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Established since 1898, Hiltl is a venerable Zurich institution and Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Judging from the lunch hour crowd (really noisy and crowded in a good way), the inviting restaurant is obviously a well-loved local’s favourite.

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich

Züri Geschnetzeltes
mushrooms | seitan | white wine | cream | rösti

I love this to bits! The rösti is fantastic, and the cooking of the seitan well-executed. Wonderfully rich and flavourful, real hearty and so filling that I had to give desserts a miss.

Till then, Hiltl~

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 Besides rosti, bircher muesli is my #1 die-die-must-eat whenever I’m in Zurich (or any part of Switzerland)!

Above: Péclard‘s classic bircher muesli.

It may be just me, but I think this is pretty much the perfect “feel good” brekkie to start the day with!

Actually, I love b.m. so much that I don’t mind having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! Ya, I can get a little rather obsessive when I like something a little too much, hee.

Above: Sprüngli‘s berry bircher muesli.

Both the versions at Péclard and Sprüngli (I prefer the original) are excellent~ Incredibly creamy, insanely delicious 😀 

Because Sprüngli is more accessible, I’ll go there for a leisurely breakfast on my all free days. It’s wonderful to be sitting there undisturbed, a book in hand, a bowl of classic b.m. before me, and the view of Paradeplatz behind me.

That’s life.

Below: Sprüngli‘s original bircher muesli.

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Doesn’t this place look grand?

Bierhalle Kropf has a marvelous decor and looking at the opulence, you wouldn’t have guessed that it was founded in 1880~ Like a man woman, Kropf ages gracefully and it’s clearly a very popular restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere. Even before I was shown to the table, I knew that I was gonna have a great lunch!

In Gassen 16

Rustic Bürli on every table. Bürli actually means small bread  but it’s obviously a misnomer cuz the crusty bread roll is huge!

If there’s one thing I die-die-must-eat in Switzerland, it’s good old rosti! Here I had it in the form of fried rosti fritters, which was the special of the day. Extremely delicious, though I wish there were more than three.. I was hungry, ok? :p

On such a cold day, the boiled beef in hot broth with boiled potatoes looks like the perfect comfort food for the carnivorous soul.

And then this being a “go all out for carbs” day, I was craving for rosti again when it was dinner time. Only this time, I wanted the real rosti.. You know, the round, flat and hearty type. And I got it at Weisser Wind, a former guild house for the bakers which serves excellent traditional food. 

Oberdorfstrasse 20

Big Bürli sighted again.

I love, love, super love my rosti “Marilyn” with two eggs! It’s nothing fancy and yet so satisfying. Nothing pleases me more than well prepared simple food~


If you are into meat, a definite must-try is the “Zurich-style” sliced veal with rosti, one of the house specialties. I heard nothing but praise for this!

Alright, those are my two cents’ worth on where to eat in Zurich. Do you have any other recommendations for me to check out? I’ll be heading there again next month and any help will be much appreciated! 🙂

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A brilliant all-in-one coffee shop, patisserie and wine bar.. That’s Péclard, which used to be Café Conditorei Schober, Zurich’s most famous café with a rich history.

I love the interior of Péclard! The cash register is an absolute classic and the array of confectionery offerings, from dainty macarons and truffles to vintage-inspired chocolate bars and elegant desserts, is a sight to behold.

Vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers, painted murals, red velvet upholstery.. What’s not to love?

 A city with so much chocolate must offer to-die-for hot chocolate. And you can find that at Péclard, where the signature hot chocolate is impossibly (in a good way) rich, creamy and thick.

For a truly decadent treat, go for Intense, a dark chocolate mousse cake that’s, well, intense indeed. 

Guess what? I like the place so much that I went back the very next day! It’s such a very comfy place to chill out~

This time, I tried the opera cake, a rather marvelous concoction of mocha buttercream, almond joconde, and chocolate ganache.

Looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Try it for yourself if you are in Zurich! 🙂

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Ok, so I was talking about Sprüngli’s Luxemburgerli yesterday. Sprüngli invented them so to Sprüngli it is. Remember to go to the main shop at Paradeplatz cuz it was the first store to open for business in 1859! I love places with so many years of history behind it~

Bahnhofstrasse 21

Sprüngli is not all about luxemburgerli; there’s also a wide array of delicious-looking pastries and cakes for sale.

There’s always people gawking at the elegant window displays outside the store, never mind that the temperature is currently -1°C! *burrr*

First thing to catch my eyes once I stepped into the store: a delicate pyramid of Luxemburgerli!

There’s a tag on the box that read “TO ENJOY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE“. I certainly don’t need to be told twice! Haha.

So pretty! My selection of the day: champagne, citron, chocolate, pistachio, and salted caramel.

These are really small and light, which is good since it means you can try more without getting a sugar overdose (gee, who am I kidding?). Anyway, my favourite is the champagne flavour, which is slightly bitter and goes very well with the dark chocolate filling. The others are good too, though I wouldn’t give up Pierre Hermé for them anytime soon.

I’d rate these a must-try-at-least-once if you happen to be in Zurich!

Cute Luxemburgerli earrings, Luxemburgerli postcards, Luxemburgerli muscial boxes… Oh my, the Swiss do love their sweets. And who knows, you may too!  

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A sneak peek into Zurich’s take on the French macarons!

These are not called macarons but are oddly named ‘Luxemburgerli‘ (little Luxemburgers).

Only one confiserie in the world sells them: Sprüngli, the famous Zurich-based patisserie.

According to their website, demand for these cute little sweets is so great that an average of 650 kg is produced everyday!

Though it’s such a successful company, Sprüngli has not been invading other parts of the world as there’s no other store outside Switzerland. A move I applaud since exclusivity is maintained!

Read about my test taste of these gorgeous babies next!

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Spotted: Ladurée in Zurich!

Kuttelgasse 17

Sigh, no Pierre Hermé in the Swiss city though.

By the way, if you want to get Ladurée’s macarons, I’d rather you buy them from Paris. These ones here are apparently shipped from the Ladurée laboratory in Monaco and may not be as fresh as you’d like.

Or even better, how about ditching Ladurée and trying Zurich’s version of macarons instead? Check back tomorrow to see what I’m talking about! 🙂  

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