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Because I eat avocado for breakfast daily, I rarely want to order avocado-anything when I’m dining out. The only exception is probably avocado kakigori! I like that this place blends the fruit toppings freshly upon order and there’s barely any sugar added. In fact, it’s not even sweet at all and I wish there’s some caramel or even better — gula melaka sauce on top!


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Tough competition, high rental, fickle consumers, and yet there are so many new (and upcoming) ice cream parlors in Singapore these days! Respect!! Because of all these brave entrepreneurs, my to-go list has been lengthening rapidly so time to strike off one!

Beans & Cream at Bukit Batok (omg sooooo farrrrrrrrr) clearly caters to the residents in the neighbourhood – I saw families/couples in tees/singlets, shorts, slippers and kids wearing pajamas, cute. It’s a very plain-looking shop but the varieties of ice cream in the chiller are anything but!


Waffles are predictably on the menu so we tried one set ($9 with two scoops of ice cream; additional $0.80 for every “premium” flavour). The shape and size of the waffles are similar to Creamier but I still prefer the latter. These were pretty decent but not as crispy as I’d like (I love super crispy ones!) and missing a certain aroma to it? Anyway, doesn’t matter because the avocado supreme and green tea ice cream were so creamy and smooth! The former had swirls of chocolate and gula melaka while the latter was bittersweet and apparently made from Kyoto-Uji matcha containing the super nutrient chlorella. Healthy ice cream yay! #whoamikidding


I wanted three scoops of ice cream on the waffles (our default!) but the staff refused cuz two is the max! Something due to their POS system, whatever. So I’m penalized because I want to buy more (and help them save one paper cup)?! Pfft, doesn’t make sense to me. Okie rant over, back to happier topic – ice cream, of course! Pistachio ($3.80) is one of the premium flavours and will only be available for a limited period. The initial taste was good and nutty but somehow it got sweeter and sweeter hmm. Kind of regretting that I didn’t get the black sesame soy instead…

Note to self (and K): next time!


Beans & Cream
#01-260, 347 Bukit Batok Street 34

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