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Milk tea kakigori, not my cup of tea (haha) but K’s!

hua wu1


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I had high expectations of this place but left disappointed because 1. I don’t like the queue system and 2. all the flavours which I was eyeing were either sold out or unavailable. Matcha azuki is a reliable choice but didn’t blow my mind…

hua wu

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So we’ve got one good, one average kakigori from this place and we need a deal breaker. Enter strawberry cherry custard. Pretty and 大好き!

kanna custard

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We don’t leave a place with just one kakigori. This is kinako with a shot of matcha on the side; decent and nothing wow. K’s kinako kakigori is a lot better!

kanna kinako

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I’m so sooo behind on my blogging (because I’m eating way faster than I blog!) that I’m going to speed blog from now on. Which means minimal words ha. Here’s our 10th kakigori of the year – a beautiful purple sweet potato that’s absolutely delicious!

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Similar to the avocado shaved ice, this beautiful pumpkin kakigori is all natural sweetness and we left feeling really healthy! Talk about self-delusion haha.


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Because I eat avocado for breakfast daily, I rarely want to order avocado-anything when I’m dining out. The only exception is probably avocado kakigori! I like that this place blends the fruit toppings freshly upon order and there’s barely any sugar added. In fact, it’s not even sweet at all and I wish there’s some caramel or even better — gula melaka sauce on top!


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