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Inverted wooden cages, topsy turvy red roosters, it’s playful details like these that makes you feel completely relaxed about dining at La Cantine by Bruno Menard — the second restaurant (after &Made on Scotts Road) by first 3 Michelin Star Chef to be permanently based in Singapore.


Chef Bruno’s take on the classic Salad Nicoise, the “Nice” salad is well, nice. Salty, tangy, and the tomatoes are exceptionally sweet!

“Nice” Salad ($22++)
tuna, tomato, potato, bell peppers, egg, anchovies, green bean, tonnato sauce, roasted garlic oil


Scottish Atlantic Salmon Tartare ($18++ as starter, $32++ as main)


Omg the “onion” soup is the best! I say “onion” because in a blind taste test, I’d nail this as mushroom soup. Very rich and creamy, so unlike the traditional French onion soups I’m used to.

Cevennes Onion Soup ($28++)
“foie gras royale” truffle scented chantilly


My favourite, cod! With lots of capers—which I hate, and generous handfuls of almonds—which I love!

Pan Roasted Pacific Cod fish ($32++)
“ratte” mash potato, brown butter, almonds, capers


Roasted Spottail Bass ($34++)
provencal tomato sauce, vanilla oil, green asparagus


Although I did try the “Baba au Rhum”, I’m not posting it because what you see below is the dessert to remember for the night! Combination of chantilly cream (I dug this out haha), vanilla ice cream, crumble, caramel sauce, ladyfinger biscuits, valrhona caramelia crunchy pearls and two shots of Nespresso Crealto, this is akin to an unorthodox tiramisu in a glass. Available till the end of the month, go try it before it’s gone!

Nespresso and Caramel Sundae ($12++)
created with Crealto – a Nespresso limited edition Grand Cru


 Big big thank you to Pei Shan and Dixie for inviting and hosting dinner!

La Cantine by Bruno Menard
#01-01, Asia Square Tower 1
8 Marina View
6690 7567


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Helsinki: Ravintola Juuri

I wish I have better, clearer, sharper photos to flaunt for my best (and last) meal in Helsinki but darn the poor dim lighting and admittedly, my own hunger was making me weak and causing my hands to shake hahaha.

Ravintola Juuri is known for “sapas“, the Finnish take on (you guess it) tapas. Each plate costs €4.60 and being the small bite-size morsels they are, you’d need about 2-3 for starter and then 4-5 more to feel comfortably full. Advice is to order as you go along — that’s what I was told by the friendly staff.


Amuse bouche of marinated herrings and beetroot and I-don’t-know-what-else-is-in-it-but-it’s-delicious-please-bring-the-rest-quick.


Vendace (a freshwater whitefish) with pork, swede and rye (€4.60)


Broad bean patty a la Lindström (a Swedish surname) and pea crème (€4.60)


Cold smoked rainbow trout Juuri style and pickled root vegetables (€4.60)

What can I say, can never go wrong with smoked trout (or salmon) right. A safe choice and this was the only item on the menu that’s familiar to my palate and I.


Slightly salted and fried pikeperch and blueberry mayonnaise (€4.60)

It is very common in Scandinavia to eat more salty than other parts of the world so when they say “slightly salty”, expect “very salty”. The only dish I didn’t fancy that night, simply because I’ve had a salt overdose during my two weeks stay in the region.


Smoked egg cheese from raw milk, sea buckthorn and carrot (€4.60)

I like this! Intriguing milky flavour without the pungent smell of the usual cheese.


Cep pie and pickled pumpkin (€4.60)

Earthy batter baked to a golden hue, this is my favourite sapa other than the egg cheese!


Mushroom fondant and opera sandwich on brioche a la Juuri, dark cep and onion sauce (€28; from the “main course” section)

This was incredible!! The highlight, no doubt. Imagine a chocolate molten lava cake but this is the savoury mushroom cousin. Cut it open and a onion-béchamel-ish sauce oozed out elegantly. So sooooooo good that I attempted to google for a recipe online to try replicating it at home when I’m back but only got results for cutesy toadstool fondant cakes -_-“

Blurry photo *wail*


Blackcurrant frangipane, currant leaf sorbet and almond meringue (€12)

On that sweet note, I bid farewell to Helsinki and the rest of Scandinavia… Someday, again, for sure.


Ravintola Juuri
Högbergsgatan 27
00130 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 635732

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Friday evening after Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie (ABC) opened, I told my boss to check out this new bakery since it’s so close to where he stays.

Saturday morning, I received a text from him: “New bakery good but a little pricey”. We exchanged a few messages and he mentioned “bread looked high quality” and bakery “looked legit” so it made me want to go too!

Sunday afternoon, K drove me over so that I can satisfy my curiosity about this (yet another) new kid on the block helmed by experienced baker Eran Mayer *grin*


I already knew I wanted the kougloff (or kugelhof or kugelhopf or gugelhupf or gugelhopf, there’s so many alternative names!) even before I stepped into ABC. Not meant to be though; only the largest one was available and one massive bundt cake for tea sounded way too much. Hope to see the manageable mini kougloff next time!


We ordered off the savoury menu and baskets of sourdough and rustic white bread were served. Not into plain bread so I skipped them.


K had the healthy roast chicken baguette ($11.50)…


… while I had the healthier-than-his quinoa and lentil salad *victory sign* haha. I actually wanted something with bread or their signature challah rolls since this is after all a bakery specializing in breads. But the tuna sandwich was sold out and salmon quiche didn’t exactly fit the bread-y criteria so it was all or nothing for me. Next time next time, as I always say!


Happy that I had a lot of stomach space left for desserts and was pleased with our choices: a vanilla éclair filled with lovely pastry cream dotted with vanilla specks…


… and saving the best for the last: pecan caramel tart ($6)! Nutty sticky sweet, love this!!


Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie (ABC)
#01-01, 118 Killiney Road
6444 8130

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One Off the Bucket List!

Yes, I can finally tick “Northern Lights: been there, seen that” off my bucket list.

But I’m definitely not going to.

Words are superfluous so I won’t bother describing how how how breathtakingly beautiful the lights are; all I can say is:

I want to see the aurora again!


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