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I have very fond memories of Shake Shack. When K and I went to Tokyo in April last year, Shake Shack Ebisu had just opened for a couple of days and there was a huge hype (= long queue) as usual with the Japanese. We dragged our luggage over for our first meal after landing and spent almost S$80 on fast food! To be fair, we ordered a lot so the cost was kind of justifiable — 2 burgers, 2 milkshakes, 1 cheese fries, 3 concrete sundaes. Satisfaction level was 100%.

Fast forward one year. This time I met my visiting Matchaya crew member and I didn’t go loco with ordering. A cheesy ‘Shroom Burger and black sesame milkshake (can be stronger in goma flavour but what a brilliant idea!) later, I left feeling 100% satisfied too.

shake shack



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This is how a sushi chef (who previously trained at two Michelin ** Harutaka) presents a fish burger: no frills, no fries, just a solid good burger on a clean white plate.

At Delifucious デリファシャス, the signature kobuzime fish burger is every bit as delicious as those online raves say — even David Chang approves on his IG! Chef cooks everything upon order so this may be the freshest burger I’ve eaten to date. Mine was with sawara (鰆 or Spanish mackerel) fillet but it changes occasionally, depending on what’s fresh in the market. Will be back to try the tamago and anago tempura “dogs” (instead of hot dogs, get it?) for sure!

deli fu cious


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