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El Mero Mero is the type of place I’d have no qualms about recommending to most people, even those who don’t rank Mexican high on their list of preferred cuisine. It’s located in the newly refurbished Chijmes (gorgeous at night!), has a large al fresco bar and seating area, houses an open kitchen which churns out contemporary Mexican dishes oh-so-dangerous to the waistline.

Trust me, it’s definitely more than just burritos and tacos here.


El Mero Mero’s bar menu offers a wide range of tequilas and mezcals, Mexican beers and cocktails (see my prettily presented Latin Lover!) as well as an extensive wine list featuring fine wines from award-winning Mexican wineries. There’s even a Corona-Rita – yep you guess right – which is a power combo of Corona Beer and traditional frosty Margarita!

Latin Lover ($18++)
white and dark rum, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, flowers


The menu is extensive, with many surprises in store such as intriguing savoury smoked corn and mushroom donuts which were so moist (almost like a canele!) and surprisingly not oily at all. They make perfect bar bites! Other worthy appetizers include homemade guacamole and fresh tuna slices on crunchy tortilla – so clean tasting that two pieces were already devoured before my camera made it to the scene!

Donas de Huitlacoche ($9++)
smoked corn mushroom donuts, cotija-chili mayo


Tostada de Atun ($17++)
tuna, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo, tortilla


The highlight of dinner (to me) came early. Flvourful tender smokey grilled octopus – until further notice, this is officially my favourite tentacle haha. I told K I’m getting one whole octopus to myself next time and I’m not joking.

Pulpo a las Brasas ($28++)
grilled octopus, corn cream, black garlic, tajin ash


For mains, there’s a wide range of meat, seafood and classic Mexican dishes such as corn tortillas stuffed with plump prawns complemented with a delicate tomatillo-serrano salsa, cream and cheese. They were something new to me as I’ve never had “wet” enchiladas before. Quite interesting but the cream and cheese made this a heavy dish so best to share! El Mero Mero’s take on the street food fish tacos is more high-end and refined but no less delicious. And you’ve got to give the mole a go – it’s a traditional sauce made with a lot of different ingredients and I caught nuances of spices which I can’t identify. It drove me crazy (in a good way) and my spoon kept finding its way back to the pot of addictive mole.

Enchiladas Verdes ($28++)
corn tortilla filled with praws, tomatillo-serrano salsa, cream, cheese


Pescado Costero ($39++)
market fish, shishito, onion rings, chipotle mayo, flour tortilla


Mole Negro ($32++)
free range chicken, oaxaca black mole, dry fruits, white rice


We picked well for desserts, I say. There was a vibrant selection of flavours and textures from the tangy mojito tart, rich bittersweet mexican chocolate, creamy passion fruit milk, refreshing papaya sorbet served with lime and agave syrup, and I’ve saved the best for the last – pineapples. It looked deceptively simple but each slice of golden fruit was cleverly oven-grilled to draw out the sweetness and bring utmost pleasure to the sweet tooth in you. Bliss~

Sorbetes & Helados ($12++ each)
mexican chocolate, papaya


Tartaletas de Limon ($15++)
lime mojito tart, blackberry, pecan crumbs


Chocolate Ahumado ($16++)
mexican chocolate ganache, churros, cinnamon, passion fruit milk


Pina a la Brasas ($14++)
grilled pineapple, caramelised piloncillo, papantla vanilla ice cream


Special thanks to Suzy for hosting dinner!

El Mero Mero
30 Victoria Street
#01-20 Chijmes
6337 1377

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Fuss-free, self-service, easy and delicious Asian-Mexican grub; Pistola has great potential.


Check out our colourful feast!

Tikka-style chicken quesadilla ($14), 5 spice pork belly carnitas corn tacos ($14), smoky soy braise tofu tomato rice bowl ($15) and sides of CRS: thai-style toasted coconut Corn cup ($5), herb sesame Rice ($5), asian Slaw with soy-peanut dressing ($4)!


I need to go back again because the coconut-lemongrass fish tacos are calling my name~


P.S. Alcoholics should try the frozen slushie ($14), very potent! And all foodies MUST try the corn cup, trust me!


93 Club Street
6438 2185

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Lucha Loco

We hit the jackpot at Lucha Loco that night.

Every dish we ordered, I loved!

Won’t bother describing what we had; the melody of foreign-yet-somewhat-familiar flavours are beyong the power of words. Just trust me when I say it’s delicioso!

Top left, clockwise:

Toastaditas de Cangrejo ($16+);
crab toastaditas, habanero chili, avocado, cucumber

Taco de Camarones ($10+);
prawn taco, peanut chipotle salsa

Taco de Pescado (background, $11+);
snapper taco, achiote, red onion salsa, chipotle mayo

Chiles Rellenos ($24+);
wild mushroom and herb stuffed poblano chili, pumpkin sauce and chips

Quesadilla de Huitlacoche ($16+).
mexican truffle quesadilla, mushroom, corn


Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill
6226 3938

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Señor Taco

Have officially found my favourite Mexican joint in Señor Taco! Fiery flavours and interesting dishes (sautéed cactus, anyone?) aside, prices are attractive enough to not break the bank. Order lots to share, since caring is sharing. A keeper, this one is.

From top, clockwise: baja style shrimp tacos ($12.90++), nopalitos guisados a.k.a. said cactus ($13.90++), classic sopa de tortilla ($11.90++), pescadillas crispy fried fish tacos($13.90++).

Señor Taco
#01-19/20, Chijmes
30 Victoria Street
6337 1377

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More Tex-Mex than pure Mex, Baja Fresh has a selling point of fresh quality food made from scratch. Sounds good on paper, except that the flavours are not as bold as I’d like and prices are a tad high for such a Subway-ish concept, hmm.

Free flow Salsa Molcajete, Salsa 6 Chiles, Salsa Baja and my favourite Pico De Gallo from the salsa bar, to go along with the complimentary chips.

Cheese nachos ($11.95).

Shrimp and mahi mahi tacos ($6.95 each).

Grilled shrimp fajita ($13.95), served with simmered pinto beans (which I dig), rice (which I didn’t want), creamy guacamole..

And corn tortillas too!

Baja Fresh
9 Bras Basah Road
#01-03 Rendezvous Gallery
6337 7300

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