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Eating clean after all the CNY binge-ing?

I can understand.

Which is why places like Smør are a godsend to the waistline these few days! Meaning butter in Norwegian and Danish, Smør offers a smorgasbord of freshly prepared Scandinavian specialities in Singapore – healthy made-to-order open-faced sandwiches which look good and taste great! The choices are straightforward and all made with wholesome organic ingredients generously layered on either rye, multigrain or brioche bread.


The cold specialties include smoked norwegian salmon served with horseradish dill and parsley topped with salmon roe and drizzled with dill infused sweet mustard, as well as hand-peeled shrimps tossed with lemon mayonnaise and a sprinkle of chives. Both sound really unremarkably simple but are so fresh and refreshing! From the selection of hot sandwiches, we had finnish chicken infused in citrus juice and a sweet filling of red cabbage and baby rocket leaves, plus a most delicious mushroom and kale combination. Tasty and very satisfying.


Light meal: one sandwich ($6.90)
Regular meal: two sandwiches ($12.90)
Viking meal: three sandwiches ($17.90)

My thanks to Atiqah and Traveen!

#B1-23 One Raffles Place
9430 1500

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I felt kind of bummed that we did not enjoy Nordic deli Gæst as much as I imagined we would. In fact, K has already written off this place completely (his recent infatuation with The Humble Loaf is not helping) while I’m still hopeful of a repeat visit someday, maybe…

To be fair though, I think he chose the wrong dish (which was my doing since I had read raving reviews about the to-die-for pork sandwich). Unhealthy crispy roasted pork which screamed fat!! with a capital F was totally unsuitable for a relatively clean eater (the chicken breast option sounds more like him). Plus the mustard mayo made the sourdough soggy – his ultimate sandwich nightmare since it reminds him of *ahem* sanitary pads (his words, not mine), oops.

I had the poached eggs off the weekend brunch menu and while it was certainly photogenic, we returned it to the kitchen as one of the eggs was overcooked, a no-no for me. Second attempt was all good and I love the rye bread so very much~ Perfect mopping-up-the-yolk material. Consistent with my dining experiences in Scandinavia, we find that the food tends to be on the salty side so the post-meal sodium rush was not too pleasant hmm.


Pork Sandwich ($13)
roasted pork with crackling, orange marinated red cabbage with parsley, red apple, mustard mayonnaise, homemade sourdough bread


Poached Eggs with Eggplant & Goat Cheese ($15)
rye bread, salad, smoked salmon (additional $4)


#01-01, The Clift
21 McCallum Street
6634 0922

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