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Club Street Social

It was a toss-up between the scrambled eggs and lobster avocado panini at Club Street Social. Both I really wanted to try as bloggers and floggers alike had been raving about them, but forking out more than 30 bucks for a sandwich? I’ll need further convincing first, heh.

So scrambled eggs it was and while it’s quite satisfying (especially if you are into the extremely moist and creamy type), ODP’s legendary rendition remains #1 in my heart. Confit duck panini looked so yummy that I experienced a second of regret not ordering that LAP (decipher from above, haha). The nutella bread pudding was awful imo, a major FAIL in my book; dry, heavy and dense, with too small a scoop of vanilla ice cream (don’t be fooled by the pic below; it’s all about angle, lol). Lots of great comments online about it though, so you may like it.

I didn’t.

At least now I know to skip desserts the next time I’m back, ready to splurge on what’s possibly the most expensive sandwich I’ll ever eat in Singapore!

scrambled eggs, fontina, chives ($12++)

confit duck panini, roasted portobello, balsamic onion ($19++)

nutella bread pudding, ice cream ($12++)

Club Street Social
5 Gemmil Lane
6225 5043


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Majestic Restaurant was where I first tried chef Yong Bing Ngen’s dishes and like I said last year, I like that place. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant is his new baby, an upmarket dim sum/seafood restaurant located below the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

The dim sum is surprisingly very reasonably priced, though the luxurious surroundings may suggest otherwise. For something more exciting than the usual har gow, xiao long bao and char siu bao, go for the chili crab buns! Nicely seared and sprinkled with fragrant white sesame seeds, spicy and sweet crabmeat stuffing, soft and supple golden brown buns, mmm..

Seafood is a must, of course! Don’t miss the signature one and only “Kopi” crab in Singapore, flambed at the table for a spectacular short-lived show. Concocted with different types of coffee beans, the addictive caramel-popcorn-like sauce even had apple jam in it! Another interesting dish was the baked rice, a huge pan of fluffy rice mixed with fresh seafood and covered with melted cheese. Served in a Chinese restaurant, looked like a Spanish paella, tasted like a Japanese curry, this was fusion to the max.

I fondly remembered how yummy the desserts were at Majestic Restaurant so my expectations were high. Sigh, didn’t like the platter of sweets we tried. Pretty run-of-the-mill, I’m skipping them for the better stuff next time!

Seared chili crab buns ($4.50++ for 3)

Shanghai pork dumplings ($4.20++ for 3)

Baked BBQ pork buns ($4.20++ for 3)

Fresh prawn dumplings ($4.80++ for 4); steamed vegetarian dumplings ($3.80++ for 3)

Soup of the day ($18++ for 2-4 pax, $27++ for 5-8 pax)

Steamed live prawns, minced garlic (market price)

Live crabs, Bay’s signature “Kopi” sauce (market price)

Sautéed wild mushrooms, asparagus, minced garlic ($18++ for 2-4 pax, $27++ for 5-8 pax)

Baked rice, assorted seafood ($68++ for 4-6 pax, $88++ for 7-12 pax)

Sweet’s temptation ($20++ for 4 pax)
glutinous rice dumplings, yam paste stuffing, shredded coconut; glutinous rice dumplings, fresh cream stuffing; steamed custard buns, salted egg yolk; red bean paste pancakes

Special thanks to Sherman and Janice from FoodNews for inviting and hosting us for dinner respectively!

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
6604 6604

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Group Therapy Coffee Cafe

We were boring that day and ordered the same things; the guys opted for sunny side ups, the girls went for poached eggs. Maybe it was an eggs-overdose week, I wasn’t particularly impressed with brunch at Group Therapy Coffee Cafe. Still, I’d want to come back, for it’s such a nice cafe to chill!

Oh ya, we also tried one of their desserts, but that’s a post for another day… Stay tuned to find out why! Haha.

BLT Croissant Plate ($19+)
freshly baked croissant, grilled back bacon, butterhead lettuce, roma tomatoes, 2 sunny side ups, bratwurst sausage

Poached Eggs ($15+)
thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise

Same as above, sans my nemesis hollandaise : )

Group Therapy Coffee Cafe
#02-01, 49 Duxton Hill
6222 2554

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The name says it all.

Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Cafe is a pescetarian cafe, the first and only in Singapore. I’m a pescetarian too, so I guess that unites us, haha. In layman’s terms, I’m an omnivore who chose not to eat meat, only seafood please. Or in my friend’s terms, I’m a “seafood vegetarian”, lol.

My last meal at Dann’s was more than a year ago so it’s definitely time for a revisit to check out the new expanded menu! The popular toasties are still around, as are the salads and pastas. What intrigued me most among the new additions (tortillas, burgers, QQ noodles etc) was the low carbo set C, an unconventional plate of poached fish and homemade veggie patties. Turned out to be my favourite of the day; the basa fish was wonderfully poached to an almost-cod-ish silky soft texture, and the toothsome patties flavoured with heaps of different spices. I also loved the smoked salmon burger, especially the toasted buns made from easily digestible sprouted wheat. I’m no stranger to chia seeds so the almond and soy chia chia drinks are comfortingly familiar; and the unique steamed cupcakes are a must at Dann’s, very moist, light and fluffy like a Chinese huat kueh!

Soy Chia Chia ($7), Almond Chia Chia ($8)

Low Carbo Set C ($18)
poached premium white fish, curry potato patty, pumpkin zucchini patty

Smoked Salmon Burger Set ($19)
side salad, chips

Earl Grey Almond Steamed Cupcake ($3)
gula melaka cream

Gula Blueberries Coconut Steamed Cupcake ($3)
strawberry cream

Many thanks to Chris, Paul and Kelvin for being such great hosts!

Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Cafe
#01-06, Eastwood Centre
20 Eastwood Road
6449 1355

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Beets Modern Vegetarian

Vegetarians rejoice!” Not.

Beets Modern Vegetarian, mediocre 3-course set lunch ($29.90++) not worth mentioning in detail, great service though. We lunch-ed in really late, and the staff kindly moved us to all-day dining sister restaurant Addictions Cafe next door while it closed for a short siesta. Sheltered from the heavy downpour, we loitered there till evening and even had double scoops of ice cream on the house, thank you!

For a solid satisfying vegetarian meal, LivinGreens and Original Sin still have my undying loyalty~

Leek & Potato Soup
poached egg, truffle “caviar”

Background: Mint Pea Soup
mint leaf, pita bread

Tofu Burger
homemade seaweed tofu patty, grilled pumpkin, truffle aioli, relish

Mango Chili Salsa Sundae
lime sorbet

Root Beer Baileys Ice Cream ($9++)
compliementary from Addictions Cafe

Beets Modern Vegetarian
22 Dempsey Road
6475 6869

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Chillax Massage Cafe

TGIF = chill out night = dinner at Chillax Massage Cafe

That’s what we did last Friday! Truth be told, the food was “okie-okie” only, but cuz it was a long-awaited Friday night, anything less than perfect was overlooked. The black truffle capellini ain’t so truffled after all; unagi omelette had one rather pathetically small piece of eel hidden under a pile of eggs, hmm.

By the way, I wouldn’t want to be there on a blazing afternoon since there’s no AC (I’m such a typical Singaporean, haha), so remember to check the weather forecast before hopping over!

Black Truffle Capellini ($20+)
signature dish served with black truffle and wild mushrooms

Unagi Omelette ($18+)
cheddar cheese, asparagus, radish, wakame salad

Chillax Massage Cafe
28 Maju Avenue
6244 5529

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Last night, I was talking to another flogger over dinner and somehow, the topic of brunch came up. Both of us agreed that eggs benny or any other eggy dishes shouldn’t cost more than $18. So many new cafes are popping up in Singapore recently, serving overpriced and overhyped eggs. But me being a sucker for new fads, I still relish exploring new brunch places. Have only myself to blame, heh~

So here’s introducing another cafe for you to check out this weekend: Symmetry.

In their own words, it’s “a hip establisment where coffee, food, drinks, music and people sync“. Sounds too cool for me, ha. We were there for a late brunch and the food was imo rather ordinary, though prices were definitely not. Service was great; they offered to make another new set of poached eggs after serving one doused with hollandaise sauce. And that’s without me asking! Niceeee.

Speaking of eggs, what I had were really well done. Well done as in “excellent with incredibly wobbly and translucent whites”, not “overcooked to the point of no runny yolk”. That said, I’m not too anal about poached eggs; as long as I see a yellow river when I poke and break the yolk, I’m happy!

He had the big breakfast ($24++), with scrambled eggs, maple glazed bacon, tomatoes, chicken cheese sausage, hash potatoes, mushrooms, jam and toast. Yours truly ordered a variation of veggie eggs ben: poached eggs, grilled capsicum, pesto, onions and anchovy compote, additional smoked salmon on english muffins ($24++).

Total bill hit almost $60, without drinks.

See? Eggs are so expensive these days, sigh.

9 Jalan Kubor
6291 9901

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