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I find it interesting that some brands dare to claim that they are the world’s best. Gomaya Kuki has “the world’s richest sesame ice cream”; bubó Barcelona has “the world’s best chocolate cake”; I asked K whether we should state Matchaya has “the world’s best matcha soft serve” and he rejected me hahaha.

bubó Barcelona ブボ バルセロナ is by famous chef Carles Mampel and it’s coincidentally (?) right across Dominque Ansel Bakery in Omotesando. Xabina (シャビーナ) was voted best chocolate cake in Lyon in 2005 and that’s what I came for. Pricey at 1,000円 for a small cake but the quality of chocolate is undeniable. Dark, rich and very smooth. Not convinced it’s the best in the world though.



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I’m a mega sesame (goma) fan. Like, the biggest mega-est goma fan you will know. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any flavour I’ll choose over goma if I’m getting ice cream. So Gomaya Kuki ごまや くき is a must-go for me! Occupying a tiny space at Omotesando, they claim to serve the world’s richest sesame ice cream… Really?

I chose the richest version of kurogoma (black sesame) and shirogoma (white sesame) available and the former was the clear winner with a stronger fragrance. Shirogoma was quite disappointing as I bit into ice crystals twice hmm. There’s also an intriguing goma with salt flavour which I will try next time.

500円 per cup, go get it!


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I was planning to lunch at another sushi restaurant but when I got there, it was not there. Of course, I was upset as I hate having my meal plans disrupted. Seriously guys, DON’T trust addresses written on English articles/sites unless you absolutely have to. Your best bet is Tabelog, the Japanese version of Hungrygowhere/Burpple etc. I won’t make the same mistake again for sure.

Anyway. I consulted my (long) list of shortlisted restaurants, went to 鮨 たじま in Ginza and left very happy. The value is unbeatable — for 1.500円 (!!!),  you get a premium kaisen don with uni, ikura and negitoro, seasonal otsumami (mine was tako balls with yuzu), miso soup and green tea. And warm towel. What a wonderful hidden gem and I’m only sharing the name of this restaurant because I don’t think many will read my blog. And if you are reading this, you deserve to know 😀


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On all my previous vacation trips to Japan, I pretty much overdosed on konbini ice cream every night (ask K, he knows how much desserts I can eat). Now that I’m living in Tokyo and not on a holiday, I figure I need to exercise some self-control. So the plan is to indulge only once a week; I hope I can do it!

Because I only had one meal today and it was too clean, I succumbed to this Hiver matcha chocolate stick when I saw it at a random Family Mart. The packaging looks like this. I love the super crunchy nutty shell and the flavour reminds me of Matchaya’s matcha choco drink! For the record, for konbini matcha chocolate ice cream, I like Royce’s best.


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I spent the whole morning and early afternoon visiting the local ward office, bank and telco to finalize all the paperwork so by the time everything was done, it was past 3pm. You will probably think that at this sort of timing, it will be easy to get lunch. But nope, my chosen lunch-dinner spot of Cosme Kitchen Adaptation コスメキッチン アダプテーション was full arghhh. Anyway, I had the all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet which features a wide variety of veggies. The romanesco, asparagus and sweet potato were mind-blowingly sweet!! Only downside is that it’s very expensive; I paid more than 2,000円 after taxes. Oh well, it’s never cheap to eat healthy anywhere I guess.

P.S. I’m amazed by how much greens Japanese ladies can eat. Many went for their 4th and 5th rounds while I could only manage 2 plates, ha.


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If you need an eating spot before/after your flight at Haneda Airport, I highly recommend Hyakuzen 百膳 located at L4 of Edo Market. The fixed meals are very affordable and my unagi set came with tasty morsels of tamagoyaki and seasonal vegetables coated with sesame. It was a late dinner for me and the tender unagi slices were so satisfying! Some other tempting options include negitoro don and salmon avocado don. I can already foresee myself coming back here often whenever I fly in/out of Haneda.


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Test test.

Wow, it’s been almost a year since my last blog post. What with running Matchaya full-time with K (yes it’s our baby, please support!!), I simply didn’t have the time and energy to write. But now that I’ve officially relocated to Tokyo (don’t ask me why), I’ve decided to revive this blog because I see it as a way of communicating with K 🙂

I also want to keep a diary of the wonderful food which I’m sure I’ll be having, to share with whoever still reads this blog (thank you!) and for those who are planning a trip to Tokyo, I hope my subsequent posts will be useful for you. Pardon the photos though; I merely use my iPhone to take a quick snap these days.

Go beyond the touristy eateries; yes they may be good but it seems like everyone goes to the same old places (think Midori Sushi, Luke’s Lobster, Sushi Dai/Daiwa, Ichiran, Gontran Cherrier etc etc).

Tokyo (and Japan) is way more than that, and I’m going to spend the next few years re-discovering this city I love.

I moved to Tokyo on 28 March 2017, just when spring arrives and the cherry blossoms are about to go into full bloom mode. Gonna take that as a good sign!


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