We’ve tried the original half baked castella cake from 然花抄院 during our previous trips and this time, we bought the matcha version for our usual late night desserts-in-bed feast. It’s sweet and gooey; I love it!

matcha cake


I mentioned before that I’ll back back to Delicious to try the tamago and anago tempura “dogs” and I did, with K this time as he loves his burgers. Happy that he likes the signature kobuzime fish burger too. We left very satisfied and will definitely keep this winner on our list of Tokyo favourites.

So we’ve got one good, one average kakigori from this place and we need a deal breaker. Enter strawberry cherry custard. Pretty and 大好き!

kanna custard

We don’t leave a place with just one kakigori. This is kinako with a shot of matcha on the side; decent and nothing wow. K’s kinako kakigori is a lot better!

kanna kinako

I’m so sooo behind on my blogging (because I’m eating way faster than I blog!) that I’m going to speed blog from now on. Which means minimal words ha. Here’s our 10th kakigori of the year – a beautiful purple sweet potato that’s absolutely delicious!

Brought K to my favourite sushiya — literally Sushiya! After my wonderful dinner barely a month ago, I had high expectations and didn’t leave disappointed. Almost every piece was a hit, except the chewy squid despite Chef’s superb knife skill. And this time, I requested for two unagi — one lightly glazed, the other sprinkled with shio and yuzu zest. Bliss!


We walked over from my apartment to 俺のBakery&Cafe at 9.30am and were shocked that a line was already forming for the sale of takeaway loaves at 10am. If you are dining at the cafe, you can skip the queue but full menu is only available after 10am so you still have to wait anyway. Both the tamago sando and azuki toast were tasty but we wouldn’t queue for the bread!