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Pita Pan, Always

Pita Pan holds many special memories for me…

It’s where K was first inducted into the world of Middle Eastern cuisine, where we had our numerous late night suppers back when I was still flying, and it even had the honour of ending up as our impromptu venue for Valentine’s Day dinner this year. Super unromantic, but incredibly gratifying!

These days, ordering is a breeze and doesn’t take more than 5 mins (a feat for the fickle minded me) since we always order “our usual” —> red shakshouka ($9.90+), full pocket falafel pita sandwich ($10.90+), hummus topped with sauteed mushrooms ($11.90+), and our recent discovery — crispy and addictive sweet potato fries ($7.90+)! *cue full tummies*

And that’s the most wonderful thing, we’ve never once walked away feeling unsatisfied or discontented. Pita Pan is associated with happiness (so far), which is more than reason enough to return again and again!


Pita Pan
 #01-87, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
6688 7450


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Baker and Cook

Ignoring ants ants and more ants at Baker and Cook (which the management subsequently explained that “whilst we have regular pest control at our premises, it seems that this new bout of ants was overlooked by our staff”), BFF and I self-congratulated ourselves that the three cakes we chose (after much deliberation) are good!

Orange almond cake is a natural favourite of mine, zesty and light despite the use of almond meal; lemon tart is one of their bestsellers, easy to concur since it’s refreshing and not mouth-puckeringly sour at all; we scrapped off the too-sweet sugary icing on the carrot cake and what’s left is a moist and soft body, a nice change from the rustic dense versions which I usually love.


Gluten Free Orange Almond Cake ($4.50)


Lemon Tart ($5)


Carrot Cake ($4.50)

IMG_3961 (2)

Baker & Cook (Martin Road)
38A Martin Road
6636 5965

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Kitchenette (Novena)

Kitchenette has potential, I think.

The prices are right, portions are good, food is fresh.

If only consistency is not an issue. The lady at the table next to ours ordered the exact same thing as me, but hers came with a nice little pile of rocket leaves while my eggs florentine looked kind of bare and sad.

Oh, and it’d be fab if the waffles are not so limp and soft too! FYI, nobody likes soggy waffles. N.o.b.o.d.y.


Waffle Big Breakfast ($11)
scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sauteed mushrooms


Eggs Florentine ($14)
spinach, artichoke, walnut rye bread, potatoes


Kitchenette (Novena)
#01-01, Goldhill Plaza
51 Goldhill Plaza
6352 7484

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Flock Cafe

Try as I might, I could think of nothing good to write about Flock Cafe… So… Let’s just leave it as that? Ha.

prawn aglio olio ($12.90); prawn & avocado on ciabatta ($12.90)


Flock Cafe
#01-25, 78 Moh Guan Terrace
6536 3938

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The best thing about Easter is that we get a 4 days week, hooray!

Second best thing is there’s another excuse to pig out, double yay!!

Making an appearance once a year, hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. I’ve never liked them but since I’m a loyal fan of Cedele by The Bakery Depot since my school days, I shall do a short feature on their Easter offerings this year.

Of course, it goes without saying that hot cross buns make a return to their menu, with new kid on the block, savoury creation Cheese Onion Mustard leading the bakery’s offerings. Other flavours include the plain Classic version, Almond, and Chocolate Walnut. If these buns are your kind of thing, get your hands on them before April 1st!


I’m definitely more interested in the newly launched Chocolate Spring Cake. This has an interesting texture, what with bits of blended raspberries evident in each bite. One thing for sure, cakes never disappoint at Cedele!


Special thanks to Leen from Touch PR & Events for giving me the heads up on this!

Cedele Bakery Cafe
#B1-01, Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
6334 4828

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Are you ready for the next big thing??

Shiok!!! maki ($16.80+)


Heads up everyone, it looks like Shiok!!! Maki (the three emphatic exclamation marks on the bill makes me laugh haha) is set to be the latest die-die-must-eat after the massive Lao Ban craze. Queues are already getting ridiculously long at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (though I can’t fathom why since reservations are as easy as ABC) and the waiting time can hit an hour or more! Personally, I won’t queue so long for Shiok!!! Maki but to each his own.

Crappy Maki ($18+)


I’ve written about Shiok!!! Maki before, but that was the naked version. This time round, I experienced the full impact of the Shiok!!! Maki!!! (Heh, this is the first post with so many exclamation marks!) After two orders of said maki, I think I know why it’s so shioooook! Fabulous textures aside, the secret is to drench the salmon and unagi roll with creamy mentai mayo and then pile on the tobiko roe like there’s no tomorrow. It’s as unauthentically Japanese as can be, but it’s tough to resist and not love like! Ahhh, if only it’s served warm!

Kazen Maki ($15+)


It’s a shame if all the focus is only on Shiok!!! Maki, since some of the other makis on the menu are also quite (to borrow one of my BFF’s LOL phrases) “up there”! Like the Crappy Maki, with smoky aburi swordfish contrasting nicely with crispy soft-shell crab. Or the Kazen Maki, an asparagus roll topped with fresh maguro. And thanks to The Sushi Bar’s superb century egg tofu, I was game to try the Pitan Maki, which sadly ranks last on our list of “Koh’s favourite makis”.

Pitan Maki ($16.80+)


Though Koh’s is not all about makis, it should be imo. Cuz the rest of the ala carte menu has more misses than hits. The grilled salmon belly and fried salmon skin were good nibbles, but then again these are fatty salmon belly and fried food we are talking about. Pretty hard to screw up. Can’t remember much of the other stuff on our table. So forgettable.

Clockwise from top left: salmon skin ($4+); yaki udon ($10+); grilled salmon belly ($15+); enoki buta skewer ($3+); salmon sashimi ($8+); grilled pumpkin ($3+); unagi egg hotplate ($12+).

2012_02_239 (2)

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
#04-21, Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
9180 3805

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To whoever thinks that fat free gelato exists:
hello, you are deluded (and I wish I live in your world).

As owner Marco Alfero puts it matter of factly, zero fat gelato is impossible. But minimal fat gelato is another matter. Compared to conventional ice cream (18-30% fat), the gelato at Alfero Artisan Gelato only has 2-9% fat.

Not too bad right?

Though imo, when it comes to desserts, we should just indulge freely and worry about calories later, haha.

Every self-respecting ice cream parlour will boost of fresh quality ingredients so that has somewhat become a given in Singapore. What’s different about Alfero’s is that all the gelato are stored in pozzetto cabinets, airtight and lightproof metal containers which I’ve seen many times in gelaterias while traveling around Italy.

Those pozzetto cabinets have resulted in some amusing stories, with people mistaking Alfero as a shop selling soups when it first opened, lol.


The rotation rule applies and at any one time, there’s about 15 flavours available. I find that flavours are generally on the “safe” side, and none too interesting out of the norm. That said, it was tough to pick just 3 flavours for the largest cup (Marco kindly allowed me to choose 4, yay!) since most of the flavours were so good.

My favourite is the pistachio gelato, made only with pistachios from Bronte (Sicily) so that’s the real deal! Mango and raspberry are lovingly bold and naturally sweet; avocado is kind of light and mild while durian is potent and strong; bacio and chocolate mint are close twins of ferrero rocher and After Eight respectively, both bound to please; chocolate is dark and intense; snow white is too milky for me, gula melaka too sweet; rum and raisin is not overwhelming like competitor Udder’s.

See what I mean about safe flavours?

Anyway, the next time you need a cold treat (which has to be soon in this unforgiving hot weather), give Alfero Artisan Gelato a try! I’m 99.999% sure you will love it!


My thanks to Christina for the kind invitation, and Marco and Meiling for hosting!

$4.50 for 1 flavour, $6.50 for 2, $8.50 for 3.
Add $1 for cone instead of cup.
$18 (500g) and $35 (1kg) for take away tubs.

Alfero Artisan Gelato
#01-37, 81 Mac Pherson Lane
6848 4269

#01-01, 21 Lorong Kilat
6463 3835

#02-226A/B, Marina Square Shopping Centre
6 Raffles Boulevard
6338 5828

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