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 Besides rosti, bircher muesli is my #1 die-die-must-eat whenever I’m in Zurich (or any part of Switzerland)!

Above: Péclard‘s classic bircher muesli.

It may be just me, but I think this is pretty much the perfect “feel good” brekkie to start the day with!

Actually, I love b.m. so much that I don’t mind having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! Ya, I can get a little rather obsessive when I like something a little too much, hee.

Above: Sprüngli‘s berry bircher muesli.

Both the versions at Péclard and Sprüngli (I prefer the original) are excellent~ Incredibly creamy, insanely delicious 😀 

Because Sprüngli is more accessible, I’ll go there for a leisurely breakfast on my all free days. It’s wonderful to be sitting there undisturbed, a book in hand, a bowl of classic b.m. before me, and the view of Paradeplatz behind me.

That’s life.

Below: Sprüngli‘s original bircher muesli.


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Take a ride on the world famous cable cars..

Go shopping at Union Square..

Have lunch at the Ferry Building Marketplace..

Take a long walk to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39..

Explore the historic Mission District..

Check out Mission Dolores and take a break at Dolores Park..

Play tourist at colourful Chinatown..

Pop into Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory for a taste of fresh handmade fortune cookies (50 cents fee for photography?!)..

That’s pretty much how I spent my days in San Francisco 🙂

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I continued to eat my way through the 2011 Big Eat San Francisco list after the delightful breakfast at Tartine Bakery!

#35: salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery (across and slightly further up the street from Tartine).

18th Street, San Francisco

Two scoops of decadent salted caramel and light earl grey ice cream on a warm day..

Need I say more?

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Breakfast this morning was an easy pick from the 2011 Big Eat San Francisco list.

#7, morning bun at Tartine Bakery.

600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco

Countless favourable reviews and raves online, and the fact that the bakery was absolutely packed on a weekday made me 99.9% positive that I’m gonna have a fab breakfast!

Tada, this is the gorgeous morning bun!

Made with croissant dough, butter (a lot of butter!), orange zest, cinnamon, sugar. So simple, and so scrumptious~

Recipe is here, anyone wanna bake this for me anytime soon?

One morning bun is definitely not enough for brekkie so I had a lovely lemon cream tart as well.

Delicately sweet pastry shell filled with rich and soft lemon cream, topped with unsweetened cream.


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I love it when cities have their own Top 10 or Best 100 or whatever-the-name must-eat list.. It makes dining out so much easier since someone has already done the homework for me, haha. When I was in San Francisco, I used the 2011 Big Eat San Francisco (100 Things to Try Before You Die) guide as my holy grail a reference for most of my meals.

#41 on the list is the Ahi Tuna Burger at Gott’s Roadside (formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher).

1 Ferry Building, Marketplace Shop 6, San Francisco

That’s 5 ounces of fresh Ahi tuna you’re looking at. Seared rare with ginger wasabi mayo and Asian slaw on toasted sourdough bread (default version comes with egg bun but I changed that since Frisco is known for her sourdough), it’s so flavourful and very very tasty. Best burger ever!!

Oh ya, the cheeseburger (below) is looking good as well!

Burgers without fries is such a big no-no, so we continued to pile on the calories with the most amazing sweet potato fries, giant onion rings and shoestring garlicky garlic fries. I’m a sucker for anything sweet potato so the SP fries are naturally a winner for me; they were so crispy, with a great balance of sweet and salty. Addictive fries they were! Can’t blame me for dominating them and more or less ignoring the rest, eh?

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It was my last night in Seoul and I was desperate.

Desperate for haemul pajeon, a.k.a. Korean seafood pancake (what were you thinking?!), which I was determined to try at least once.

We popped into a random eatery off a side street near Dongdaemun and yay, the pancake was thankfully delicious! Rather thin, and not starchy at all! Gone in a flash, I think this is even better than pizza, haha.

Can’t say the same for my cold noodles though. The icy cold broth (with ice cubes!) was refreshing, but I couldn’t get over how chewy the noodles were.

Guess I’m more of a cold soba kind of girl.

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Seoul: Oh, Saba~

At every country we fly to, there’s bound to be an eatery known as “the crew joint” where my colleagues like to dine.

In Seoul, we simply call it “the saba fish place“.

Colleagues have been eating here for many many years and I’m glad it’s my turn now! 😀

As you can see from the photo above, we were famished after work and couldn’t wait to attack the side dishes (banchan)! Lol.

Piping hot steamed egg came soon after, yum.

The piece de resistance: one whole big saba fish, grilled to perfection.

Juicy, tender, charred-at-the-right-places, rich, oily, hooked.

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