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Ooooo glad I found Pariya パリヤ, a gelato place I like! Picked dark chocolate (always!) and kinako kuromitsu; that tiny glob you see there is almond coffee. Before handing the cup to you, the staff will ask whether you want to try any other flavour so you get a mini serving of the desired flavour, so cute! P.S. Pariya is also the supplier of salads at Cityshop Deli, +++ points because I’m a fan!


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Previously from Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Joel Robuchon Singapore, the two baker/chef-owners of Pantler, Matthias Phua and Tomoharu Morita, are obviously talented baker “pantlers”, a word which refers to someone in charge of the bread and pantry of a great family in the old days. Their exquisite artisanal pastries and bakes are served in a chic minimalist boutique shop along Telok Ayer Street and I’m happy to report that most of the desserts are very agreeable to my palate (it’s not just the sugar talking)!

Bartlett Pear Tart ($6.80); Mango Passion Panna Cotta ($5.80); Crème Caramel ($5.80)


Filled with caramel custard and dark chocolate cream, the big and fat banana elcair is a timeless choice! I love the creamy filling with bits of fresh banana but not so much the choux pastry, which I found to be “flat” and a little stale, hmm.

Banana Eclair ($8.50)


Opera held no surprises for us that evening – ganache of chocolate cream and almond sponge coated with espresso, very safe and reliable interpretation of the French classic. My favourites were the ruby tart and tangy apricot yogurt dome made with Greek yogurt and Moroccan apricot compote, rather unexpected because I tend to fancy richer to lighter cakes (usually anything with chocolate haha). To me, the star of the pretty tart was the pate sucree base, a sweet shortcrust pastry with crisp cookie-like texture. Some excellent baking technique there!

Opera ($8.50); Ruby Tart ($7.50); Apricot Yogurt Dome ($7.50)


I thought I’d like the orange peel and crumble cake with chocolate but the lingering sweetness was overwhelming. Dark chocolate delice fared much better with a thick bittersweet blanket of 70% roasted dark chocolate on top of a sable breton, i.e. French butter biscuit. Recommended to eat it at room temperature so that the mousse will melt in the mouth!

Orange & Dark Chocolate ($8.50); Dark Chocolate Delice ($7.80)


Yatsura is one of the signatures at Pantler and rightly so! The entremet has neat contrasting layers of crumbly hazelnut dacquoise, smooth dark chocolate mousse and crunchy hazelnut feuilletine. Delicious.

Yatsura ($8.50)


Many have raved about Pantler’s Choux Crème and finally I could taste it for myself! Crispy choux pastry, lush vanilla pastry cream (see dissected picture here), and the nougatine made a pleasant crunching noise when chewed. This is a dine-in-only item but I’ve heard that as long as you promise to eat it within 30mins, the kind Pantler folks can be persuaded to let you take it away!

Choux Crème ($5.50)


Many thanks to Tecks for the kind invitation! Happy New Year!

198 Telok Ayer Street
6221 6223

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Shortly after our visit to Milk and Honey Gelato, we went back again for (a lot) more!


The unassuming display holds a wide array of gelato, meticulously crafted and freshly made daily. Choose away!


Waffles are, of course, on the menu (I’d be shocked if any ice cream/gelato place doesn’t offer it, what with the hype now). Disappointed that the supposedly “brownie-like” dark chocolate waffle embedded with melting chocolate bits (sounds so awesome, right?!) was unavailable so we had the signature plain “quaffles” – 4 x handmade quarter waffles ($3.80). Decent but not the prettiest around and not the best I’ve tried (my waffle allegiance is currently pledged to another) so I’ll just stick to gelato!


Seven scoops at one go – definitely a first for me! Oh well, at least these were well worth the calories with well calibrated texture, body and aftertaste:

1. White Mac (white chocolate + toasted macadamia) –> still my favourite!
2. Salty Malty (horlicks + sea salt) –> still K’s favourite! We are 专一, they are consistent, win win!
3. Mao Shan Wang (durian) –> intensely pungent, polarizing yet popular, must try for durian lovers!
4. Yuzu –> subtly flavored, light and refreshing~
5. Choc-a-Baby –> skip this only if you are not into dark chocolate (not me, for sure!)…
6. Passionfruit Mango –> too sweet for me, I prefer tangy and tart~
7. Lychee Malibu –> they were running a contest to name this flavour when we visited. Just saw from their FB page that the official name is now Malychee! Kind of cheesy, haha. Anyway, I usually don’t like lychee ice cream/gelato but this was quite good (must be the Malibu rum talking hehe)


We also tried the shy green nut (i.e. pistachio) milkshake! Three generous scoops of blended gelato with milk resulted in a thick, rich and oh-so-creamy shake. Omg it’s like drinking a glass of melted ice cream – super sinful but so good!


Judging from the wall of thank you notes, we are obviously not the only ones smitten with Milk and Honey! Our thanks to Gary and the team for having us over!


Milk and Honey Gelato
Block 86, Bedok North Street 4, #01-179
9838 0687

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Besides Maple and Market, there’s a new dessert cafe (or more specifically, a gelateria) near my house yay! The Hideout sells an array of artisan gelato made fresh daily with no preservatives and (what else but) waffles, of course.


Honestly, most of the flavours tasted rather average (chestnut, matcha and pistachio were disappointing) but we managed to settle on the three better ones – mao shan wang, salted caramel and dark chocolate ($10). I must remember to ask them not to pour the colourful sprinkles and marshmallows on my gelato next time. Hate those artificial stuff.


The Hideout
Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50
6440 0971

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