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Rabbit Owl Depot

When we went to Rabbit Owl Depot, it was an up-and-coming ice cream parlor. But by the time I write about it, dozens of others have already taken its place (in terms of newness). Such is the cafe scene in Singapore, I love it!


Their signature snowflake waffles can be seen on almost every table and I had mine without icing sugar (hate that white powder with a passion). Guess they were very concerned when I posted a picture of the snow-less waffles on Instagram lol: “Oh no! Did we miss out the snow?! ❄️❄️” Anyway, although the waffles were crispy enough, we thought the batter was bland and could do with more taste/aroma. 小王子 is still our #1 favourite!

Snowflake Waffles ($6.50)


The ice cream did a better job of impressing us! A tad sweet but all three flavours were smooth, rich and intense. Earl grey, black sesame and coffee – I’ll be back for you.

Ice Cream Platter ($10)


Rabbit Owl Depot
#01-06, 420 North Bridge Road
6336 4075


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Eating clean after all the CNY binge-ing?

I can understand.

Which is why places like Smør are a godsend to the waistline these few days! Meaning butter in Norwegian and Danish, Smør offers a smorgasbord of freshly prepared Scandinavian specialities in Singapore – healthy made-to-order open-faced sandwiches which look good and taste great! The choices are straightforward and all made with wholesome organic ingredients generously layered on either rye, multigrain or brioche bread.


The cold specialties include smoked norwegian salmon served with horseradish dill and parsley topped with salmon roe and drizzled with dill infused sweet mustard, as well as hand-peeled shrimps tossed with lemon mayonnaise and a sprinkle of chives. Both sound really unremarkably simple but are so fresh and refreshing! From the selection of hot sandwiches, we had finnish chicken infused in citrus juice and a sweet filling of red cabbage and baby rocket leaves, plus a most delicious mushroom and kale combination. Tasty and very satisfying.


Light meal: one sandwich ($6.90)
Regular meal: two sandwiches ($12.90)
Viking meal: three sandwiches ($17.90)

My thanks to Atiqah and Traveen!

#B1-23 One Raffles Place
9430 1500

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We had our first brunch of the new year (as in 2015, not CNY haha) at Sin Lee Foods, a hipster cafe that’s so inaccessible that it’s not funny. Location aside, I’m game to go back anytime for broccoli! Now, my mom cooks broccoli for dinner at home almost everyday so you’d think the last thing I’ll order when I eat out is said veggie. Well, Sin Lee’s aburi broccoli salad is in a different league – smokey torched florets, acidic white balsamic, crispy papadum and fragrant red sugar. It’s beautiful. Only a real veggie-hater will hate it and he’s obviously missing out. Anyway, the other two items we tried are not very exciting. Sweet potato fries under a blanket of salted duck egg sauce have lost its newness by now (though still delish since I love salted egg anything!) and the smoked salmon hash is… Forgettable.


Aburi Broccoli Salad ($12++)
torched broccoli florets, white balsamic, papadum, red sugar


Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries ($12++)
twice fried, house made salted duck egg sauce, curry leaves


Smoked Salmon Hash ($18++)
pan roasted bacon and potato hash, cold smoked norwegian salmon, soft centred free range hen’s egg, basil dressing, baby spinach, grated parmesan


Sin Lee Foods
#01-164, 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
+65 6377 3170

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Happy Chinese New Year, friends!! Hope everyone has already started tossing your way to good fortune!

Out of the four yusheng I’ve tried so far, my favourite is the Indian-style rendition from Punjab Grill! The novelty/exotic factor first hooked me, and then the myriad of flavours won me over. Traditional Chinese yusheng are sometimes too saccharine due to the generous dressings so this sweet-tangy-spicy-pungent yusheng is a refreshing change from the norm!

Chef Special Chaat Yusheng ($48++)
grilled salmon, candied beetroot, carrot, coriander mint yogurt, five spices, crushed cumin, potato chaat, chilli powder, roasted almond flakes


Available till 22 February, Punjab Grill is introducing a special 5-course seafood menu ($85++) which offers an unconventional dining experience and a lot of food! We started with a chilli crab soup that divided us right away – bff said it was weird but I actually liked the piquant, tart yet slightly sweet tang. An acquired taste, I suppose.

chilli crab sorba served with cray fish dumpling


The platter of four appetizers didn’t send us to conflicting camps though. We were suitably impressed by the prawn patty with masala onion (texture reminds me of fishcake), tender juicy salmon tikka (our unanimous favourite!), lightly battered soft shell crab, and a plump fresh scallop served whole in its shell. Refined Indian cuisine at its best!

pan seared jumbo prawn minced patty filled with masala onion and california raisin;
grainy mustard salmon tikka;
golden fried soft shell crab tossed with crispy coconut flakes;
pan grilled scottish scallops topped with kinnaur apple confit


Main course was a cone of fluffy seafood pilaf topped with succulent coriander masala prawn and the all-time popular kaffir lime fish curry on the side. Both were excellent and I polished them easily. Wish that I had saved some tummy room for the warm garlic naan and lentil curry though!

Main Course
kaffir lime fish curry;
crushed coriander prawn masaledar served with trio bell pepper;
seafood pilaf;
dal punjab grill;
bread basket


I was all stuffed but since desserts go to a separate stomach, I could not resist digging into the decadent dark chocolate fudge with an orange core. Perfect with the scoop of saffron pistachio ice cream! How about a mandarin chocolate lava cake next time, chef? *hint hint*

Symphony of Desserts
mandarin chocolate fudge, kesar pista kulfi


My thanks to Erica, Manu and team for taking good care of us!

Punjab Grill By Jiggs Kalra
B1-01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
South Podium, 2 Bayfront Avenue
6688 7395

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I missed out on the limited edition Strawberry Nutella Parfait from Honey Creme on Valentine’s Day but luckily, the two Lunar New Year specials are still available!


Both Honey Creme Alishan Milk Tea ($5.50) and Honey Creme Yuan Yang ($6) incorporate a rich milk tea formula made from fragrant black tea from the famed Alishan region in Taiwan. Think of it as a take on the bubble tea craze in Singapore – parfait of alternating layers of springy honey-coated pearls (not a fan of pearls though), cookie crumbs, almond crisp (additional $0.80) and of course, the creamy ice cream! The Yuan Yang is even better as the added shot of espresso packs quite a powerful caffeine punch!


I even bought a separate cup of organic mixed grains soft serve ($5.90) just to do a taste test of the ice cream. My verdict is that I prefer the milk tea flavour over the plain milk version! Can’t wait to try the Teh-C creation when it’s launched on March 2! Stay tuned on my instagram!


My thanks to Jia En and Jo for the CNY treats!

Honey Creme
#01-37, 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road
6884 8468

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I was hoping to try the Valentine’s Day menu at Osia but an unexpected series of events (being melodrama here, haha) led to us having a go at its a la carte menu instead. Oh, what a great blessing in disguise!


I instagram-ed this immediately quoting K that this is “the best bread of 2015!” and three days later, he’s still swooning over how warm, soft and chewy the freshly baked bread was! Macadamia pesto was the obvious favourite for us and the tube of smoked eggplant spread was so cute and handy that I almost wanted to bring it home!

Stone Hearth Flat Bread ($11++)
macadamia pesto, truffled kalamata olive, eeoo, butter, smoked eggplant


The generous chunk of confit trout probably won’t be winning any creativity contest but a simple dish done well still deserves credit! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind not sharing this with K haha.

Fjord Trout ($26++)
42°C confit, spiced cashew nut, pineapple vanilla rum jelly, cilantro butter gel


Oh man, lobster and butter? I love this dish, of course. Sheet pasta was silky smooth and the meaty lobster was lusciously firm and mildly sweet. That said, I thought the fermented black bean was out of place and didn’t add any value taste- or presentation-wise.

Maine Lobster ($38++)
butter poached, sheet pasta, mango salsa, fermented black bean, chive butter nage


By the third starter, I’m starting to get a sense that Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay likes to pair seafood with fruits in his style of modern Australia-Asian cooking. Trout with pineapple, lobster with mango, octopus with apple – refreshing is their common denominator, I like!

Fremantle Octopus ($22++)
char grilled, cucumber apple slaw, green chilli jam


Grilled to a T (i.e. medium rare), the black angus might look very manly but it was actually a pretty girly pink on the inside! If you can’t imagine life without meat, this one is for you. We had different views about the accompaniments – I thought the bed of tomato parmesan was way too cheesy but K liked it that way; he didn’t fancy the greenish basil cèpe and I gladly spooned that onto my plate, score!

Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin ($66++)
creamed sunchoke, basil cèpe, acquerello rice, ‘tomato parmesan’, red wine sauce


I remember being impressed by the shiromiso Chilean seabass back in 2010 and I still feel the same now. Perch was delicate yet rich in flavour, especially when smothered with the sweet shiromiso glaze on the side. Wickedly delicious!

Perch ($46++)
sesame ratte potato, pea tendril, soy milk curd, shiromiso glaze


I dissed the hot chocolate soup five years ago and I’m not changing my opinion. Although very decadent, it’s “just high quality molten chocolate” (quoting myself ha).

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup ($20++)
black peppered ice cream, sesame crisp


The macadamia souffle requires 35 minutes of cooking time so please order asap! Ours puffed to a perfect height when it was fetched out from the oven and was piping hot when we dug in eagerly. Golden-brown crust, moist and creamy inside with bits of nuts scattered throughout, this was definitely the highlight of our meal!

Macadamia Souffle ($32++)
crunchy praline, banana custard, sour cream ice cream


Our last dessert was the most special! I think of it as a sort of coconut marshmallow creme brulee – torched to a crisp, googy in the middle, and a crunchy base of crumbs at the bottom. Least photogenic perhaps, but a winner nevertheless!

Pineapple Coco ($15++)
caramelize coconut chiboust, pineapple chutney, red berries sorbet


Public service announcement:
On this Valentine’s Day, wine and dine with the special someone at Osia where you can tuck into either the 4 ($135++) or 5-course ($160++) Valentine’s Day Menu where much of the produce used comes fresh from Australia. Among the standout dishes include the luxurious Foie Gras with Black Truffle and Madagascar Vanilla which is given a tangy lift with the accompanying Green Apple Espuma and the Pan Fried Perch with Duck Fat Charlotte Potato, Bacon Cream, Taggiasca Olive Tapenade and Basil Foam. Patrons seeking an aphrodasaic on the evening of romance can look out for the Gillardeau with Spinach Porridge and Salicornia.

My thanks to Lavinia for arranging dinner!

Resorts World Festive Walk Crockfords Tower
8 Sentosa Gateway
6577 6560

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Sakari Sushi Restaurant

Look at this gorgeous bowl of bara chirashi don from Sakari!

Very clean tasting (definitely lighter on the palate compared to my usual bara dose from Hanare which is just further up the street) and worth a try at least once.

($22++ for lunch, $25++ for dinner)


Sakari Sushi Restaurant
#01-05, 1 Tras Link
9739 7607

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