get the Dépaysé again but there was only one left, argh! To make up for having to share our favourite matcha “mooncake”, we also bought the chocolatey Plénitude and a sinfully rich caramel tart. Can always rely on Pierre Hermé for a worthy sugar fix!

pierre herme

Day 68: Godiva

Godiva‘s new 75% chocolate shake is not bad but K’s Darjeeling version is a sweet joke ha. Lesson learned: always trust chocolate!


I obsessively plan every meal but sometimes, things don’t work out. Case in point: we went to a well-known izakaya for early dinner but they were having a private event, sob. 磯丸水産 was nearby so we headed there instead. This is a chain izakaya with an extensive menu. Grilled kani miso, tamagoyaki, salmon belly, aji sashimi, hamachi kama, salmon head – we definitely over-ordered (but still finished everything)!


Milk tea kakigori, not my cup of tea (haha) but K’s!

hua wu1

I had high expectations of this place but left disappointed because 1. I don’t like the queue system and 2. all the flavours which I was eyeing were either sold out or unavailable. Matcha azuki is a reliable choice but didn’t blow my mind…

hua wu

I thought we were already early but we really can’t beat Japanese at the queuing game! Waited at the venerable 土手の伊勢屋 (established since 1889!) for more than an hour, and because there’s only one chef who fries everything freshly upon order, it took another hour for our food to be served. There’s the usual prawns and anago, plus the most amazing baby shrimp patty and sweet potato tempura!


Oh Haagen Dazs, what will we do without you~ The matcha fondant ice cream cookie sandwich is THE BEST! (as you can see, we don’t share ha)

haagen dazs

We’ve tried the original half baked castella cake from 然花抄院 during our previous trips and this time, we bought the matcha version for our usual late night desserts-in-bed feast. It’s sweet and gooey; I love it!

matcha cake

I mentioned before that I’ll back back to Delicious to try the tamago and anago tempura “dogs” and I did, with K this time as he loves his burgers. Happy that he likes the signature kobuzime fish burger too. We left very satisfied and will definitely keep this winner on our list of Tokyo favourites.

So we’ve got one good, one average kakigori from this place and we need a deal breaker. Enter strawberry cherry custard. Pretty and 大好き!

kanna custard