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Chikuwa Tei

Light and simple dinner at Chikuwa Tei.. Nothing much to say, except that this is one of my tried-and-tested-to-be-reliably-good restaurants in the Robertson Quay area : )

Mental note to self: chirashi don next time!

Top left, clockwise: swordfish ($6++) and salmon sushi ($5++); yaki tamago ($4++); natto ($4++) and salmon maki ($4++);  cold tofu ($4++); tempura and soba set ($12++); unagi sushi ($8++); stir-fried beef set ($18++); kitsune soba ($7++).

Chikuwa Tei
#01-01, 9 Mohamed Sultan Road
6738 9395


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Awfully Chocolate‘s ‘hei 黑‘ is the best dark chocolate ice cream in Singapore, methinks. Tried it for the first time in 2010 and 2 years on, I’m still loving it! It’s so rich, so creamy, and so ‘gao’ (read: thick in Hokkien) that I shall hereby classify it under “nosebleed-worthy”, haha.

P.S. Laurent Bernard‘s chocolate souffle falls under that category too!

Anyway, there we were, on the way to get a double scoop takeout of hei ($6.80) after dinner when we passed by Mooshi Bakes. Checked out the menu, liked what we saw, and we promised to be back. So we did! : )

Like Loola’s, Mooshi Bakes is the restaurant (or brasserie) arm under the Awfully Chocolate group. While Loola’s has a sophisticated vibe, Mooshi Bakes is definitely more casual, a shorts-tee-flip flops type of place. Though menus at both outlets differ, the mega awesome souffle omelette ($18+) is also found here! Happy to report that it’s as huge and fluffy as the one from Loola’s, and much cheaper too! Truffle oil scrambled eggs ($16+) and mushroom benedict ($15+)were so-so, didn’t rock my world like that yummy souffle omelette~

Besides hei, we’ve found a new love in the pandan tart ($7+)! Looks normal, tastes anything but. Very fragrant and the mild sweetness was spot on for me. And despite there being no kaya in it (I think), my childhood Bengawan Solo pandan kaya cake came to mind! Strange huh *shrug*

And of course, another double scoop of hei ice cream ($6.80+) is a must!

Mooshi Bakes Brasserie
#01-01, 131 East Coast Road
6440 6735

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Lana Cake Shop

YAY, finally finally, I’ve got my hands on the legendary Lana Chocolate Cake!!! Raved and slammed by the online community in equal measures, it’s one cake that’s been eluding me for years.

Of course, to say that it’s the best in Singapore is debatable and I’m not interested to be a part of that. Over-rated or not, I don’t care. I simply love how old-school Lana is, from the shop to the box. And all the factors that make up a good ol’ chocolate cake ($36 for 800g) were there: moist, rich, soft. All ticks, yes~

We were really in luck that day; score one for buying the cake over the counter without any prior reservations, score two for the friendly aunties manning the store! I’ve read how horrid and no-nonsense the service can be, so imagine my surprise when we encountered none of that snotty attitude.

Lana Cake Shop
36 Greenwood Avenue
6466 8940

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&Made by Bruno Menard

I actually like &Made, more for the service and location than the food per se. Friendly service is always a plus and being right smack in the middle of Orchard Road means an alternative dining option when we’re in town and don’t feel like doing Jap (which is very seldom, haha).

Since this is a gourmet burger joint, they ordered the burgers (didn’t hear any praises so I reckon those were so-so) while I went for the toastoo, i.e. an interesting sandwich-like crepe. Like said friends with their burgers, I didn’t think very highly of it since it’s pretty “normal”—the word that a foodie hates, cuz I can’t describe it any other way. Portion was petite, which means room for desserts! Dark chocolate sundae is the only choice when the person sharing it with me is a die-hard chocolate fan so that’s what we had. Again, nothing fantastic but that’s what we get for picking a safe choice!

Ratatouille toastoo ($14++): mixed vegetables, tapenade and Raciette cheese wrapped in buckwheat crepe.

Top left, anti-clockwise:

The 3 little pigs ($23++): bacon, pork and chorizo patty, shitake mushrooms, Japanese cabbage, yuzu-kosho mayonnaise;

The ‘B’ burger ($19++): dry-aged beef, onion confit, caper and garlic sauce, Comte cheese;

DD ($22++): duck leg confit, red cabbage pickles, green apple and pepper lime mayonnaise.

Dark chocolate sundae ($12++): soft ice cream, Chantilly cream, dark chocolate sauce, chocolate pearls and crumble.

&Made by Bruno Menard
#01-04/05/06, Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Road
6238 5549

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Bay Sushi <3

I’m going to stop posting on Bay Sushi; otherwise, this place will be all you see on this blog every other day, heh. Still crazy in love with the sushi here, and I don’t see my obsession with it ending any time soon. Eel house roll, you rock!! 😀

By the way, I’m eating my words that the “items on the conveyor belt are fake”. Actually, only those covered with a plastic cling wrap are fake, the rest is perfectly edible! I almost fell out of my seat when the Japanese kid next to me grabbed a plate off the belt and plopped the whole piece of tamago into his mouth! All along, I thought those are just display items, silly me haha.

Top left, clockwise: sunset roll ($15++); soft shell crab temaki ($4++); eel house roll ($15++); cheez dragon roll ($15++); unagi don with scrambled egg ($16++); premium jumbo unagi ($7.80++) and aburi otoro ($7.80++); Jekyll and Hyde roll ($15++).

Top left, clockwise: eel house roll ($15++); tuna avocado roll ($12++); sunset roll ($15++); gold spider roll ($12++).

Bay Sushi
#B2-01B, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
6688 7707

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It’s all about chicken at new casual French rotisserie Poulet, so much so that there’s not a single fish/seafood main course on the menu, sad. But it’s easy to make a meal out of the entrées and what delicious starters/sides they were!

Both soups were tasty and flavourful, especially the cream of mushroom cuz it’s the thick and chunky type I like. Didn’t get the fuss over the Parisian salad (which Soshiok deemed as a star dish here), pretty normal imo. Chewy escargots were not bad, would love more garlic though, the more garlicky the merrier~ My favourite was the sauteed mushrooms, topped with a perfect poached egg. Mad delicious with an earthy fragrance, I heart! Didn’t try Poulet’s star dish of slow roasted chicken, but I heard praises for it from the table so guess it ought to be good. Dessert was a no-brainer, definitely the tiramisu! For a French joint, they do this Italian classic very well. Moist and not too sweet, I’d dine at Poulet again for this, even if there’s no main I can order : )

Country Side Mushroom Soup ($5.80++)
cream of wild mushrooms, Idaho potato

French Onion Soup ($5.80++)
caramelised onion, fond de veau (veal stock), cheese croutons

Escargot de Bourgogne ($8.80++)
6 Burgundy snails, tomato fondue, almond garlic butter

Salad de Paris ($9.80++)
chopped garden greens, dried cranberries, tomatoes, olives, roasted pine nuts, French dressing

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms ($7.80++)
trio of button, shimeji and king oyster mushrooms, poached egg

Poulet Roti ($28.80++)
whole roasted chicken, mushroom chardonnay sauce

Tiramisu ($7.80++)
mascarpone cheese, sponge fingers soaked in espresso and rum syrup

Level 4 Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
6509 9411

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I’m all for Japanese food these days! And finding a reliably good one right in my neighbourhood makes me wanna do the happy dance, haha.

Thumbs up for Megumi; their sushi didn’t disappoint, the deep fried unagi-tofu combination was a winner, heartwarming unagi hotpot with raw egg on the side a hot delight, and though my standard order of tamago ain’t the best out there, it will do..

Top right, clockwise: unagi yanagawa nabe ($11.80++); salmon rainbow maki ($15++); tamagoyaki ($3.80++); crunchy UFO maki ($12++); unagi tofu ($7.80++).

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
#01-03, 77 Upper East Coast Road
6243 0700

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