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Today is a day worth mentioning.

I’ve just sat for my final exam paper this morning so guess what, I’m no longer a student! Woohoo~ You may laugh but I’m honestly quite excited to enter the workforce, though that’s still several months later.. So it’s gonna be a long long LONG break for me! Almost half a year’s break, hah.

What’s even more exciting is that I’m heading to Europe tonight!!! Yup, for 5 weeks so there’s not going to be any updates till I’m back. Check back here after 12th June, will you? I’m looking forward to sharing all my fun eats in Europe with you!

In the meantime, just in case you are bored, you may want to blog-hop around the other food blogs that I read religiously (all proudly listed on the right side) and drool over their fabulously mouthwatering photos and reviews.

Till then, bye! =)


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Taira Izakaya

Being an izakaya, Taira has a very large selection of appetisers on its menu, with quite a few funky starters like pig’s ears (!!) and I thought the uni shooter ($8++) sounded like a pretty interesting item to try. Not. A little spicy with a hint of choya, the combination was too weird for me. I wouldn’t say it tasted gross but it’s definitely not something I wanna gulp down again.

Stick to the usual suspects and I’ll be as happy as can be. Maguro with gooey natto beans ($5++, above), well-seasoned chuka wakame ($3++), deliciously addictive fugu mirin boshi ($8++), crispy and sweet pumpkin korokke ($3++) and my personal favourite is actually complementary from the chef: nicely seared tuna carpaccio ($8++ ala carte).

Not-so-good choices include pickled eggplant ($3++) that’s too salty and mouth-puckering; incredibly bland fried sweet potato ($3++), withered chamame ($3++); and unfresh-cum-oily shisamo($3.50++).

For sashimi, I tried the scallops ($6++), amber jack ($8++) and yellow jack ($9++). Freshness was there! The sake steam gindara ($15++) took ages to arrive and it’s really not worth the wait. Nothing special and the sake fragrance was missing. Not on the menu was the grilled mutsu ($20++) which the waitress recommended. Another average item like the cod. With my low expectations for eel, I couldn’t find fault with the unagi ($20++) as usual and the sirayaki version is a welcome change from the wetter and sweeter kabayaki rendition that’s commonly found at other Japanese restaurants.

And of course, I had my obligatory black sesame ice cream ($5++) and yuzu sorbet ($8++) for desserts. A pity they are not handmade but imported from Japan.


Taira Izakaya
11 Cavenagh Road
#01-16 Holiday Inn Park View
6836 5298

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