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How a post on yoga gets featured on a food blog started with – you guess it – food, of course!

Long story short: I was at a tasting, the topic of exercise came up (it always do), the PR lady is holding a hot yoga account, I was interested and bam! one week later, I was saying “namaste” instead of “makan!” on a Friday night.

As its name suggests, BYCH Hot Yoga is a bikram yoga studio offering 2 types of classes: BYCH Classic (90 mins) and BYCH Cardio (55 mins). I tried the classic, which is traditional hot yoga practiced in a room heated to 40°C and comprises a fixed sequence of 26 standing and floor postures designed to safely stretch the body. First of all, I must say that I really love the location – right in Raffles City Shopping Mall! Took less than 20 mins to travel there from my office and I safely made it in time for the 7pm class. Armed with a yoga mat, one 1.5 litres bottle of water and a towel, I was all ready to start!


Verdict after 1.5 hour?

I think I may grow to like hot yoga! By nature, my body feels cold easily (ask K, he can attest to my forever-freezing hands) and it’s so awesome to be in a warm (it’s not that hot imo; I only started to sweat after 25 mins) room! Plus, the postures are relatively easy to follow (except a few challenging ones towards the end) and the instructor (I swear she has eagle eyes) quickly gave me more detailed instructions when I struggled to get a posture right. Though I’m a novice, I don’t feel self-conscious at all since everyone is concentrating and focusing on themselves.

The whole studio is rather small and basic but with all the essentials: lockers in the shower room, towels, hair dryers, cotton buds, weighing machine, organic shampoo and shower gel (I love it! K said I smelled really nice haha)… What else do you need??

There’s not many photos I could take besides: (top left, clockwise) my empty classroom, happy BYCH practitioners (I spotted my secondary school teacher in one of the photos pinned on the bulletin board!), the reception counter where I signed in, and a mini in-house store selling yoga apparel and health and nutrition stuff.


Check out BYCH’s informative website: http://www.bych.sg/. Rates, schedules and FAQs are published there.

My thanks to Anastasia from Publicist PR for arranging and the team from BYCH for having me!

BYCH Hot Yoga
#02-14, Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
6339 6639

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