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It was my last night in Seoul and I was desperate.

Desperate for haemul pajeon, a.k.a. Korean seafood pancake (what were you thinking?!), which I was determined to try at least once.

We popped into a random eatery off a side street near Dongdaemun and yay, the pancake was thankfully delicious! Rather thin, and not starchy at all! Gone in a flash, I think this is even better than pizza, haha.

Can’t say the same for my cold noodles though. The icy cold broth (with ice cubes!) was refreshing, but I couldn’t get over how chewy the noodles were.

Guess I’m more of a cold soba kind of girl.

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Seoul: Oh, Saba~

At every country we fly to, there’s bound to be an eatery known as “the crew joint” where my colleagues like to dine.

In Seoul, we simply call it “the saba fish place“.

Colleagues have been eating here for many many years and I’m glad it’s my turn now! 😀

As you can see from the photo above, we were famished after work and couldn’t wait to attack the side dishes (banchan)! Lol.

Piping hot steamed egg came soon after, yum.

The piece de resistance: one whole big saba fish, grilled to perfection.

Juicy, tender, charred-at-the-right-places, rich, oily, hooked.

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Yet another tried and tested recommendation from the BFF.

This time, it’s banana milk from the Binggrae company! There are three flavours: banana (green cap), strawberry (pink), and a ‘lite’ version (blue) of the original. I like all of them so I tried to rotate the flavours each day (I drank this twice a day while in Seoul!) though the ‘lite’ version was quite a challenge to find.

Try this once and you will understand why this is the number one product sold in Korean convenience stores. Easy to find, easy to love. And cheap too, at 1,000 KRW (approximately $1.10) per hanggari-lookalike (traditional Korean jar) bottle for a delicious start and end to your day!

While googling for more info on this product, I came across the commercial starring so super handsome Lee Min Ho!

Video credit: minoz1987 (uploaded on YouTube on 30th April 2010)

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Seoul: Tea in Insadong

There are several traditional tea houses in Insadong so we decided to stop for tea after walking around the area.

Love my Yuja Cha (citron yuzu tea)! Sweet, tart, and packed with Vitamin C~

Some other floral tea with fancy names that I can’t remember now, haha.

Note to self: O’Sulloc has a branch here too, yay!

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If you ask me what’s the most memorable meal I had in Seoul, Jirisan would come to mind immediately. It was the first meal I had after landing and to date, it’s the best Korean meal I’ve ever had in my life. Jirisan is a very popular restaurant and you will find many reviews on it online so I shan’t say more.

My host ordered for us and soon, our table was loaded with so much food that it was a feast for the eyes! Many different types of side dishes, assorted savoury pancakes, and a variety of stews and seafood. I absolutely love how all the food tastes like authentic, home-cooked meals, and it’s an interesting experience, since I’ve never seen or tried many of the dishes before. Luckily, my host is a Korean and kind enough to answer all my “what is this?” and “what is that?” questions, haha.

84-2 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Insadong, Seoul

Love the old and traditional architecture.

This was only half the food we had! After I put my camera away, several more plates of food were placed on the table but I didn’t bother to snap any more photos since I was super hungry and it ain’t polite anyway, heh.

I’m crossing my fingers I’ll have a chance to come back again!

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Seoul: Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette in Seoul is somewhat like BreadTalk in Singapore.

This is a very popular chain bakery across Korea and can be found everywhere! Airport, train stations, and virtually any major neighbourhood. Trust me, you will definitely spot at least one outlet during your stay in Seoul.

Again, if not for the BFF’s recommendation, I wouldn’t have thought of coming here for breakfast. After all, how good can a chain bakery be?

Ok, I shall eat my words now.

Cuz the egg tarts are darn delicious!! It may not be as fabulous as my favourite darling Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong or Lord Stow’s Bakery in Macau, but it’s still way above average. The custard was very soft and eggy, and the pastry (not the flaky type) was nice, not a butter overkill for me.

Since one (or two) egg tart was not enough for breakfast, I also had a crispy coconut puff pastry stuffed with custard and a cute traditional Korean manju filled with sweet chestnut paste.

Good, but not great.

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By now, you will probably realise that Myeong-dong is my favourite place to eat since there’s so many fantastic restaurants and cafes! Here’s another place I like: MiGaBon, a small popular restaurant specialising in all things porridge. Yup, that’s right, MiGaBon serves all sorts of Korean porridge, from fancy abalone and scallop to humble kimchi and black sesame congee.

45-3, 1-ga, Myeong-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul

It was a struggle deciding between the black sesame or pumpkin porridge cuz I wanted both so much. In the end, I went for the latter (don’t ask me why, I don’t know either) and wow, no regrets at all!

I really dig this (think it’s called hobakjuk in Korean?), it’s so thick and creamy that it can pass off as pumpkin soup, seriously.

Heartwarmingly awesome on a rainy day!

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