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It’s been 2 months since I last went to London and oh, how I miss her so.

I’ll be heading there again this weekend (finally, yay!) and I’m really excited to get my hands on the summer collection of Pierre Hermé’s macarons! I’m hoping that there’s going to be many new flavours this time since I’ve tried all the macarons from the previous season..

Anyway, I’ve received emails asking me to organise a spree for my favourite macarons so here goes!

2 months ago, I had a few private requests to bring back some boxes of macarons so I treated that as a pilot test and brought back 3 boxes. Surprisingly, only a couple was slightly “damaged” (as you can see from the pics); the rest was in rather good condition. I’ll do my best to protect the little fragile darlings but perfect macarons are NOT a guarantee and the risk of crushed macarons is a risk you have to be willing to take if you choose to place an order with me. Also, don’t expect the exact same taste and texture since there’s bound to some changes due to air pressure etc. Feedback was favourable though so I think it’s still gonna taste great, haha.

Since it’s a chore to transport them all the way from London to Singapore, I’m only taking limited orders so this is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Price: $75 for a box of 12, fixed flavours, one of each.

What’s included: whatever is given upon purchase, i.e. paper bag, original box, catalogue and whatnot.

Date of macarons’ arrival: 6th July 2011. I do not wish to further compromise the taste and freshness of the macarons so if you can’t collect them on 6th, please do not order.

Mode of collection: Mass meetup at central area, venue/time to be confirmed later.

Payment mode: POSB/DBS Internet Banking or ATM Transfer. No interbank transfer.

Deadline: All orders and payments have to be made by 1st July 2011, 5pm.

Send in your order(s) with subject “London Macarons – Confirmed” to qiuyi_ong@hotmail.com using the format below:

Full Name (real name):
Contact number:
Bank/Acct no:

Terms and conditions (read carefully!)
– Only paid orders will be taken.
– No cancellation of order is allowed once payment is made.
– Full refund will be given if I can’t buy the macarons for whatever reason.
– If GST is incurred, all participants will share the cost.
– For enquiries, please email me at qiuyi_ong@hotmail.com

Lastly, please do not join if you’re uncomfortable with the T&Cs. Thank you! 🙂


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It makes me happy that Coccogelo and I think alike.

Previously, I wrote that I wish the pistachio gelato has nuts in it so that it’s not so boringly smooth. And tada, on my recent visit, my wish was granted! Good job, Coccogelo. I love this even more now, especially with the crunchy bits of pistachio in it. We also had cups of salted caramel and gingerbread.. Nice but not fantastic.

Pistachio still rocks.

FYI: Piccolo (single scoop), Medio (double scoop) and Grande (triple scoop) = $3.80, $4.80 and $6.80 respectively.

89 East Coast Road
6345 3646

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Rive Gauche

Tiramisu from Rive Gauche..

An unexpected treat hand-delivered to my doorstep makes it all the sweeter.

Rive Gauche
10 Tampines Central 1
 #B1-13, Tampines 1 

6789 5518

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Tonny Restaurant

Goody, I found a new Chinese restaurant near my house!

Tonny Restaurant is a new eatery opened by celebrity chef Tonny Chan, formerly from Sha Tin in Geylang and Dempsey’s Grand Hong Kong. I’ve never been to either one before so there’s no expectation on my part. Just a decent meal will do.

The wall of fame at Tonny Restaurant.. Quite a good tactic to attract passers-by.

For appetisers, you must get the crispy yam with truffle oil ($10+). It’s a piece of culinary art; very thinly sliced and perfectly fried.

I love the crispy fish skin ($12+) too!

A bowl of congee soup is served to dip the fish skin in.

Tonny’s signature dish is the award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon *eye-rolling name*, a combination of lobster, egg white and dried scallop. At $8+ per person, the portion is very generous!

Actually, this reminds me of Restaurant Ten’s egg white starter, which I prefer more than Tonny’s CTHD since the former is so much lighter and delicate.

The tofu with wild mushroom ($16+) could have been a forgettable dish.. If not for the delish sauce with dried shrimp roe!

I love salted egg prawns! Just maybe not the version here ($22+) since I’ve had bombastic ones elsewhere..

This five spices salted chicken ($18+) was ordered last minute cuz the family couldn’t get over the mouth-watering smell wafting over from the table next to us, haha.

Highlight of lunch has to be the full cream crab congee ($8+ per 100g; mine was $44+)!

Super creamy, super sweet, super delicious 🙂

And I love that there’s green beans added in for extra texture!

This crab didn’t die for nothing, haha.

Tonny Restaurant
325 Joo Chiat Road
6348 9298

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Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

Soya beancurd from Lao Ban is my latest obsession.

There’s always a long queue at the stall. On separate occasions, Sis and I queued for almost an hour for these precious bowls of beancurd. Others queue for Koi; I’ll queue for Lao Ban anytime, haha. It’s absolutely worth the wait for the pudding-like beancurd. Words are inadequate to describe how soft and silky smooth it is so you’ve got to try it for yourself!

There’s only two flavours: original ($1.50) and almond ($2). Both are

For the record, I saw someone buying 45 bowls at one go!! No joke, that’s how fantabulous Lao Ban beancurd is.

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd
51 Old Airport Road
#01-127, Old Airport Road Food Centre 

8181 2201

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Pique Nique

Introducing Pique Nique, the latest venture by Chef Pang (formerly the man behind Les Amis’ Canele).

Located in Takashimaya, this may potentially be the new tai-tais’ hangout. On a weekday, we saw many mummies with their Maclaren prams and kids decked out in Ralph Lauren polos.

But tai-tai or not, this is still a nice and chic place to gather with friends.

American eats and an all-day breakfast are on the menu so expect burgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese etc. Basically, lots of meat and cheese.

Our classic benedict ($12++) and farmer’s 3 eggs omelette ($10++) were ordinary, and that’s ok since I wasn’t not expecting much in the first place.

Desserts, I expect much more. Since Chef Pang is a pastry chef and all.

There’s waffles, sundaes, cakes and whoopie pies which, as you can see above, are really NOT macarons. Rather, whoopie pies are two round mound-shaped pieces of sponge cake sandwiching a creamy filling. Not my kind of thing, so I gave that a pass.

Cakes, I’ll gladly have.

We couldn’t find any trace of sweet potato in the ironically-named sweet potato pie ($6.50++). It’s more like a coconut/gula melaka cake.. Luckily, I’m fond of palm sugar so this was a pleasant surprise. And while the lemon bar with brown sugar walnut crust ($4.50++) ain’t nutty enough, I like how sour it is. Strangely enough, Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid came to our mind immediately after our first bite, lol.

One sweet, one sour. We chose well, I’ll say.

Pique Nique
391A Orchard Road
 B1-01/02, Takashimaya Shopping Centre 

6238 6705

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Established since 1898, Hiltl is a venerable Zurich institution and Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Judging from the lunch hour crowd (really noisy and crowded in a good way), the inviting restaurant is obviously a well-loved local’s favourite.

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich

Züri Geschnetzeltes
mushrooms | seitan | white wine | cream | rösti

I love this to bits! The rösti is fantastic, and the cooking of the seitan well-executed. Wonderfully rich and flavourful, real hearty and so filling that I had to give desserts a miss.

Till then, Hiltl~

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