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10 outlets in 2 years, Poulet is clearly a local success story in the F&B industry. Just last Thursday we passed by the outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre and the queue was too long so we went to Skinny Pizza instead haha. Goes to show that you don’t need a special reason to dine at Poulet – the prices are affordable enough for a casual meal any day of the week. And after sticking with a tried and tested menu for the past couple of years, Poulet is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by (finally) expanding its chicken-centric menu to include new dishes that are also pescetarian-friendly yay!


A new starter on the menu is the crispy golden brown halibut fillet. Such a shame to deep fry fresh fish! But oh well, at least it didn’t die in vain. I was impressed that the strips of breaded fish were not oily at all.

Halibut Goujonette ($9.90++)
halibut fillet strips, tartar sauce, lemon wedge


Smoked duck slices for K, veggies for me, that’s how we finished this lovely plate of salad. The dressing was light and not artificially fruity, plus the addition of roasted pine nuts just made the entire salad more elegant. If I can throw some eggs or smoked salmon in, I swear I can eat this for lunch/dinner everyday, no kidding.

Salad De Canard Fume ($12.90++)
chopped garden salad, smoked duck, tomato, roasted pine nuts, orange wedges, raspberry dressing


Pissaladière is an open faced pastry resembling pizza (but without cheese) and is sometimes known as “French pizza”. I love the earthy mushroom version with onion jam; the tart-like puff pastry crust was so addictive! It’s like eating a flaky mushroom puff~

Mushroom Pissaladière ($11.90++)
oven baked open faced pastry, caramelized onion jam, button mushrooms


The baked halibut was fresh and clean tasting, hovering on the bland side. Portion was quite small though – suitable if you are on a diet but I was not so luckily our table had many other dishes!

Halibut En Papillote ($17.90++)
halibut fillet baked in parchment paper, garden vegetables, white wine sauce


Poulét means chicken in French so of course, the highlight has to be the signature Poulet Diane! Beautifully roasted, tender and juicy, I’m glad that K still enjoyed it as much as he did two years ago! Go easy on the brown sauce though; it can be quite salty… Guess that’s why they cleverly serve it on the side in a separate dish!

Poulet Diane ($17.90++ for half; $30.90++ for whole)
poulet roti served in traditional brown sauce, bacon, mushrooms


I was told that the truffle mashed potato is very popular and after tasting it, I could understand why! The scent of truffle from the warm and creamy mash was alluring and made the boring potatoes so much more attractive. A healthier alternative for a side dish would be the classic ratatouille vegetable stew.

Ratatouille ($5.90++), Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.90++)


For desserts, I’m not a fan of the clafoutis (too sweet)…

Peach Clafoutis ($7.90++)
rustic french-baked peach dessert, vanilla ice cream


… but definitely very into Poulet’s tiramisu! The standard didn’t drop at all. Still very moist and the coffee flavour was strong enough to make this my favourite yet again!

Tiramisu ($7.90++)
mascarpone cheese, sponge fingers soaked in espresso and rum syrup


Many thanks to Jamie for the kind invitation!

Level 2, Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
6538 3595
(information on the other outlets can be found on the official Poulet website)

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There are many similarities between Le Petit Paradis and Savuer:

1. Both started from a humble coffee shop stall at Ali Baba Eating House and then progressed to open proper bistro premises. Good feng shui eh?

2. Concept is the same –> affordable French food for the masses blah blah blah. Anyway, no GST/service charge FTW!

3. Menu is deliberately kept simple yet comprehensive enough for carnivores to herbivores.

Spot the difference? Le Petit Paradis lacks the crowds and queues which Saveur is (also) known for. But it’s still early days… Who knows, there may be a queue along East Coast Road come a few months’ time. We certainly like the food enough to go back soon!


This doesn’t require great culinary skills. Just need to toss fresh ingredients together and voilà, such a tasty salad that even K (the greens-hater) loves it!

Spinach Salad ($11)
balsamic, roasted sweet potatoes, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, grated parmesan


“Kind of dry but good seasoning”, that’s the feedback given by K. Guess he won’t be ordering this again and I already know he will get next time: the sous-vide spring chicken!

Duck Leg Confit ($16.50)
mashed potato, wild rocket, orange sauce


Salmon was featured on the special Mother’s Day set menu but the chef/owner kindly allowed me to order it as an ala carte item and change the roast potatoes to lentils (loooooove lentils!!) instead. Though the fish was slightly overcooked, it was still enjoyable, especially since it’s practically a DIY dish haha. Will try the seabass and report back!

Herb-Crusted Salmon ($17)
creamy lentils, spinach


Le Petit Paradis
95 East Coast Road
6447 0710

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Finally got around to blogging about our dating anniversary lunch at Jaan last month (last month! where did time go!) and we can always trust Jaan to deliver. So much so that we have decided to make meals here a quarterly treat to try all the seasonal menus! Dishes featured here are on the winter menu~

black sesame sponge with eel, homemade chestnut hummus, rye crackers


Lovely parade of amuse bouche as always. Particularly like the sweet chestnut dip (technically it’s not a hummus) and soul soothing mushroom tea!

wild mushroom tea


K’s take on Jaan is that if you skip the smoked egg here, you haven’t been to Jaan. So true! I was slightly bummed that chef decided to alter the presentation for my vegetarian version though. Definitely prefer the transparent glass bowl with smoking hay underneath. Mental note to self: make specific request for that in Q2.

ratte potato, chorizo iberico, buckwheat


Our main of trout (mine with crayfish instead of pork) hovered at the average line. I’m noticing a trend here w.r.t. the mains at Jaan… Seems like the starters and desserts always impress more.

kagoshima pork, cauliflower, miso caramel


The Choconuts has been given a new facelift since our last visit and I can only say that I felt really really sad (being melodramatic haha) when my spoon scooped up the last bit of chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sponge, chocolate i-don’t-know-what-but-it’s-undeniably-good into my mouth and then it’s all gone, sigh. One more, anytime!

tastes & textures


Cute little desserts-after-desserts that I had to have, even though I was comfortably stuffed.

kiwi berry, coconut marshmallow, rosemary lollipop, chocolate crunch


Happy 2nd dating anniversary to us, K!

Can we come back soon?


70F, Swissotel The Stamford
6837 3322

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La Cuisson is a local success story.

First started in a coffee shop as Le Cuisson at Queen Street in 2011 (I was there in 2012!), the humble food stall then progressed to Holland Drive, and finally established itself as a bistro and wine bar. Taking over the space previously occupied by Creperie des Arts (I’m surprised it has closed!), La Cuisson has definitely stood the test of time and finicky palates of Singaporeans.

Serving a range of classic French and modern European cuisine, the menu is predominantly meat-based. I was happy with the crab salad and pan-seared salmon but those were obviously not what you’d come here for! Think pork, beef, lamb and meat meat meat instead. Everyone at the table had their own favourites (K’s was the lamb duo) so it’s best to come with a group of friends to try as many dishes as you can!


Charcuterie Platter
chorizo, saucisson, selection of homemade terrines


Blue Swimmer Crab Salad
crab meat, lemongrass, red chilli, shallots cooked in white wine, cherry tomatoes, paprika oil, micro greens


Pork Pot Au Feu
sous-vide pork shoulder, pork sausage, puy lentils, mixed vegetables in pork jus


Shoulder Tender (200grams)
200day grain fed australian angus, mashed potatoes, confit shallots, roasted parsnip, garlic


Pan Seared Salmon
puy lentils, cream sauce


Lamb Duo
braised lamb shank, pan-seared lamb rump, kipfler potato gratin, garden salad


Dark Chocolate Ganache
valrhona chocolate, white chocolate sesame crisp, chilli pistachio brittle, pomelo pieces, green tea mousse


Poached Pear
vanilla ice cream, beetroot puree


My thanks to Jean and Jenny for inviting and hosting!

La Cuisson
44 Prinsep Street
8332 0302

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I was a tad worried that K wouldn’t enjoy his birthday lunch at Jaan as he’s more of a sushi than foie gras type of guy.

Thankfully, the food was nice (read: very pleasant without any wow factor), service was quite good (well, they did forget one request) and of course, dining 70 levels above ground with an amazing view made this a meal to remember!


Amuse Bouche #1
homemade hummus, flaxseed crackers, smoked eel, chicken pastille (in K’s words: “mini curry puffs”), some cheese thing which I can’t remember the name

The hummus was the most interesting as I’ve never had one with chestnut puree in it before! More sweet than savoury, I’m glad K didn’t like it as much as I do, meaning all the more for me yay!


Amuse Bouche #2
wild mushroom tea, cep sabayon

One word: INTENSE.


I was pretty subdued when Jaan’s famous smoked egg with all the dry ice theatrics was served with a flourish at our table… Guess seeing so many pictures of it online took away the excitement, ha! Moral of story: don’t read food blogs?


55’ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg
smoked rattes, hokkaido corn, buckwheat

There’s a reason why Jaan is known for this and your palate will thank you for ordering it, trust me. Smokey, wobbly, runny, creamy, I wish K can whip this up at home heh heh.


Arctic Char ‘Cochonaille’
‘le puy’ lentils, cévennes onion

Fresh fish with crispy skin, my favourite lentils and a lovely quince paste… Flawless!


guanaja mousse, karukera sorbet, nuts

Snickers and Mars bars rolled into one and then deconstructed? Don’t know, don’t care, just eat and prepare to love this!


Clementine ‘Gourmandise’
wholemeal shortbread, guanaja, chestnuts

I was eyeing K’s choconuts with envy and kicking myself for picking such a mild fruity dessert (plus I hate meringues). Luckily this seasonal creation grew on me gradually and I enjoyed the jellied chestnuts so much!


Petit Fours
chocolate clusters, chocolate rosemary lollipops, espresso tarts

We’ve already made a reservation for a special dinner in March so see you then, Jaan!


70F, Swissotel The Stamford
6837 3322

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Inverted wooden cages, topsy turvy red roosters, it’s playful details like these that makes you feel completely relaxed about dining at La Cantine by Bruno Menard — the second restaurant (after &Made on Scotts Road) by first 3 Michelin Star Chef to be permanently based in Singapore.


Chef Bruno’s take on the classic Salad Nicoise, the “Nice” salad is well, nice. Salty, tangy, and the tomatoes are exceptionally sweet!

“Nice” Salad ($22++)
tuna, tomato, potato, bell peppers, egg, anchovies, green bean, tonnato sauce, roasted garlic oil


Scottish Atlantic Salmon Tartare ($18++ as starter, $32++ as main)


Omg the “onion” soup is the best! I say “onion” because in a blind taste test, I’d nail this as mushroom soup. Very rich and creamy, so unlike the traditional French onion soups I’m used to.

Cevennes Onion Soup ($28++)
“foie gras royale” truffle scented chantilly


My favourite, cod! With lots of capers—which I hate, and generous handfuls of almonds—which I love!

Pan Roasted Pacific Cod fish ($32++)
“ratte” mash potato, brown butter, almonds, capers


Roasted Spottail Bass ($34++)
provencal tomato sauce, vanilla oil, green asparagus


Although I did try the “Baba au Rhum”, I’m not posting it because what you see below is the dessert to remember for the night! Combination of chantilly cream (I dug this out haha), vanilla ice cream, crumble, caramel sauce, ladyfinger biscuits, valrhona caramelia crunchy pearls and two shots of Nespresso Crealto, this is akin to an unorthodox tiramisu in a glass. Available till the end of the month, go try it before it’s gone!

Nespresso and Caramel Sundae ($12++)
created with Crealto – a Nespresso limited edition Grand Cru


 Big big thank you to Pei Shan and Dixie for inviting and hosting dinner!

La Cantine by Bruno Menard
#01-01, Asia Square Tower 1
8 Marina View
6690 7567

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Friday evening after Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie (ABC) opened, I told my boss to check out this new bakery since it’s so close to where he stays.

Saturday morning, I received a text from him: “New bakery good but a little pricey”. We exchanged a few messages and he mentioned “bread looked high quality” and bakery “looked legit” so it made me want to go too!

Sunday afternoon, K drove me over so that I can satisfy my curiosity about this (yet another) new kid on the block helmed by experienced baker Eran Mayer *grin*


I already knew I wanted the kougloff (or kugelhof or kugelhopf or gugelhupf or gugelhopf, there’s so many alternative names!) even before I stepped into ABC. Not meant to be though; only the largest one was available and one massive bundt cake for tea sounded way too much. Hope to see the manageable mini kougloff next time!


We ordered off the savoury menu and baskets of sourdough and rustic white bread were served. Not into plain bread so I skipped them.


K had the healthy roast chicken baguette ($11.50)…


… while I had the healthier-than-his quinoa and lentil salad *victory sign* haha. I actually wanted something with bread or their signature challah rolls since this is after all a bakery specializing in breads. But the tuna sandwich was sold out and salmon quiche didn’t exactly fit the bread-y criteria so it was all or nothing for me. Next time next time, as I always say!


Happy that I had a lot of stomach space left for desserts and was pleased with our choices: a vanilla éclair filled with lovely pastry cream dotted with vanilla specks…


… and saving the best for the last: pecan caramel tart ($6)! Nutty sticky sweet, love this!!


Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie (ABC)
#01-01, 118 Killiney Road
6444 8130

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