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Why is it that I find such a fab restaurant on my second last day in Seattle?! Shaker + Spear is all about seafood paired simply with fresh and regional ingredients; exactly my kind of place. My sage arctic char with cauliflower, polenta and tapenade looks so beautifully and tastes even better! I’m making a mental note to come back here on my next trip.


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Yes yes, it’s a post about Frankie & Jo’s again. To be fair, they launch a few seasonal flavours every month so I have to try May flavours before I leave Seattle! Made with fair trade organic beans and cinnamon, the new coffee ice cream has swirls of creamy dulce de leche and chunks of chewy almond shortbread in it. Soooo good, especially when paired with my usual scoops of chocolate date and salty caramel ash!


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Because I always have a good appetite (I eat more than K, ask him!), I’ve never felt that I can’t handle the stereotypical huge “American portions”. Until today at El Camion, where the portions are monstrous!! Shrimp ceviche on tostada shells sounds innocent enough but omg, it’s too much!!


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Today’s agenda is to explore the University District and also check out the first Amazon physical bookstore! But first, ice cream at Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery because it is in the area and I’ve been stalking them on Instagram prior to my trip. The vegan chocolate coffee flavour is good but unfortunately icy. I miss Frankie & Jo’s!!

sweet alchemy

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Between HeartBeet Organic and Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, I prefer the former for sure even though the latter clearly has their share of fans. Flavours at HeartBeet are more “refined” (K will know what I mean ha) whereas my salad of smoky kale, roasted yams and tempeh bacon at Chaco is pretty one-dimensional.


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I was planning to have dinner at Thackeray Cafe & Bar but they were serving a happy hour menu as well #score

Don’t be shocked by the number of plates on my table; the portions are small and manageable! In fact, I can probably eat much more because I really like all the “tapas” — hummus, kashke bademjan (similar to baba ganoush), charred broccoli with lemon-anchovy dressing, and spiced cauliflower with lemon yogurt. This place is a keeper!


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I’m back for more feel-good food at HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe within 24 hours! This time I make sure that I choose a light salad (marinated kale FTW) so that I can indulge in a slice of “pure pie”. The dark chocolate salted caramel pie is remarkably rich and decadent! And it’s 100% vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, can you believe it?

heartbeet cake

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