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Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

I love love love the new Wild Honey at Scotts Square.

It’s one place I don’t mind returning again and again whenever I’m in town. People always say that the queue can get horrendously long but when we were there on a Sunday, we practically had the whole spacious restaurant to ourselves. Lucky us! : )

The menu here is slightly different from the original outlet in Mandarin Gallery. Besides the usual breakfast items from “around the world”, there’s also salads, sandwiches and savoury pies.

So far, I’ve tried the Mexican burrito, Scandinavian salmon with rosti, Swiss bircher muesli and now I’ve found a new favourite in Norwegian, a very me dish I think. Two poached eggs (mine was naked with hollandaise sauce on the side haha), smoked salmon, fish roe, grilled asparagus and creamy avocado on toasted wholewheat brioche~ And the classic English breakfast looks super appetising too, a plateful of scrambled eggs, sausage, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, bacon and vine ripened tomato with toasted brioche.

Good stuff!

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
#03-01 Scotts Square
6636 1816


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First macarons spree of 2012 is here! : )

As usual, will be taking orders for Pierre Hermé’s and Ladurée’s macarons. I tried the latter last month when I brought a couple of boxes back from London and I still didn’t like them. No idea why so many people are raving about Ladurée, oh well.

Anyway, these babies will arrive on the first day of Chinese New Year! No better time to share these with your loved ones.

Brought back the mega awesome legend-worthy truffle macarons last month! Winter is ending in Paris but I think they should be still available this time~

Due to some personal requests, I’m also bringing back pralines and jams! Diversification, haha.


1. $75 for a box of 12 Pierre Hermé macarons, assorted flavours.

2. $75 for a box of 12 truffle macarons from Pierre Hermé, subject to availability.

3. $85 for a box of 15 Ladurée macarons, assorted flavours.

4. $40 for a bottle of Christine Ferber jam (confiture) from Pierre Hermé, your choice of flavour.

5. $85 for a box of Pierre Hermé chocolate pralines (approximately 28 pieces), assorted flavours.

What’s included: whatever is given upon purchase, i.e. paper bag, original box, catalogue and whatnot.

Date of arrival: 23rd January 2012. I do not wish to further compromise the taste and freshness of the macarons so if you can’t collect them on 23rd, please do not order.

Mode of collection: Mass meetup at central area, venue/time to be confirmed later.

Payment mode: POSB/DBS Internet Banking or ATM Transfer. No interbank transfer.

Deadline: All orders and payments have to be made by 19th January 2012, 7pm.

Send in your order(s) with subject “Macarons – Confirmed” to qiuyi_ong@hotmail.com using the format below:

Full Name (real name):
Contact number:
Bank/Acct no:
Item/Quantity (Pierre Hermé and/or Ladurée):

Terms and conditions (read carefully!)
– Only paid orders will be taken.
– No cancellation of order is allowed once payment is made.
– Full refund will be given if spree is cancelled or I can’t buy the items for whatever reason.
– If GST is incurred, all participants will share the cost.
– For enquiries, please email me at qiuyi_ong@hotmail.com

Lastly, please do not join if you’re uncomfortable with the T&Cs. Thank you!

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Drips Bakery Cafe

Cafe-hunting is my new hobby, haha.

Drips Bakery Cafe is top on my to-explore list : )

Chalkboard menu.

Freshly baked goods!

Self-order at the counter.

Gourmet coffee is Drips’ specialty. Too bad I’m not into that..

The gingerbread man plush toy is very cute! It’s still for sale even though Christmas is over.

“Our” couch for the afternoon.

I love those eiffel tower cushions!

Norwegian smoked salmon on in-house baked alpine grain and cranberry bread ($13.80).

USA blackforest ham sandwich ($13.80).

Blackberry and peach tart ($6.80).

Cinnamon egg tart ($4.80).

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The eve of New Year’s eve, we had an impromptu dinner at Arbutus, a one Michelin star restaurant in Soho, before watching Ghost the musical (please watch it if you have a chance!! It’s darn good). I say impromptu cuz I was actually looking for Gaby’s Deli but tsk, I saved the wrong map in my phone.

So Arbutus it was!

Like us, most of the diners were there for the pre-theatre meal which is extremely affordable, considering that this is a one star restaurant. A 3-course dinner worked out to be approximately £22 after tax and an optional 12.5% service charge. Tell me, where to find that in Singapore?!

There’s 3 choices for each course and what we chose, we liked. While there’s nothing mindblowing, everything was competently cooked and we really couldn’t be greedy and ask for more, haha.

63-64 Frith Street, London

Salad of winter leaves, Sicilian clementines, goat’s cheese vinaigrette.

Risotto of wild mushrooms, parmesan.

Cornish silver mullet, wilted greens with tomato and chilli.

Lamb shoulder kofte, spinach, chickpeas, yoghurt.

Poached pears, sweet spiced ice cream.

Soft meringue, custard, pralines.

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