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The Rabbit Stash used to be stashed away (ha) in an old shop house unit within a condominium but has since moved to a brand new spot on the rooftop of WANGZ Hotel in the eclectic enclave of Tiong Bahru. Born in the year of the rabbit (which explains the restaurant name), Chef Matthew is one brave man who defies the odds – master degree holder in building construction management who switched to a culinary career; trained locally without any overseas apprenticeship with big-name chefs; ideas come from his travel experiences and interaction with people. Sounds Heston Blumenthal-ish aye?

During dinner, the seasonal ‘ENSOPHI’ menu is available, inspired by the 7 characteristics of Exotic, Nostalgia, Soil, Ocean, Pristine, Heritage, Impression ($148+ for 7-course, $108+ 5-course, $90+ 4-course). Each element represents an artistic expression of his dish and the beautiful plating certainly reflects that! Because the price won’t make this an everyday meal, I’d save The Rabbit Stash on my list as a romantic place to celebrate a special occasion *hint hint to K* My favourite course was ‘Ocean’ – Hokkaido scallop paired with squid ink-infused seaweed, smoked trout topped with caviar, battered shrimp on goreng pisang-like mash, a lot going on on the plate but I love the freshness and variety! What about you? 🙂


The goodness of artisanal produce is best savoured at its purest form without alteration or addition to the intrinsic flavour. Chef Matthew keeps his dishes pristine by sourcing fresh local organic ingredients daily.

langoustine, cabbage dashi, 1st born egg, brown rice

Picture: Amuse-Bouche Platter
potato chips, onion jam, lotus chips, meat balls, smoked salmon crostini


The uniqueness of each soil connects differently to the greatness of our land. Chef Matthew gains inspiration from what our soil has to offer. It allows him to select the best of the season and marry earthy flavours with protein from grazing land animals.

asparagus, beurre noisette, beetroot “mushroom” olive


The ocean calms the soul, opens the mind, and fuels the passion. Inspired by the extraordinary beauty and abundant offering of the ocean, Chef Matthew spruces his menus with oceanic greens and algae, from sea lettuce to stone moss.

scallop, black”coral”, smoked trout, shrimp & chips


There will be beautiful flavours, new and old that one has tasted at some point in their life, etched deeply in memory. Chef Matthew seeks to fulfill his customers’ fond food memories by reconnecting them with his dishes. It is very much like a dopamine reward system when a food craving is satisfied.

purple crab, black roe, lobster broth


Life is like a canvass imprinted with impressions of people, scenarios, places, animals, seasons, flora and fauna. Every impression has several characteristics that co-exist and co-relate with personal life experiences. Chef Matthew’s creations are based on his impressions of the food, people and culture from his travels abroad.

berkshire pig, potato “mud”, watermelon


It is true that heritage carries a familiar taste from our roots. Chef Matthew recreates food that he grew up eating or is cooked by his grandparents, mother and aunts. Brought up in a Peranakan family, he saw familiar ingredients done in a different way. Expect a facelift on fish head curry, a kuey salat makeover or a reinvention of Nonya assam prawns in his dishes!

beef jowl, barley porridge, sesame, red date

Picture: Ocean Catch Confit
from the lunch menu


It is near impossible to try every flavour in a lifetime but Chef Matthew attempts to create unique flavour pairings with simple and exotic ingredients from around the world. This makes his cooking more exciting; not knowing what could be the next revolutionary flavour. It may sound unthinkable but green curry ice cream goes astonishingly well with mango mascarpone.

mango fromage blanc, snow pear, green curry, rose


My thanks to Melody for hosting dinner!

The Rabbit Stash
231 Outram Road, Level R
9858 8607

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NUDE Seafood

CBD folks, I’m envious of you again.

NUDE Seafood is such an ideal lunch spot – great seafood options (perfect for pescetarians!), affordable prices, real food fast, and more importantly, nutritious and delicious! Too bad it’s not in the vicinity of my office, sighhhhh.

Both the grilled miso-coated chilean sea bass and salmon home-smoked over hickory wood chips were excellent with silky-tender-smooth, melt-in-our-mouths texture. I loved the latter slightly more, just because of the delicate and subtle smoky flavour. We also tried the mackerel which ain’t too impressive (overcooked and dry) but the barley risotto saved the day! Some garlicky goodness there.


Signature Duo ($30)
hickory-smoked salmon, miso-grilled chilean bass, forgotten grains, beetroot pickle


Spanish Mackerel ($13)
herb grilled, barley risotto, house-made semi dried tomatoes


NUDE Seafood
#01-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
6443 1167

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“Cooking With Friends” is back at Osia!

This time, Celebrity Chef Scott Webster has invited Executive Chef Andrew Turner from Hotel Café Royal in London as the guest chef. Together, the dynamic duo has designed a menu consisting of Osia’s signatures and Chef Turner’s specially created dishes for his stint here.

Reinterpreting traditional flavours with a contemporary spin, some of his key dishes are the appetizer of pea and mint veloute and main of black angus beef. The former is paired with comte cheese to create a smooth creamy base for the thyme ravioli while cutting through the brininess of the addictive anchovy flute; whereas the latter is given an Asian twist through the accompanying bok choy and sweet and sour Hong Kong sauce – quoting our waiter: “a Chinese-ish dish done by an English chef”! The dessert of “neaten” mess is his take on the classic English dessert, Eton mess. I thought it was smart to add a scoop of tangy lemon ice cream, otherwise the mixture of strawberries and meringue would be too sweet.

As for Osia’s, I already did a write-up earlier this year and was happy for the chance to refresh my memory of some of the dishes – still loving the freshly baked flat bread and soft-textured shiromiso perch! Not so much the grilled octopus this time as they were too chewy, giving my jaws a good (and unnecessary) workout!

The “Cooking With Friends” menu ends this Saturday, 16 May.

Stone Hearth Flat Bread ($11++)
macadamia pesto, truffled kalamata olive, butter, tomato paste


Pea and Mint Veloute ($22++)
comte cheese and thyme ravioli, smoked anchovy flute


Fremantle Octopus ($22++)
char grilled, cucumber apple slaw, green chilli jam


Hokkaido Scallop and Bryon Bay Pork Belly ($62++)
piccalilli puree


Foie Gras ($32++)
pan fried, banana textures, madagascar vanilla, jamaican rum


Perch ($46++)
sesame ratte potato, pea tendril, soy milk curd, shiromiso glaze


Grainge Black Angus Beef Fillet MS2 ($68++)
oxtail anna potato, bok choy, sweet and sour hong kong sauce



Neaten Mess ($18++)
strawberry, thyme


… After!


My thanks to Lavinia for hosting dinner!

Resorts World Festive Walk Crockfords Tower
8 Sentosa Gateway
6577 6560

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So the other day I was having dinner with a group of media acquaintances and the topic of “hey, have you been to anywhere new recently” came up (as it always does). At that time, Adrift by David Myers was (and still is?) creating a buzz in the local foodie scene and I was surprised when someone started condemning this place, even going as far as labeling it “lousy”. On the contrary, I was (and still am) all praises for Adrift! Really enjoyed my meal here, so much so that I can’t wait to explore more of the menu together with K!


I was already impressed by chef David Myers’ dishes back in September last year during the Epicurean Market held at Marina Bay Sands. His coconut and green papaya shooter was a liquid bomb of flavours and I’m thrilled that it’s now permanently on Adrift’s a la carte menu. Ditto for the addictive caramel popcorn!

Caramel Popcorn ($9++)


The menu at Adrift blends playful snacks with raw items and artisanal toasts with charcoal-grilled treats. Many of the mix-and-match small plates (read: tapas style) are meant for sharing and feature interpretations of chef Myers’ most beloved dishes from his travels throughout Asia.

Rice Cracker ($11++)
green onion salt, yuzu kosho aioli


These include cheeky nods to American classics such as fried oysters and buckwheat battered chicken with karashi honey mustard sauce. Gosh, those oysters! Despite being deep fried, the oysters remain plump and delightfully fresh tasting! For the record, I don’t even like oysters.

Fried Oysters ($21++)
green garlic, black lime dip


Buckwheat Fried Chicken ($18++)
honey mustard sauce


From the “toast” section, the king crab melt with pimento cheese is exactly the kind of worthy carbs we should all aim for in life. Generous fillings of crab meat and gooey cheese are sandwiched between evenly browned warm toasty bread. So good that I had double my share, oops. Beef tartare and ricotta have their fans too but on my next visit, it’s definitely going to be the uni butter (hello, uni butter!) on pumpernickel for me!

Beef Tartare Toast ($26++)
sesame, egg yolk, chili


King Crab Toast ($35++)
pimento grilled cheese


Ricotta Toast ($24++)
preserved lemon, okinawan black sugar


The “nomadic” (i.e. seafood) selection may be limited to just six items but what I tried, I liked! Especially the cured hamachi with ginger flower – simple and elegant – and the salmon-ish arctic char curry which has enough kick from the spices.

Cured Hamachi ($27++)
ginger flower, creme fraiche


Arctic Char ($28++)
spiced tomatoes, curry


Even the sides are admirable – crispy baby potatoes lightly sprinkled with parmesan and aromatic grilled corn are dangerously moreish little bites! But there’s something in the braised morning glory which didn’t agree with my palate so I pretty much ignored it.

Sides ($9-14++)
baby potatoes, seaweed, parmesan;
braised morning glory, lime pickle;
grilled corn, dashi butter, furikake


Desserts are 2/3 lovely. The small chocolate pot looks unassuming but it’s so dark and rich! Raspberry parfait is quite a beauty too – I love the contrasting textures from the creamy ice cream, chewy mochi and crunchy nuts. The only sweet that didn’t had me swooning was the caramel french toast – soaked and soft in the middle but lacking crisp and the scoop of coconut sorbet was way too small.

Caramel French Toast
coconut sorbet, kopi syrup


Chocolate Pot De Creme
guanaja chocolate, burnt marshmallows
Raspberry Parfait
rose, cocoa mochi


My thanks to Philicia for hosting dinner!

Adrift by David Myers
Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Tower 2
6688 5657

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May May

When I first came across the lunch bowls at May May, my first thought was “Kilo copycat!” oops. You already know I’m obsessed with the donburi bowls from Kilo at Pact so it’s a given that a comparison is inevitable. At May May, the bowls are more Asian-style with beef rendang, braised pork belly and butter poached cod stealing the limelight (also a vegetarian grilled miso aubergine dish which sounds lovely). We tried the latter two and I realized the futility of comparing Kilo’s bowls with these. Each has its pros and cons – I adore Kilo’s accompaniments (best corn kernels, radishes and quinoa everrr) but not so much the salmon which is always overcooked geez; whereas May May’s substantial mains of cod and pork belly are flavourful and have wonderfully soft texture. But the bed of quinoa and veggies on the side are nothing spectacular hmm.


Braised Pork Belly ($16++, additional $3++ for salad and coffee)
wasabi sprouts, asian slaw, oven roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickled lotus root, soft centred egg


Butter Poached Cod ($18++)
wakame, oven roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickled lotus root, soft centred egg, wasabi sprouts


May May
65 Tras Street
6221 4698

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Dinner at NOX has got to be the most interesting dining experience for us ever.

Singapore’s only ‘Dine in the Dark’ restaurant, NOX is exactly that – we ate in darkness throughout the 3-course meal ($88++)!

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were ushered into the stylish (and lit) lounge area where signature cocktails (I love the flaming ‘Ignite My Passion’ – tangy and refreshing blend of passion fruit, spices and mint) and amuse bouche were served. Then, we had to keep our belongings in the lockers (no phones allowed!) before being guided into the main dining room by visually-impaired staff who have been specially trained. The staff were really professional and friendly – kudos to them for making us feel completely at ease.


5 mins after being seated, I closed my eyes since there was no point in opening them anyway as it was pitch-black once we entered the dining room. The staff gave very clear instructions – “fork and spoon on your right”, “water bottle and glass are here; feel and pour”, “hands off the table now, course #1 is served, eat in clockwise direction from the top”, “call my name if you need help” etc. – and we survived the meal without any mishap (or spillage yay)!

Temporarily robbed of the sense of sight, we had to rely entirely on our senses of taste and smell to identify the dishes. K and I had fun trying to guess what we were eating; without phones and other distractions, we could really concentrate on tasting the food and I was pleased that we were 90% correct (the complete menu will be revealed after the meal with images and descriptions)! Food aside, NOX let me appreciate the gift of sight and I’m thankful for that.


From today till April 9, NOX invites you to take a walk on the wild side with its limited edition dinner menu created especially by Head Chef Desmond Lee, celebrating the distinctive flavours and textures of the very best exotic ingredients from across the world. Expect to have your palates intrigued and delighted with 12 distinctive and unique dishes rarely found on the Singapore fine dining scene, including sous vide crocodile tail with mushroom in a yellow wine bouillon, foie gras and wild boar stuffed cabbage with seasonal vegetables and truffle jus, and pan-roasted kangaroo loin with braised swiss chard, poached wine-pear, chocolate and spice sauce.

Restricted to 20 covers per night, the special menu will cost $118++ per person, or $158++ with wine pairing. Everyone at the same table must order the same menu and food allergies/dietary restrictions can’t be accommodated for this menu. Which is why I tried the regular Modern European dinner menu instead – it will still be available at NOX during this promotional period!


Our thanks to Suzy for arranging dinner!

NOX – Dine in the Dark
269 Beach Road
6298 0708

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I was hoping to try the Valentine’s Day menu at Osia but an unexpected series of events (being melodrama here, haha) led to us having a go at its a la carte menu instead. Oh, what a great blessing in disguise!


I instagram-ed this immediately quoting K that this is “the best bread of 2015!” and three days later, he’s still swooning over how warm, soft and chewy the freshly baked bread was! Macadamia pesto was the obvious favourite for us and the tube of smoked eggplant spread was so cute and handy that I almost wanted to bring it home!

Stone Hearth Flat Bread ($11++)
macadamia pesto, truffled kalamata olive, eeoo, butter, smoked eggplant


The generous chunk of confit trout probably won’t be winning any creativity contest but a simple dish done well still deserves credit! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind not sharing this with K haha.

Fjord Trout ($26++)
42°C confit, spiced cashew nut, pineapple vanilla rum jelly, cilantro butter gel


Oh man, lobster and butter? I love this dish, of course. Sheet pasta was silky smooth and the meaty lobster was lusciously firm and mildly sweet. That said, I thought the fermented black bean was out of place and didn’t add any value taste- or presentation-wise.

Maine Lobster ($38++)
butter poached, sheet pasta, mango salsa, fermented black bean, chive butter nage


By the third starter, I’m starting to get a sense that Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay likes to pair seafood with fruits in his style of modern Australia-Asian cooking. Trout with pineapple, lobster with mango, octopus with apple – refreshing is their common denominator, I like!

Fremantle Octopus ($22++)
char grilled, cucumber apple slaw, green chilli jam


Grilled to a T (i.e. medium rare), the black angus might look very manly but it was actually a pretty girly pink on the inside! If you can’t imagine life without meat, this one is for you. We had different views about the accompaniments – I thought the bed of tomato parmesan was way too cheesy but K liked it that way; he didn’t fancy the greenish basil cèpe and I gladly spooned that onto my plate, score!

Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin ($66++)
creamed sunchoke, basil cèpe, acquerello rice, ‘tomato parmesan’, red wine sauce


I remember being impressed by the shiromiso Chilean seabass back in 2010 and I still feel the same now. Perch was delicate yet rich in flavour, especially when smothered with the sweet shiromiso glaze on the side. Wickedly delicious!

Perch ($46++)
sesame ratte potato, pea tendril, soy milk curd, shiromiso glaze


I dissed the hot chocolate soup five years ago and I’m not changing my opinion. Although very decadent, it’s “just high quality molten chocolate” (quoting myself ha).

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup ($20++)
black peppered ice cream, sesame crisp


The macadamia souffle requires 35 minutes of cooking time so please order asap! Ours puffed to a perfect height when it was fetched out from the oven and was piping hot when we dug in eagerly. Golden-brown crust, moist and creamy inside with bits of nuts scattered throughout, this was definitely the highlight of our meal!

Macadamia Souffle ($32++)
crunchy praline, banana custard, sour cream ice cream


Our last dessert was the most special! I think of it as a sort of coconut marshmallow creme brulee – torched to a crisp, googy in the middle, and a crunchy base of crumbs at the bottom. Least photogenic perhaps, but a winner nevertheless!

Pineapple Coco ($15++)
caramelize coconut chiboust, pineapple chutney, red berries sorbet


Public service announcement:
On this Valentine’s Day, wine and dine with the special someone at Osia where you can tuck into either the 4 ($135++) or 5-course ($160++) Valentine’s Day Menu where much of the produce used comes fresh from Australia. Among the standout dishes include the luxurious Foie Gras with Black Truffle and Madagascar Vanilla which is given a tangy lift with the accompanying Green Apple Espuma and the Pan Fried Perch with Duck Fat Charlotte Potato, Bacon Cream, Taggiasca Olive Tapenade and Basil Foam. Patrons seeking an aphrodasaic on the evening of romance can look out for the Gillardeau with Spinach Porridge and Salicornia.

My thanks to Lavinia for arranging dinner!

Resorts World Festive Walk Crockfords Tower
8 Sentosa Gateway
6577 6560

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Unlike many other restaurants offering set menus (read: expensive!) for Valentine’s Day (next week, so fast!!), Picotin Express is giving diners a choice of eight V-Day Blackboard Specials comprising of starters, main courses and desserts on 14 February. That’s great news for fussy eaters like me since I could customize my own 3-course menu!


For starters, we forsook the white mushroom truffle soup and parma ham rock melon salad for the pan-fried scallops. Beautiful presentation and so fresh!

Pan-Fried Scallops ($20++)
saffron aioli, marble of vegetables


Part of the Emmanuel Stroobant Group, Picotin Express serves wholesome and uncomplicated European cuisine. That’s quite apparent in my choice of main – cod simply pan-seared, minimal seasoning, generous veggies on the side! Other main course options include beef tenderloin with potato gratin and a delicate-sounding basil risotto with mascarpone and grilled prawns.

Pan-Fried Cod ($35++)
sweet potato puree, braised daikon, beetroot


For a sweet ending, it’s either the black forest gateau with cream fraiche or strawberry parfait. Honestly, the latter was not particularly memorable and I highly recommend the chocolate mousse from the a la carte menu instead! (see below)

Strawberry Parfait ($16++)
chocolate sauce


Okie, this is the dessert to try at Picotin Express! The chocolate mousse was creamy yet light, not too sweet and incredibly airy. One of the best chocolate desserts in 2015 (so far haha), we think!

Chocolate Mousse ($13++)
marshmallows, berries


If you are there, don’t forget to look out for for daily specials! We tried the smoked salmon roulade which had too much cream cheese, oops. Will stick to the regular starters such as baked snails, prawn caesar salad and seafood risotto next time!

Salmon Roulade
daily special


I used the word “uncomplicated” just now and it seems to be a consistent theme in the a la carte menu. A piece of good steak grilled till juicy and succulent, medium rare and reddish in the middle, sauce on the side almost unnecessary… Straightforward, period.

Classic Steak Frites ($35++)
ribeye (250g), french fries, salad, sauce bearnaise


My thanks to Dorcas for arranging dinner!

Picotin Express – Sentosa Cove
#01-06, 31 Ocean Way Quayside Isle
6438 4747

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A modern European restaurant, SELA is quite a hidden gem set in the heart of Singapore along Seah Street, right next to Raffles Hotel. It’s classy yet casual, and we had more hits than misses with the food. A good sign!


I don’t like squid because of the chewy texture and this didn’t change my mind, oops.

Miso Squid
sweet peas, salmon roe


Salmon is salmon, but what’s interesting is the presentation – skewered like satay and served on a heated slab of pink Himalayan salt! Apparently the plate of solid salt has the “power” to enhance the character of the food; maybe it’s the psychological effect but I enjoyed this dish a lot!

Salmon Skewers
grape relish, himalayan salt plate


A must try for any fish (and even non-fish) lover is the miso chilean seabass! Trust me, there is a reason why this is one of the house signatures. Chef baked it perfectly and the cod-like fish had a superb texture – tender soft silky meat and charred crispy bits on the surface. Love the delicate (rather than overwhelming) flavour of miso too.

Baked Miso Chilean Seabass
edamame, sweet peas


Another signature main is the herb crusted lamb rack, this one for the meat eaters! K polished them off easily, despite the generous servings. Similar to the seabass, the meat was well-marinated and not overcooked nor gamey.

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack
braised red cabbage, banana shallots, lamb jus


One of the best things about SELA is that the menu changes monthly to factor in seasonal produce and also let Chef have a chance to be creative!

Pan-Seared Salmon
no longer available


Seems like anything with gula melaka is a winner these days. That said, the creme caramel was very smooth and delectable on its own too.

Gula Melaka Creme Caramel


Now, I like the rice beer sabayon even more! Not commonly seen elsewhere, the light egg-based cream dessert had a pleasantly strong taste of beer.

Rice Beer Sabayon
fresh berries, vanilla ice cream


How can we ever resist ice cream? Fig sorbet was my #1 choice, followed very closely by wasabi! The latter sounded weird but it was actually very acceptable, especially the spicy aftertaste!

Ice Cream
vanilla, wasabi, fig, caramel balsamico


Our thanks to Marie and Ashley for hosting such a big group for dinner!

Restaurant SELA
32 Seah Street
6337 6358

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

Shall revive this blog with the most recent and impressive meal – our Xmas eve dinner at Portico! Like I mentioned on my Instagram, a dear friend asked how come I’m so boring to pick Portico again despite having been there so many times. My reply was that I didn’t want to be disappointed by any new restaurant on a special night! It’s no secret that we love Chef Nixon’s food (K is an even bigger fan than me) ever since his Petite Menu days so I know we can count on him to deliver. And omg he really fed us well! We had a food coma that night, no joke!

say hello to reindeer in a pan! because roasting turkey is so passé~


One of the best things about dining at Portico is that Chef is aware of our likes and dislikes. We no longer need to order the soft shell crabs with salted egg yolk sauce since he already knows that’s one of our must-eats. This time, he also included miniature fish & chips – thinly battered and moist seabass fritters which went well with the heart-stopping sauce too!

soft shell crab, seabass fritters, salted egg yolk sauce, coffee soil


The second platter of “snacks” can be summarized in one word – crispy! Especially interesting was the fried lemon sole skeleton, or “ti po” – the fried flat fish used to impart an intense and savoury-sweet flavour to Chinese-style soups. I can easily imagine this being served in a ‘nose to tail’ dining restaurant!

salmon skin, tomato mousse, ikura, lemon sole bone


The artichoke soup with brown shaved truffles was inspired by the winter landscape when Chef was in Luxembourg for the Expogast Culinary World Cup 2014. Incredibly earthy and hearty, the toe-warming soup was made of pure artichoke goodness and no cream! Best soup we’ve had at Portico so far; this will be a tough one to supersede.

jerusalem artichoke soup, poached egg, shaved truffle, artichoke chips


Oh ya, this is one of the starters for Portico’s 3-course Christmas menu, available till end of the festive week!


The other choice of starter is the clean-tasting crustacean terrine made with prawns, scallops and mussels. The fried mini shrimps on the side were extremely addictive!

cold terrine of crustacean, tomato and dill tartare, marinated salmon trout roe, brown shrimps, pickled ginger cream cheese


I’ve said it before and I’ll risk sounding like a broken record to say it again – best seats in the house are at the bar counter! That’s where you can order the bar tasting menu, served personally by Chef and the interaction made the whole dining experience so much more intimate and fun!

two talented chefs plating our next course!


Love the salty torched smoked eel which contrasted very nicely with the light and refreshing lemon mash!

smoked eel, lemon mash potato, nashi pear soaked in lime


K had a pretty dish – foie gras mousse with fruits on homemade toasted brioche and cranberry sorbet. The latter tasted like hawthorn berries (or 山楂, our childhood snack!) and its tangy flavour complemented the foie gras by cutting through the richness.

foie gras and fruits, brioche, cranberry sorbet


I thought it was smart to present beef cheeks stuffed in foie gras (yes, foie gras again!) as a knob of butter on the steak! Tenderloin was cooked a perfect medium rare and K was super satisfied with it!

beef tenderloin, foie gras, banana shallot, celeriac puree, hazelnut crumb, brussel sprouts petals, truffle madiera sauce


The neatly rolled lemon sole (remember the bones we had earlier? Same fish!) might be a tad too fishy to some but I thought it was still acceptable. Highlight for me was the blue swimmer crab croquette without any potato filler and the right amount of seasoning! I wish there will be a crab cake on the menu soon *hint hint*

lemon sole, crab croquette, lemon jam, caviar, onion puree, saffron braised turnip, sauvignon blanc sauce


After all the savoury food, I was looking forward to desserts! First up was a palate cleanser – sweet mango sorbet made with alphonso mango and drizzled with fizzy soda. The lychee pearls actually tasted peachy after sitting in the pool of yuzu-infused soda!

mango sorbet, yuzu soda, lychee pop pearls


Now, Portico’s take on the classic Mont Blanc is one of the best I’ve ever tried and I’ve been bugging them to put it permanently on the menu haha. I don’t fancy the traditional version as the amount of cream is plain ridiculous. But a parfait-like Mont Blanc that’s not too sweet and with a generous piping of chestnut puree? I approve wholeheartedly. Had this twice already and wonder when’s the third time!

chestnut vermicelli, tahitian vanilla bean parfait, cherry compote


I was ready to surrender by then but hey, got to make some room for the last dessert right?

chocolate peanut butter tart, whiskey caramel, caramelized banana, coconut sorbet


The gooey molten dark chocolate and peanut butter tart marked the end of our meal! The potent whiskey caramel sauce was dopeeee.


Thank you to the Portico team for making our Christmas eve dinner so wonderful! Nixon of course; Charlene for the sweets; Gavin for the coffee; Leslie for the laughter; and everyone else for the professional and friendly service! From start to end, it was a faultless night. See you all soon!


Portico Singapore
#01-10, 991B Alexandra Road
6276 7337

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