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Bye Bye, MoTT!

Dear Mayor of Tiny Town,

I’m sorry to hear that you will cease operations with effect from tomorrow. Thank goodness I dropped by for lunch this afternoon with a group of colleagues.. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known the sad truth, and I wouldn’t have the chance to taste your waffles one last time.

Your perfect-imo waffles are life-changing, turning a waffle-hating girl into the current waffle-loving me. Because of you, I’m consuming extra calories at ice cream parlours, as freshly baked crispy waffles topped with homemade artisanal ice cream are my weakness now.

Your waffles will be sorely missed.


*green tea red bean waffle*

The Mayor of Tiny Town
61 Cantonment Road
6222 7089


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Maccha House

The price is right, the quality is good, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying twist-and-turn of green tea soft serve elsewhere in town!

Welcome to the Maccha House.


Maccha Soft Cream Latte ($5.49+)


Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream ($2.49+)


Maccha House
#B1-40, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
6636 5830

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Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve to everyone!!!

I had my first lo hei of 2013 at Azur, a buffet restaurant in Changi Airport Crowne Plaza Hotel. There’s about 20 of us at the media tasting session so chef prepared this huge snakey yu sheng with all the trimmings symbolizing auspiciousness, wealth and abundance.

Have fun tossing and making a mess tonight, and the next 15 days to come!


Top left, clockwise:

Braised Sea Cucumber with Baby Abalone;

Trio of CNY Pastries: Orange Mousse, Lychee Osmanthus Jello, Tempura Nian Gao;

Treasures of the Ocean Seafood Soup with Fish Maw, Crabmeat, Dried Scallops; and

Three Treasures Yu Sheng ($68+)
hokkigai surf clams, wakame seaweed, tamago, pickled mango and papaya, black fungus, ginseng yuzu dressing, sliced abalone (additional $48+), swordfish belly (additional $28+), and fresh norwegian salmon (additional $18+).


Confit Salmon, Darjeeling Beurre Blanc (butter-based emulsified sauce)


Wok Fried Sea Prawns infused with Milk and MargarineMixed Berries



Chinese New Year Eve Dinner (9 February 2013)

Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2 Brunch/Dinner (10 – 11 February 2013)

Chinese New Year Weekday Lunch/Dinner (12 – 15, 18 – 22 February 2013)

For more information and the CNY menus at Azur, click here.

Special thanks to Carrie and Belina for inviting and hosting such a big group of us for dinner!

2F Crowne Plaza Hotel
75 Airport Boulevard
6823 5354

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I think the waiter was shocked when he realized all of the below was meant for just the two of us. That’s what happened when the starving us saw bread and more bread! And I totally dig this new outlet of Tiong Bahru Bakery. Being in a mall, it may lack character but I appreciate the fact that it’s so much calmer than the flagship store, with eager-to-please service, and an expanded dine-in menu.

When you are hungry, everything tastes good.

Top left, clockwise: chocolate croissant ($3.20+); croque monsieur chorizo ($9.50+); kouign amann ($3.50+); squid ink bun with prosciutto ham and salmon ($8.50+); smoked salmon tartine on miso bread with sunny side up ($10+).


Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City)
#B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
6333 4160

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I decided to stop being lazy and unearth the photos of Tsujiri in Tokyo!

Over there, the parfaits were larger than life, elegantly served in tall sundae-ish glasses, and lavishly loaded with castella sponge cake, soft serve, kanten jelly, red bean paste, chestnut and mochi. Very very delicious, well worth the hefty price tag of around ¥1,500 (approximately $20) each. Tsujiri parfaits are not the best I’ve had in Japan, but will do nicely. We had a few savoury dishes too, not bad but skippable. Just focus on the parfaits, love!

1-8-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


In Singapore, the parfaits are halved the size of the originals in Japan, sadly. Of course, prices are adjusted downwards too, making these sweet treats affordable for all. Tried, tested and approved both the green tea and vanilla soft serve, which were creamy and smooth, great stuff! The chiffon cake was a tad dry, not much of an issue once coated with the ice cream though.

Oh ya, I’m quite bothered by the presence of corn flakes in these “Singapore-style” parfaits. Not just here, but at St Marc Cafe too. I’ve tried countless (about 2-3 per day on average, no joke) parfaits at authentic traditional teahouses in Japan, mostly Kyoto (Gion Komori and Gion Koishi are some of my favourites!), and never once did I come across any corn flakes in them, hmmm…

From right to left: O-maccha Chiffon Cake Parfait ($7.50); Vanilla Shaved Ice ($7.50).


#01-14B, 100AM
100 Tras Street
6543 6110

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Last weekend was the inaugural Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands, a three-day food and wine appreciation event.

To those who participated in my first giveaway, thank you! I wish I could pick all of you but there’s only three pairs of tickets.. So to the 3 winners, I hope you enjoyed Epicurean Market as much as I did!

The highlight of this gourmet food festival was definitely the celebrity chefs’ area, which we immediately made a beeline for after entering the convention hall. Signature dishes from celebrity restaurants were offered in small tasting portions, at not-so-ouch-on-the-wallet pricing. The celebrity chefs themselves were at the event, and it was an amusing sight to see people rushing over to snap photos of the chefs whenever they appeared out of nowhere. I mean no disrespect but it was kind of like stumbling upon the cartoon characters on the streets at Universal Studios or Disneyland, get what I mean? You never know when they will show up, haha.

Top on my to-try list was the cream- and stock-less artichoke and black truffle soup from Guy Savoy and it was indeed the “da bomb!” as how superfinefeline so aptly twitted. I was also very impressed with the layered brioche, a fancy piece of work. Little wonder that one of truffle’s best friends is butter!

After that, we mostly parked ourselves by the booth of Waku Ghin, slurping up delish Asian-style spanner crab, the plumpest scallops ever, fatty toro tuna, and the famous shrimp in sea urchin cream crowned with caviar, woooo. The queue at Waku Ghin was expectedly long and chef Tetsuya Wakuda personally walked down the line to apologize for the wait, nice.

Surprisingly, my favourite dish was the baked miso cod from Sky on 57! I say “surprisingly” because I’ve never been inclined to dine at chef Justin Quek’s modern Asian cuisine restaurant. Until now, that is. The delicate miso cod was cooked perfectly and the tangy prawn mango salad (think atas-fied Rojak) was refreshing after eating all those rich food.

Last but definitely not the least, there’s the harissa spiced tuna from DB Bistro Moderne, something right up my lane as I adore Middle Eastern flavours! Initially I wasn’t planning to get anything here since I’ve dined at DB Bistro twice, but I couldn’t resist in the end. That’s how great the culinary team is; they churn out consistently good food, so good that I want repeats, time after time!

IMO, the Epicurean Market is a huge success in showcasing the celebrity chefs’ menus to the public, letting us have a taste of what would otherwise be extravagantly expensive if we dine at the restaurants per se.

Sky on 57, Waku Ghin, Guy Savoy.. Be expecting a visit from me! How soon depends on the size of my bonus, lol.


Guy Savoy
Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup ($15)
layered brioche with mushrooms and truffles


DB Bistro Moderne
Harissa Spiced Tuna ($8)
moroccan chickpea salad, preserved lemon, tzatziki


Waku Ghin
Ceas Queensland Spanner Crab without Shell ($8)
sauteed crab meat, garlic, butter


Waku Ghin
Scallops ($8)
aonori (green laver), preserved olive, vinaigrette


Waku Ghin
Toro Tuna ($15)
caviar, jellied egg


Waku Ghin
Marinated Botan Shrimp ($15)
sea urchin cream, ocsietra caviar


Sky on 57
Baked Miso Black Cod ($10)
spring vegetables, organic greens, lime, ginger butter


Sky on 57
Tangy Prawn and Mango Salad ($8)
ginger flower dressing


Special thanks to Philicia from Marina Bay Sands for the media passes and $30 worth of Epicurean Market vouchers!

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Two Blur Guys

I’m sorry that I didn’t pay attention when I asked SIL “is Two Blur Guys nice??” and her only reply was “I can’t remember”.

Now I fully understand why, totally forgettable those burgers are.


Pulled Pork Burger ($11.50+)
gruyere cheese, mustard mayo, potato salad

Smoked Salmon Avocado Burger ($9.50+)
mesclun salad, balsamic mix with olive oil


Two Blur Guys
1 Tras Link
Orchid Hotel
6636 4183

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