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Kitchenette has potential, I think.

The prices are right, portions are good, food is fresh.

If only consistency is not an issue. The lady at the table next to ours ordered the exact same thing as me, but hers came with a nice little pile of rocket leaves while my eggs florentine looked kind of bare and sad.

Oh, and it’d be fab if the waffles are not so limp and soft too! FYI, nobody likes soggy waffles. N.o.b.o.d.y.


Waffle Big Breakfast ($11)
scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sauteed mushrooms


Eggs Florentine ($14)
spinach, artichoke, walnut rye bread, potatoes


Kitchenette (Novena)
#01-01, Goldhill Plaza
51 Goldhill Plaza
6352 7484

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Cotton Bleu

Have you heard of Candlemas before?


Same here!

If not for Cotton Bleu, a casual family run restaurant serving up unpretentious and decent French fare, I’d probably still be living in ignorance!

The story goes that while stalking restaurants on Facebook one day, I came across Cotton Blue’s page and found out about its Candlemas Crepe Feast. My online BFF (a.k.a. Google) told me that Candlemas is a Christian holiday on February 2 to celebrate the presentation of Christ in the temple at Jerusalem on the 40th day after His birth, and it also marks the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the spring equinox. See, loving food can make us more knowledgeable!

Since it’s a tradition to eat crepes on Candlemas in France, crepes, crepes and more crepes off the special Candlemas menu were all we ordered for dinner! And those were some very good homemade crepes, from a very interesting one-of-a-kind smoked salmon “mille feuille” crepe to the most mouthwatering seafood crepe… Which makes me wonder, are the daily ala carte items just as good?


smoked salmon mille crepe


seafood crepe with melted cheese


prosciutto mushroom topped with melted cheese and sunny side crepe


Cotton Bleu
205 Upper Thomson Road
6252 5525

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I think the waiter was shocked when he realized all of the below was meant for just the two of us. That’s what happened when the starving us saw bread and more bread! And I totally dig this new outlet of Tiong Bahru Bakery. Being in a mall, it may lack character but I appreciate the fact that it’s so much calmer than the flagship store, with eager-to-please service, and an expanded dine-in menu.

When you are hungry, everything tastes good.

Top left, clockwise: chocolate croissant ($3.20+); croque monsieur chorizo ($9.50+); kouign amann ($3.50+); squid ink bun with prosciutto ham and salmon ($8.50+); smoked salmon tartine on miso bread with sunny side up ($10+).


Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City)
#B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
6333 4160

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Following Mondays in Provence, it’s to Lyon we went at db Bistro Moderne this time! For the next couple of months, the new 3-course Mondays in Lyon menu ($68++, additional $32++ for wine pairing) features signature Lyonnaise dishes that are specialities of chef Daniel Boulud’s native city of Lyon, a.k.a. France’s capital of gastronomy.

Dinner began with something out of the tasting menu, addictive crispy morsels of Alsatian flat bread topped with cheese and wild mushrooms (or bacon). The charcuterie came next, such an impressive platter of cured meats that even I believe it’s a dream come true for any hard-core carnivores. One good thing about being a pescetarian is that I had the chance to sample other meat-less items. So while the others enjoyed the meaty stuff, I polished off the simple frisée salad, a veggie version of the chicken livers and bacon salad. Both soups I didn’t like; onion soup was too cheesy, potato and leek too starchy.

The mains were outstanding imo, especially the poached cod, fatteningly tender with classic accruements of fish-cake-like fish mousse quenelles and sauce Nantua, a timeless seafood sauce that reminds me of a thick and decadent lobster bisque. The huge pot of vinegar braised chicken was served with a side of tarragon rice pilaf that had everyone raving about how fluffy and fragrant it was. Besides being an eye candy, my additional main of Boston scallops were nicely seared and juicy. When I read the menu and came across “cardoon”, I googled immediately cuz I’ve got no idea what it was. Wiki saved the day; cardoon is “a thistle-like plant“, akin to artichoke. Though the cardoon gratin was oozing with flavours, I wouldn’t want that as a main course since it got overly rich and heavy after a few hearty bites.

Desserts were the next best thing! It’s really cruel for them to force diners to choose only one out of the three choices, lol. The apple tart was impossibly thin, paired with a killer cognac ice cream that’s solely for adults, no kids allowed. I usually shy away from meringue cuz I don’t like it. I just don’t. It’s just boring sweet sugar to me, so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the floating island initially. Except that it was meltingly soft and I actually finished it, haha. Favourite favourite favouritest dessert was the valrhona dark chocolate ice cream with candied chestnut, so so sooooooo yummy that I went for a second serving, yay!

Alsace, Provence, Lyon… What’s next?

Tarte Flambée
alsatian flat bread, fromage blanc, onion, bacon or mushroom

Plateau de Charcuterie
cured meats, duck terrine, homemade pickles

Salade Lyonnaise
frisée salad, chicken livers, bacon, poached egg

Frisée Salad
shaved baby vegetables, tomato confit, lemon dressing

Soupe a L’onion
onion and beef consomme, gruyere, croutons

Potato and Leek Soup
fried leek, chives, whipped cream

Cabilleaud Poche
poached cod, fish mousse quenelles, sauce nantua

Poulet au Vinaigre
vinegar braised chicken, tarragon rice pilaf

Gratin de Cardons “Dauphinois”
cardoon & potato gratin, mushroom fricassée

Seared Boston Scallops
cauliflower coulis, romanesco, glazed radish

Ile Flottante
floating island, vanilla creme anglaise, pink praline

Apple Tarte Fine
puff pastry, cognac ice cream

Coupe Chocolat et Marron
valrhona chocolate, candied chestnut

a must at Daniel Boulud’s

Special thanks to Philicia and Elzena from Marina Bay Sands for inviting and hosting us for dinner!

db Bistro Moderne
#B1-48, Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave
6688 8525

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L’etoile, a destination cafe.

Not so much for the food (expect simple and predictable stuff like all-day brekkie, sandwiches and pastas are on the menu), but for the quiet space, relaxed vibe and homey decor : )

Big breakfast ($14.90+)

scrambled eggs, toast, sautéed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, smoked salmon in lieu of sausage and bacon (additional $1.50+)

Eggs benedict ($12.90+)

poached eggs, smoked salmon replacing ham (additional $1.50+), multigrain bread

L’Etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road
6298 2872

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It’s all about chicken at new casual French rotisserie Poulet, so much so that there’s not a single fish/seafood main course on the menu, sad. But it’s easy to make a meal out of the entrées and what delicious starters/sides they were!

Both soups were tasty and flavourful, especially the cream of mushroom cuz it’s the thick and chunky type I like. Didn’t get the fuss over the Parisian salad (which Soshiok deemed as a star dish here), pretty normal imo. Chewy escargots were not bad, would love more garlic though, the more garlicky the merrier~ My favourite was the sauteed mushrooms, topped with a perfect poached egg. Mad delicious with an earthy fragrance, I heart! Didn’t try Poulet’s star dish of slow roasted chicken, but I heard praises for it from the table so guess it ought to be good. Dessert was a no-brainer, definitely the tiramisu! For a French joint, they do this Italian classic very well. Moist and not too sweet, I’d dine at Poulet again for this, even if there’s no main I can order : )

Country Side Mushroom Soup ($5.80++)
cream of wild mushrooms, Idaho potato

French Onion Soup ($5.80++)
caramelised onion, fond de veau (veal stock), cheese croutons

Escargot de Bourgogne ($8.80++)
6 Burgundy snails, tomato fondue, almond garlic butter

Salad de Paris ($9.80++)
chopped garden greens, dried cranberries, tomatoes, olives, roasted pine nuts, French dressing

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms ($7.80++)
trio of button, shimeji and king oyster mushrooms, poached egg

Poulet Roti ($28.80++)
whole roasted chicken, mushroom chardonnay sauce

Tiramisu ($7.80++)
mascarpone cheese, sponge fingers soaked in espresso and rum syrup

Level 4 Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
6509 9411

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Monday blues ain’t fun, I know. The best way to get over them is to have something to look forward to at the end of the day, aye? Maybe that’s why db Bistro Moderne has launched a new Provence set menu ($68++, additional $32++ for wine pairing) that’s only availble every Monday evening, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Dinner started with a trio of delicious canapes, my favourite being the texturally perfect and plain tasty eggplant crostini; then came a light and refreshing bowl of clear vegetable broth that promised more good things to come. Since I don’t take meat, my starter and main were thoughtfully plated just for me (thank you, chef!) and thumbs up to both. Cleaned the plates, as a matter of fact. Love the luxurious use of artichokes in salad nicoise (chef shared with us that the real salad nicoise doesn’t have boring potatoes in it) and the rustically hearty ratatouille was a comforting stew of clean yet deep flavours. And the traditional bouillabaisse.. Wow, that bouillabaisse. It’s a one-pot wonder, so rich and complex that I’m deeming it a “must try”! Desserts were the highlight imo; anyone with a sweet tooth will fall for the apricot clafoutis and chocolate mousse cake, both so wonderful that I wish there’s a second helping, haha. Just when I thought dinner was over, a basket of warm madeleines was placed on the table, awww.

Stuffed to the brim, I walked out of db a happy girl, already planning a visit to Daniel, Daniel Boulud’s 3 Michelin stars flagship restaurant in Manhatten NYC : )

Pre-dinner Nibbles

parmesan, salt and espelette grissini

Pre-dinner Nibbles

puff pastry, gruyere cheese

Bread basket

baguettes, sourdough, pretzel rolls

Provencal Canapes

eggplant caviar and goats cheese crostini, tomato compote with smoked mozzarella crostini, caramelized onion and rosemary tart

Soupe au Pistou

coco beans, summer squash, vegetable broth, basil

Salade Nicoise

confit and seared tuna duo, bell peppers, olives, quail eggs, artichokes, anchovies, lemon dressing

Petits Farcis Provencaux

zucchini, eggplant, onion, minced lamb and beef stuffing


Mediterranean fish soup, fennel and tomato confit, John Dory, red snapper, gurnard, scallop, tiger prawn

Ratatouille de Legumes

baked egg, crispy polenta, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, onion and bell pepper stew

Ravioli a la daube D’agneau

braised lamb ravioli, summer vegetables, rosemary jus

Apricot Clafoutis

almond tuille, honey marinated apricots, bourbon foam, almond ice cream

Mousse au Chocolat au lait

milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut biscuit, praline gelee, griotte cherries, praline-lemon ice cream


a Daniel Boulud’s signature

Special thanks to Philicia and Elzena from Marina Bay Sands for inviting and hosting us for dinner!

db Bistro Moderne
#B1-48, Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave
6688 8525

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Saveur, previously of Joo Chiat fame, had moved to Purvis Street earlier this March. Like The French Stall, La Petit Cuisine and Le Cuisson, it’s doing the same not-yet-done-to-death concept of bringing affordable quality French cuisine to the masses blah blah blah. That’s great news for French-loving diners like yours truly, who can’t bear to patronise atas French restaurants every other day. I like the food here, especially the salmon confit which was as good as the first time I tried it (when Saveur was still a humble hawker stall in Ali Baba Eating House).

Be prepared to queue though (no reservations allowed), since when do Singaporeans not like anything cheap and good?

Top left, clockwise: angel hair pasta with tiger prawn and lumpfish caviar; mesclun salad with lemon vinaigrette and crispy duck; pistachio panna cotta with roasted pistachio nuts; chicken roulade with foie gras stuffing and basmati rice; textures of citrus; beef bourgeon with root vegetables and mixed greens; confit of salmon with apple and fennel salad; crispy barramundi with crab potato and french beans.

#01-04, 5 Purvis Street
6333 3121

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Maison Kayser

My first Maison Kayser experience was in Paris a couple of years ago and it was pretty good. Now that the first Singapore outpost has opened right in the heart of town, yay Kayser for giving us another awesome bakery made for carbs-indulgence : )

Scrambled eggs with croissant set ($5.60++)

I love that I can choose any bread for the sandwiches. Flexibility rocks, haha. Can’t remember what bread was this exactly, but it’s something wonderful with tumeric (I think) and nuts.

Egg mayo sandwich ($5.96++)

Tuna and cheese sandwich on baguette sundried tomato bread ($7.48++)

Maison Kayser
#B1-09, Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
6636 3672

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Le Cuisson

Somewhat like The French Stall but on a much much smaller scale, Le Cuisson brings affortable French cuisine to both heartlanders and shoppers in the busy Bugis area. Occupying a corner stall in the kopitiam behind iluma mall, it’s not difficult to find. The menu has the essential meat, fish and a pasta dish for vegetarians; food was quite tasty, though nothing particularly outstanding. I can’t remember the exact price of each item cuz it’s been awhile since my visit; for 1 starter and 2 mains, the total bill was about $31. Cheap or not, you be the judge : )

Smoked duck salad.

Fish of the day: sea bass with prawns and mash.

Chicken roulade Coq au vin (which looks like duck confit, haha).

Le Cuisson
Blk 269B Queen Street, # 01-236

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