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Pierre Marcolini needs no introduction. His chocolates were top on my to-try list 7 years ago when I travelled to Brussels, Belgium and they didn’t disappoint. And then 3 years ago was when K and I first tried his chocolate (duh!) soft serve and we liked it more than Godiva’s and Lindt’s. This time, having had Le Chocolat De H’s and Cacao Sampaka’s in the same week, I have to be honest and say that this is no longer the “best” hmm… Let’s see what other chocolatey softies come my way next!


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Hey, if it’s good enough for the Spanish royal family, it’s certainly good enough for me! Cacao Sampaka is the appointed royal chocolate supplier in Spain and カカオ サンパカ at Marunouchi Brick Square is their first boutique store in Japan. I’ve got no one to share the chocolates with (waiting for K!!) so only the soft serve is doable for now. The blend is obviously quite different from Le Chocolat De H’s and I’ll need to try both side by side to pick a favourite ha.


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If a chocolate soft serve is good and creamy and ticks all the boxes of what a soft serve should be, words are superfluous.

P.S. the chef behind Le Chocolat De H is the owner of Mont St Clair, a famous patisserie in Tokyo so this is legit.

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