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Needed an easy dinner one evening so Habitat Coffee was randomly picked as it is located near K’s house.

Probably won’t go back again as neither of us was particularly impressed with our choices – eggs tomato relish was downright forgettable (prefer Pita Pan’s version!) and K’s cheesynara was dry and errrr, not cheesy at all.


Eggs Tomato Relish
secret tomato recipe served in a hot plate, two runny eggs, baby spinach, country sourdough toast


cheese cream pasta, chicken sausage, bacon


Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
6456 2567

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I had high hopes for Merely Ice Cream as I had read plenty of positive reviews about their “French-style” ice-cream made using egg yolks as natural emulsifier.

So was I impressed?

In a word, no.


The flavour that brought me to Merely was actually gula pandan (i.e. gula melaka + pandan cake), which I thought sounded like a sure winner when I was doing my “research”. After sampling it, I realized I was wrong. Didn’t like the weak flavour and the pieces of cake were dry. Because our SOP is a cup of triple scoops, we eventually settled on chocolate stout (best of the lot to me), salted butterscotch and earl grey. Verdict? –> Click here to read more about my (and others’) comments on Instagram!


Merely Ice Cream
#01-13 Sunshine Plaza (directly opposite NAFA Campus 2)
91 Bencoolen Street
6238 0890

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In the far far North (hello, I’m an Eastie!) is Holy Cow Creamery, a new (literally) chill-out spot serving ice cream and sorbets made in-house.


On hindsight, our triple scoops ($8.70) were pretty subpar compared to the other ice cream we have tried recently. Miss Saigon was perhaps the best out of the lot – after all, Vietnamese drip coffee is not a common flavour in Singapore. Nice and sweet with a hint of condensed milk. Thai Milk Tea was quite mild and mellow while Salted Gula Melaka (or was it Salted Caramel? I honestly can’t remember, it was that forgettable) had icy bits in it! Unacceptable.


Holy Cow Creamery
292 Yishun Street 22 #01-291

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I really wanted to like The Rustic Bistro but nope, I’m firm about not wanting to go back again. Nothing impressive about the food and though all prices are nett, some dishes are clearly overpriced to me. Like the slow cooked salmon, supposedly a main course but arrived looking pathetically thin. Nothing like what I saw on Instagram, sad. Mini chocolate lava cakes were honestly too tiny and the sweetness made me think of cheap chocolate. The fried starters were average, though the mushroom fritters could do with more “truffle”. Likewise the lack of flavour in the chilli crab pasta. No one made any negative remarks about the pork belly pasta, sticky date pudding and tiramisu (complimentary from the chef, thank you) so those passed, I guess.


Truffle Mushroom Fritters ($10)


Breaded Calamari Rings ($10) and Cajun Chicken Wings ($10)


Slow Cooked Salmon ($15.90)


Chilli Crab Pasta


Pork Belly with 63°C Egg Pasta ($15.90)


Sticky Date Pudding ($8.90) and Mini Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($12.90)


Tiramisu ($12.90)


The Rustic Bistro – Modern Inspired Western Cuisine
21 China Street, Far East Square
6438 6508

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No doubt The Tiramisu Hero has very cute decor but I guess it’s more style than substance? Tiramisu in a jar has pretty packaging but so-so taste. Mudpie is literally a frozen block of chocolate ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, they were not crappy but neither did they give that “wow, so nice!” feeling…


Momma Tiramisu ($7.50+)


Milo Tiramisu!


Finn Muddy Mudpie ($8.90+)


The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road
6292 5271

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Errrrr, My Awesome Cafe is awesome? Really?

Apart from the enthusiastic service and great buzzing ambience, we felt underwhelmed by the F&B offerings. Awesome Hot Choc was kind of diluted and didn’t have much of a kick; My Awesome Sandwich and My Awesome Vegetarian Salad (their words, not mine) were fresh but average at best; and the non-fluffy, non-creamy scrambled eggs were so-so~ Nothing fantastic so I’m now bemused by the hype and raving reviews about this place hmmm…


Awesome Hot Chocolate ($5+)


My Awesome Sandwich ($17+)
ham, chicken breast, smoked salmon, duck rillettes


scrambled eggs + avocado + smoked salmon ($9+)


My Awesome Vegetarian Salad ($15+) + Smoked Salmon ($3+ I think)
mesclun salad, red peppers, hard boiled egg, avocado, grilled eggplant, brie or goat cheese


My Awesome Café 真棒堂
202 Telok Ayer
8428 0102

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Simply Eden, simply underwhelming.

Their website says it’s all “about creativity and inspiration” but sadly, I found none of that in my 6 Colours Rainbow and his Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Too simple, so boring.


Simply Eden
164 East Coast Road
6345 6411

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