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Last month was a painful one as I went for a tooth surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth and 4 normal teeth (for braces!) all at once. Yes, 8 at one go, ouch! Chewing food was out of question for the first few days so a liquid diet sounded perfect right? Enter the 3-Day Juice Cleanse program ($330) from Punch Detox, the first to provide such programs for busy people in Hong Kong and so successful that it has expanded to Singapore!

Tooth surgery aside, I was actually looking forward to the program because as an obsessed foodie, I admittedly indulge in desserts and rich food more than occasionally. Too much fat, too much sugar! It’s time to give my body a break, flood it with nutrients and flush out toxins at the same time! Toxins be gone!


Even though it was my first juice cleanse, I went for a level 2 cleanse since I felt ready for a deeper and more intense detox. After deciding on the dates, the fresh, gluten-free, vegan juices were delivered cold to my house the day before Day 1 of the cleanse. 3 cooler bags, 18 bottles in total… That’s 6 bottles of juices and soups per day, for 3 days. Easy and doable!


I really appreciate that Punch Detox sent out daily email and instructions to me during the program so I didn’t feel lost or intimidated at all!


Th bottles were clearly labelled Punch #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and I was supposed to drink them in sequence. And then repeat. I stored all 18 bottles in the fridge as soon as they were taken out of the bags (and after I photographed them haha) since they were “living” juices with no additives or preservatives.


Day 1 officially started with #1: Citrus Punch, a mixture of lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, agave nectar and filtered water. Benefits: lemons provide vitamin C and dissolves toxins; ginger and cayenne pepper build heat to kick start metabolism and circulatory system; agave nectar sweetens without raising blood sugar levels. I liked this! Slightly tangy, a tad spicy!


A snapshot of the other bottles:

#2: Green Punch
Ingredients: Parsley, cucumber, green apple, kale, celery, bitter gourd, spirulina
Benefits: dark green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential for the cleansing functions of the liver and kidneys; spirulina has more protein than soy, more vitamin A than carrots, more iron than beef, plenty of protective phytochemicals and the essential fatty acid, GLA.

#3: Red Punch
Ingredients: Beetroot, carrot, red apples, ginger, orange, goji berries
Benefits: phytochemicals and antioxidants (like betacyanin and beta-carotene) help to get rid of toxins and protect against the kind of DNA damage that can lead to premature aging and cancer; goji berries have essential fatty acids and almost a perfect essential amino acid complex.

#4: Salad Punch – Level 2
Ingredients: Romaine, Spinach, Choi Sum, Pear, Cucumber, Green Radish
Benefits: lower in natural sugars and even higher in greens, this is Punch Detox’s most alkaline and deepest detoxifier.

#5: GazPUNCHo
Ingredients: Tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil
Benefits: tomatoes are best known for lycopene; cucumber is an effective diuretic; apple cider vinegar is a bacteria-fighting agent; combination of garlic, cilantro and cayenne pepper fires up metabolism and blood circulation.

#6: Coco Punch – Level 2
Ingredients: Coconut, and Acai berry
Benefits: healthy electrolyte mix makes this the best hydrator.


Overall, I felt that all the juices (except #5, which is like a cold tomato soup) were refreshing, naturally sweet and very easy to drink! My personal favourites are #1 and #6! Punch Detox uses a hydraulic press to slowly squeeze and turn kilos of raw fruits and vegetables into colourful juices, preserving the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It’s impossible to eat 8kg worth of fruits, vegetables and nuts so drinking is the way to go! Studies also show that this method of juicing extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.


During the 3 days, I didn’t feel hungry… In fact, I felt full! Imagine, 500ml of liquid 6 times a day and 1 glass of water in between each juice. There was no time to be hungry haha. I also didn’t experience any side effects such as headaches, lethargy, nausea, weakness etc. The extent of the symptoms is apparently dependent on how “toxic” you are. The more toxins you have, the worse you will feel. I guess that means I’m relatively “clean” yay!


So, the million dollar question – did I feel any difference? Honestly, physically no, psychologically yes. I pretty much felt the same – no weight loss (to be clear though, the practice of cleansing is not a weight loss diet or fad), same level of energy, unchanged sleep pattern etc. Psychologically, I felt fabulous. The sense of achievement and knowing that all those nutrients are swimming in my body now just made me so happy! I’d love to go on another cleanse program in the near future, with K since he was very jealous that he couldn’t do it with me haha.


Thanks to Dilys and Punch Detox for the complimentary program!

Punch Detox
+65 8339 4133
86 Circuit Road, #01-1003, Singapore 370086


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Habitat Coffee

Needed an easy dinner one evening so Habitat Coffee was randomly picked as it is located near K’s house.

Probably won’t go back again as neither of us was particularly impressed with our choices – eggs tomato relish was downright forgettable (prefer Pita Pan’s version!) and K’s cheesynara was dry and errrr, not cheesy at all.


Eggs Tomato Relish
secret tomato recipe served in a hot plate, two runny eggs, baby spinach, country sourdough toast


cheese cream pasta, chicken sausage, bacon


Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
6456 2567

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Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora is one of the most special restaurants I’ve been to in recent memory. With the restaurant located inside the S.E.A. Aquarium, we had a truly memorable dining experience! The view of the Open Ocean habitat was spectacular – more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species. Magnificent view aside, Ocean Restaurant is definitely far from style over substance as Cat Cora is a renowned celebrity chef and the first female Iron Chef.


Several new additions to the set lunch ($60++ for 4 course), set dinner ($138++ for 4 course) and a la carte menus have been unveiled this month, including our amuse bouche – a pair of fresh oysters, the underwater aphrodisiac!

Oysters on Ice
soy reduction with purple shiso ice


Characterised by light and healthy dishes using the freshest produce from around the region, one of Cat Cora’s signatures is the 42°C sous vide salmon. The “minestrone” is actually a mixture of orange juice, champagne and pomelo, hence it was sour but so refreshing. As for the tartare, imagine soft salmon “sashimi” layered with creamy salmon mousse, wrapped with seaweed, and topped with crispy salmon skin. So many different textures, wonderful!

42°C Sous Vide Salmon
salmon tartare, citrus minestrone, ikura, fennel


Similar to the previous dish, the smoked eel also has a great combination of flavours and textures. I love anything eel and this was an unexpectedly lovely match with the smooth sunchoke (i.e. artichoke) jelly and brittle sunchoke chip.

Smoked Eel
sunchoke jelly, duck liver terrine


Vegetarians can look forward to the wholesome butternut soup which is part of the 4 course vegetarian menu ($98++). I was there during a rainy day so this was another winning dish for me as the thick and hearty-goodness of this soup warmed my system up right away.

Multi-Grain & Butternut Soup
pumpkin seed chantilly, pumpkin seed oil


We were surprised by how generous the portion was for K’s perfectly medium rare premium wagyu ribeye steak. Topped with a big slab of foie gras, this was a tad too heavy for K and such a huge contrast with the lighter dishes we had.

Beef Wagyu Ribeye ‘Rossini’
seared duck foie gras, sauteed wild mushroom, confit potato with truffle


My main course of chilean seabass fared much better (fish is usually no-fail #perksofbeingapescetarian haha)! Also known as toothfish, the chilean seabass is simply paired with lettuce puree and tangy vinegar reduction. Moist, (naturally) buttery, silky… Everything I want in a fish!

Pan Seared Toothfish
grilled marinated lettuce, passion fruit vinegar reduction


Desserts were the weakest link for this meal, I think. We tried three and none of them made a lasting impression – black forest had an overdose of cream (to be fair, I’m not a fan of black forest cake to start with); mont blanc was too sweet; and pandan blancmanger was rather bland (disappointed as the description on paper sounds like something I’d enjoy)…

Black Forest
valrhona chocolate sponge, kirsh, caramel ice cream, cherry compote


Mont Blanc
hazelnut meringue, chestnut puree, vanilla ice cream


Pandan Blancmanger
kudzu, kinako ice cream


If you are planning for a romantic meal at Ocean Restaurant, you MUST request for a table by the window! Unobstructed killer view guaranteed!


Many thanks to Charmaine and Zhi Juan for arranging dinner!

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
8 Sentosa Gateway
S.E.A. Aquarium, Level B1M
6577 6688

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Dinner at Tandoor last Friday was interesting, to say the least. The menu was not an ordinary one as Australia’s celebrity chef Tony Bilson has joined hands with Head Chef Vaibhav Suri to craft dishes fusing authentic Indian flavours with western influences such as sous vide cooking and usage of non-traditional ingredients. Think of it as a form of elevated contemporary Indian cuisine!

Tawa Scallops
indian spiced pan seared deep sea scallops with saffron and fennel sabayon


Highlights for me are definitely the appetisers of red snapper carpaccio and pan seared scallops. The former was simply a sight for sore eyes – beautifully plated, vibrant colours, fresh light and tasty! The latter was quite surreal because it did not taste like scallop at all! So plump, soft and almost translucent, amazing.

Roomali Red Snapper Chaat
carpaccio of red snapper, shellfish and caviar with tangy chilli and lemon dressing


One of the best aspects of dining at an Indian restaurant is knowing that vegetarians will never be forgotten by the chefs (because I’m half a vegetarian haha)! Instead of snapper, the chefs put together an equally gorgeous carpaccio made entirely of thinly sliced tropical fruits. The veggie mains were my favourite though – smokey tandoori broccoli and nutty stuffed zucchini flower!

Roomali Fruit Chaat
carpaccio of dragon fruit, watermelon, papaya, pineapple with tangy chilli and lemon dressing


Meat-wise, it seems like everyone had their own preferences – my dining partner and chef Suri were all praises for the tender slow cooked lamb shoulder (second servings were requested and granted yay!) while chef Tony (so glad to catch him before he left yesterday) liked the marinated duck leg most. Popular Australian wildbirds are also included on the menu with the tandoori squab (young pigeon) and stone grilled quail!

Main Course (Meat)
marinated duck leg stuffed with foie gras, pea puree and mushroom; australian squab with traditional tandoori marinade, garlic tempered spinach and crispy potato; slow cooked australian lamb shoulder crusted with grainy mustard marinade, basmati pulao with indian demi glaze


Main Course (Vegetarian)
cottage cheese stuffed with spiced green peas, garlic tempered mustard leaves; zucchini flower stuffed with nuts, cooked in tandoor; tandoori broccoli with tangy marinade, indian black pepper sauce


Dessert was quite puzzling. The description read “puff tart shell” and “caramelized fresh figs” but we were served the “tart” in a creme brulee form with dried fig instead. No issue, since it was pretty good all the same (and honestly, I was stuffed by then). Especially the rich and dark chocolate mousse with a hint of spices!

Caramelized Cardamon Fig Tart
puff tart shell with almond marzipan, caramelized cardamon fresh figs, raspberry sorbet, espresso mousse and indian spiced chocolate


Lunch Set Menu: $48++ per person (12noon to 2.30pm)
Dinner Set Menus: $58++ or $88++ per person (7pm to 10.30pm)
Tandoor will feature a selection of Tony Bilson’s dishes til end January 2014.

Thanks Yan for arranging dinner!

Tandoor Restaurant
#B1, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road
6730 0153

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Say hello to my recent food obsession: donburi bowls from Kilo at Pact.

More specifically, I’m heads over heels with the salmon quinoa bowl! The ingredients are simple but outstanding on its own – sweet fresh and crunchy corn kernels (nothing out of a can!), creamy and perfectly ripe avocado, well-marinated radishes and shimeji mushrooms, and incredibly flavourful quinoa. So delicious that I don’t even mind that the salmon tends to be overcooked (tried and tested thrice). I can’t make out what’s in the secret dressing though – shoyu? Mirin? Vinegar? WHAT?! Guess I’ll keep going back to figure it out haha.

K’s pork belly bowl is a near replica – just substitute salmon for pork belly, quinoa for sushi rice. He didn’t like this place on our first visit but has since changed his mind yay. The power of a pork belly bowl!


Pork Belly Sushi Rice ($18++)
avocado, sweet corn, shimeji mushrooms, radishes, sugar peas, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, wasabi sprouts


Pan-Seared Donburi Salmon Quinoa ($18++)
avocado, sweet corn, shimeji mushrooms, radishes, sugar peas, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, wasabi sprouts


Kilo at Pact
#02-16/17/18/19, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
6884 7560

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Pontini Italian Buffet

Pontini, the long-standing Italian restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, has unveiled a brand new Italian buffet featuring a plethora of antipasti, breads, soup, main courses and desserts from various regions in Italy. Priced at $48++ for adult and $24++ for child on Saturdays and public holidays from noon to 3pm, I thought that it was very value for money, especially for the quality (rather than quantity, which is rare for buffets).


I found myself heading back to the antipasti corner again and again – wholesome baked butternut squash, crab meat and black truffle tapenade; juicy grilled Portobello mushrooms with sweet chilli and arugula salad; Tuscany-style marinated octopus, chickpeas and green asparagus salad; assorted Italian cold cuts served with candied fruit mustard, sweet onion chutney and grain mustard (I made the rounds for K too!); and the crisp, leafy radicchio, pear, Gorgonzola cheese salad tossed with aged balsamic vinegar etc.


Pastas are whipped up a la minute at the live station by the team of chefs. You can DIY your pasta – choice of pasta (tagliolini, penne, tagliatelle) and preparation methods (aglio oliotomato basil fondue, “Roman” style carbonara, wild mushroom with pancetta and pine nuts, “Genovese” style basil pesto sauce). Mine was given a luxurious touch because I was really lucky to “bump” into both black and white whole truffles! Freshly shaved truffles onto our plates of carbonara and mushroom tagliatelle upped the delicious scale by several notches!


Main courses were kept to a minimal – Piedmont-style braised beef brisket and potato fondant in herb gravy; sauteed live mussels in crustacean saffron broth and broccoli floret; chicken thigh “Diavola” paired with spicy capsicum tomato sauce and dried oregano. My favourite was no doubt the oven-baked Norwegian salmon mignon in pistachio crust. I love that it was not overcooked despite sitting in the warming tray and the delicately nutty and crunchy crust provided a delightful contrast to the tender flesh!


A finale for an Italian meal cannot be without desserts right?! The ensemble of mini tiramisu, zesty lemon tart, vanilla panna cotta, pistachio almond biscotti and stracciatella ricotta cannoli prepared deftly at the live station left us completely satiated. I usually left buffets feeling overstuffed but not this time! Everything was just right 🙂


Our thanks to Jennifer and Shawn for the kind invitation!

Pontini Italian Buffet
Level 2, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road
Singapore 169663
6233 1100

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Phew, I’m not too late to share about the return of hairy crabs, am I?!

True, the season is almost over but you can still get your hands on them at Li Bai for the rest of this month!


New this year is the gorgeous braised king prawn and sweet potato topped with hairy crabmeat and crab roe! I really enjoyed this dish – the medley of fresh and plump prawn, pan-fried sweet potato and sauteed spinach crowned with fragrant hairy crabmeat and creamy roe yielded a myriad of textures with every bite.

Braised King Prawn and Sweet Potato with Hairy Crabmeat and Crab Roe ($36++ per person)


My favourite fish dish at Li Bai is the baked cod and while the red garoupa was not bad (deep-fried fillet was good but the sauteed one was bland), I’d still stick with cod any time.

Red Garoupa
prepared 2 ways – sauteed fillet and deep-fried


To experience the natural sweetness and distinctive taste of hairy crabs, at least try one that is traditionally steamed! Love the succulent meat and of course, the sinful decadent crab roe!

Traditionally Steamed Hairy Crab ($60++ per piece)


I was more than happy to leave my crab to the experienced staff for deshelling! The experts made it seem so easy!


As hairy crabs are known to be ‘cooling’, hot ginger tea will definitely be served at any feast involving said crabs to balance the constitution. Don’t worry, this was quite mild (I prefer mine to be super strong with a good kick to the system) so you will still have a sweet ending!

Sweetened Ginger Tea
with hasma (dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of frogs!)


Thank you to the Sheraton team for hosting us for dinner!

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant
Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230
6839 5623

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