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This Tsujiri 辻利 is not the same Tsujiri in Singapore. A long established teahouse in Uji, it has opened a take-away outlet at the newest chi-chi mall in Tokyo — Ginza Six. An exclusive to said mall, the “extra rich” matcha soft serve is expectedly good but I’m one of those annoying customers who want a stronger dose of matcha ha.


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Ooooo glad I found Pariya パリヤ, a gelato place I like! Picked dark chocolate (always!) and kinako kuromitsu; that tiny glob you see there is almond coffee. Before handing the cup to you, the staff will ask whether you want to try any other flavour so you get a mini serving of the desired flavour, so cute! P.S. Pariya is also the supplier of salads at Cityshop Deli, +++ points because I’m a fan!


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I plan all my meals. Like seriously, ALL. Impromptu is not in my vocabulary because life is too short for mediocre food. So I took a big risk (yes I exaggerate ha) when I stepped into Patisserie Cacahouete Paris パティスリー カカオエット・パリ as this was not on my to-go list. But I couldn’t resist when I saw so many locals queuing! Walked out with a crunchy chocolate cake with mango, a lovely pairing which I really like. Anyway, this place is apparently famous for their cubed cream puffs (there’s pistachio!), should I try that next hmm.


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I find it interesting that some brands dare to claim that they are the world’s best. Gomaya Kuki has “the world’s richest sesame ice cream”; bubó Barcelona has “the world’s best chocolate cake”; I asked K whether we should state Matchaya has “the world’s best matcha soft serve” and he rejected me hahaha.

bubó Barcelona ブボ バルセロナ is by famous chef Carles Mampel and it’s coincidentally (?) right across Dominque Ansel Bakery in Omotesando. Xabina (シャビーナ) was voted best chocolate cake in Lyon in 2005 and that’s what I came for. Pricey at 1,000円 for a small cake but the quality of chocolate is undeniable. Dark, rich and very smooth. Not convinced it’s the best in the world though.


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Petite Menu deserves a queue longer than the one at Saveur for all these reasons and more:

1. Gorgeously plated food prepared with finesse and techniques as if from a fine dining kitchen… Espuma, emulsion, sous vide, confit, coulis, anyone?

2. Affordable price tags with the most expensive item on the menu being $20++ for a torched ribeye steak! Believe me.

3. Fabulous playlist (remember Joey McIntyre’s Stay the Same??), though I’ve been fairly warned that the songs they play depend on the mood of the staff haha.


Trio Petitisers
fried baby shrimps, bak kut teh terrine, tempura softshell crab with salted egg sauce

By default, salted egg softshell crab fettuccini is one of the mains on the menu but when Chef Nixon knew that I’m not a fan of pastas, he threw in a pasta-less version as an appetiser. I’m already biased towards anything softshell crab, but when paired with a buttery and aromatic salted egg sauce? Pure unadulterated bliss. I had to forcibly stop myself from drinking the sinful sauce even after the softshell crab was long gone. Yes, it was that good a winning dish!


Lavender-Scented Pumpkin Soup ($8++)
puffed pumpkin seeds, wakame salad, granny smith apple balls

There was a lot going on in this soup. On its own, the wakame salad was too salty, the pumpkin soup too flowery sweet. Together, the taste was interesting, for want of a better word. I can’t say I’ll order it again, but you may?


Late Breakfast ($10++)
mesclun salad, sous vide chicken egg, truffle dressing, butter brioche

Two words: butter brioche.
Two more words: must eat.


Smoked Duck Salad ($11++)
mesclun salad, home-smoked duck breast, balsamic shallots, ume dressing, crème fraiche


Chicken Confit ($15++)
braised purple cabbage, sweet potato puree, spiced chicken jus

There’s plenty of duck confit around but a chicken version? 12 hour brined chicken leg slow-cooked in its own fat and shallow-fried, I’ve got feedback that this was tender and juicy.


Pan-Seared Seabass ($15++)
ratatouille, quinoa salad, lemon & kaffir lime confit, lapsang sauchong tea leaf emulsion

Stunning presentation right? It’s a shame that this is the only fish dish on the menu; hopefully Chef Nixon will introduce more main courses for pescetarians soon! I’ll be the first in line.


Yogurt Parfait ($8++ for full portion)
elderflower yogurt, granola, fresh berries, blackcurrant coulis

This is actually on the all-day breakfast menu but Chef Nixon cleverly served it as a lovely pre-dessert. I’m a yogurt fanatic (I make my own yogurt at home cuz with the amount I’m consuming, the grocery bill was getting more and more expensive) and I approve this!


Blackforest ($8++)
belgian chocolate mousse, brandied cherries, hazelnut soil, caramel ice cream

No doubt, the piece de resistance of Petite Menu. I don’t even like blackforest to begin with but this deconstructed version was so sooooo good! Everything just clicks. And $8++ for such a fancy dessert?! Sold.


Kaya Toast Mille Feuille ($7++)
kaya cream, kopitiam toasts, attap seed tartare, fresh blueberries, mint espuma, warm kopi-C sauce

Ok, this was a tad too deconstructed and confusing for my palate. Definitely go for the blackforest!


Special thanks to Li-lin and Chef Nixon for the kind hospitality!

Petite Menu
Level 1, Aqueen Lavender Hotel
139 Lavender Street
6395 7782

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DeSté is the brainchild of (and named after) pastry chef Stefano Deiuri and it’s a pastry laboratory and retail store specializing in chocolates and cakes under the Garibaldi Group. Chef Stefano is well known for combining traditional pastry making with new molecular techniques to create unconventional desserts. Now, there’s even a line of sugar free chocolate pralines for those who want to indulge without guilt! As I’ve tried almost all of Ricciotti’s desserts, I’m no stranger to his creations since he’s also the man behind Ricciotti’s pastries and gelato.

Potato ($7.90+) has such an irresistible name! A giant puff filled with dark chocolate custard, this was our favourite for the night. The puff was very soft and the custard creamy enough without being cloyingly rich. Simple yet satisfying.

Usually Profiteroles ($9+) come in either chocolate or vanilla filling but DeSté goes one step further with a pistachio filling so you get 3-in-1. Nothing special about this, not even the light-as-styrofoam chocolate cube. Honestly, we were far more interested in the base of chocolate sponge cake which was moist and soft.

The Tiramisu ($9+) was not shortlisted at first as I wasn’t impressed with the version at Riccioti before. But sadly, the lady in front of me had the last slice of Piedmont Pave which I was eyeing! Oh well.

This was just average to me since I prefer my tiramisu to contain both caffeine and alcohol but the ladyfingers are merely soaked in coffee at DeSté.

I had one bite of the Champagne & Raspberry Delight ($8.80+) and forced the cousin to finish the rest of it! We totally didn’t like this at all. It’s supposed to be Champagne Bavarian cream with two textures of raspberry jellies but there’s no hint of champagne and I couldn’t detect the different texture of the jellies because my tastebuds are not discerning enough, hah.

This reminds me of the creamy concoctions at Schokolart!

Decent but not outstanding. I think next time I’ll just stick to the chocolate creations to be on the safe side since Chef Stefano’s strength lies in working with chocolate. Definitely no more Champagne & Raspberry Delight!

The boutique outlet in chi-chi Mandarin Gallery is only for takeaways and there’s 40% off all individual and whole cakes after 8.30pm. If you want to dine in and enjoy Chef Stefano’s cakes, look no further than the new Chocolate DeSténation at 313@Somerset!


#02-26 Mandarin Gallery
6737 3247

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Blic Ice Cream Cafe

Earlier this month, a bunch of food bloggers and I were invited to Blic for an ice cream tasting session. It’s a new ice cream parlour located in the heartland of Tampines and offers more than 20 flavours to choose from. Of course, being the foodies that we are, we sampled all of them! 

My personal favourites (from left to right):  

Rum N Raisin: The plump rum-soaked raisins topping the scoop are amazing. More than make up for the lighter liquor flavour in the ice cream itself. 

Passion Yogurt: This is really more like sour plum than passionfruit. Love the tanginess! 

Baileys: My favourite out of the favourites! Very smooth and with a strong dose of liqueur for that extra kick. 

Blic’s Tiramisu is uniquely served in a glass with layers of soaked savoiardi and ice cream (instead of mascarpone cheese). Go ahead, be greedy and take a really big and deep scoop so that you don’t miss out any components. 

Banana Peanut Crunch: Surprisingly light and not too sweet. 

Seasalt Malt: Get this if you love Horlicks! 

Black Sesame, Green Tea: You know I’m always on the lookout for good BS & GT ice cream! Sadly, these aren’t making their way onto my list. 

Double Choc, Ferrero, Vanilla Bean: the classic flavours that’s always a hit. 

Dino Milo: Can you believe I’ve never tried the real dino milo drink before? This tastes like… Milo (duh!), hah. 

Lychee Mint: I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing that this is more fruity than minty. 

Coffee: Not as intense as Tom’s Palette’s… 

Mao Shan Wang Durian, Cempedek: Whoa, these are really strong. You either love it or hate it. FYI, durian is the only fruit I don’t eat so you know which camp I belong to, hah. 

Many thanks to Ben & Larry for the kind invite! I’ll always remember Blic since this is the first time I had so much ice cream at one go, hah. By the way, here’s the pricing: 

Single scoop (classic/premium): $3.20/$5.20 

Double scoop (classic/premium/mix): $4.80/$7.80/$6.30 

Sigh, how I wish there’s an ice cream parlour in my neighbourhood too! 

Blic Ice Cream Cafe
802 Tampines Ave 4
6786 0860

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K ki Sweets ケーキ

Seriously, it’s impossible not to fall in love with K ki. With the concept of quality living in mind, owners Delphine and Kenneth have created a space filled with warmth and love, pastries and art. Do talk to the witty couple if you have a chance! They are so friendly and upbeat, and chef-baker Kenneth makes funny faces when he’s talking animatedly, haha. Cakes are sold out everyday so it really depends on your luck and timing. Not wanting to risk disappointment, the authors of Hungry Epicurean, The Simplest Aphrodisiac, This is Yummy and I were seated inside the cafe bright and early on a Sunday morning, even before the open sign was flipped over!

K ki shares a common shop space with The Little Drom Store (run by the couple’s friends), which sells ultra cool retro knick-knacks, from vintage dresses and handmade bags to old-fashioned polaroids and other whatnots. Great for browsing on a lazy afternoon, with a slice or two of K Ki’s cake for company, of course!

Loving chestnut anything and everything, Mont Blanc ($8.50+) is my favourite! No doubt, no hesitation at all. Every element was perfect: smooth chestnut puree, light whipped cream, super soft sponge and an almond tart base. Not forgetting tiny bits of sweet chopped chestnuts embedded within the cream like hidden gems. Love l.o.v.e LOVE this!

Since there’s Mont Blanc the French mountain, Kenneth decided to have a SEA mountain on his collection too. A deliberate misspelling, Kinabaru ($8+) has layers of coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and a chocolate sponge base. The heavenly sweet-tanginess of passionfruit hits you first, followed by a subtle coconut aftertaste. Very interesting!

I’d be the first to admit that white chocolate is never my favourite because it’s usually so sweet. But the teardrop beauty Antoinette ($8+) defies the norm! The white chocolate mousse literally melts in the mouth *swoon* and hides a molten yolk of mango puree within that’s a tad too mild. Incredibly light and sweetness is just nice! 

Like Antoinette, Mona ($8+) is also named after a friend of Delphine and Kenneth. The latter’s take on the classic combination of chocolate and banana is as flawless as it gets. Mellow banana sweetness, creamy chocolate mousse, what more do you want?

Cafe Dumo ($7.50+) = chocolate + coffee. Another common combination that’s hard to go wrong with. Nice, but compared to the rest, not terribly exciting.

I’m a sucker for pretty food. Doesn’t the Strawberry Tart ($6.50+) look lovely? I’m certainly no tart expert but looks aside, this was humdrum just average with a slightly-too-hard almond tart base. Got to love the smear of gorgeous custard cream with specks of vanilla beans though!

K ki is definitely more than a pastry cafe. It’s love, it’s passion, it’s an experience. It’s a place for dreaming… Because K ki is a dream come true!

K ki ケーキ
7 Ann Siang Hill
6225 6650

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Laurent Bernard Chocolatier #1

I say this time and again: desserts are best shared with good friends. Sweet goodies just ain’t as nice if I’m having them by myself. It’s the “oohing” and “aahing” that makes the difference! This time, I went to sugary chocolate heaven a.k.a. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier with the equally even sweeter (haha!) authors of Divine Essentials, Hungry Epicurean and The Simplest Aphrodisiac. It’s a good thing that the guys had a super filling dinner before this, which means all the more for us girls, yay!

Soufflés are totally my kind of desserts. Good and not-so-good, fruity and exotic, I’ve been there, eaten done that. What’s lacking in my soufflé repertoire is the best one. Until now. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Laurent’s Chocolate Soufflé ($16.50++). This is the standard to beat from now on!

Rich, dark, intense, soft, moist… Trust me, this is exactly the stuff worth risking a sore throat for. And forget about the calories, please. I can describe the soufflé until the cows come home and words still can’t do this soufflé  justice. It’s just awesome. Awesome! Loving the super tangy raspberry sherbet too!

Laurent’s is not all about chocolate. There’s also many other soufflé flavours like Cherry, Rum & Raisins and Grand Marnier too and we had the Strawberry Soufflé ($11.85++) for “comparison” purpose. The first one out of the oven was a pseudo soufflé, i.e. a mere shell hiding zilch innards that collapsed before we could say “strawberry soufflé!”.

Reminder to self: Send soufflé back to the kitchen if it deflats within five ten seconds flat. Something is obviously wrong!

We had a beautiful replacement within 30mins. Notice how vastly different the “before” and “after” looked? I like how light and moist this is but flavour-wise, I’d prefer the essence of strawberry to be stronger.

I’ll take the chocolate soufflé over this anytime!

Crispy chocolate tarte ($6.80++) is my must-order whenever I drop by Laurent’s. Still as good as ever with its layers of hazelnut praline, smooth dark chocolate and crunchy almond base. And it’s pure luck that a new batch was in the oven when we ordered because there’s nothing better than freshly baked tart!

Pleasure ($9.80++) didn’t give me as much pleasure (pun intended!) as the soufflé and tart since I’m not a fan of milk chocolate. Chocolate cream, thin layers of milk chocolate sheets and a base of meringue, hazelnut and praline. It’s exquisitely made but just not the type of desserts I’ll crave for.

I totally adore the deliciously gentle assault on the olfactory senses once I step into the cafe. Just inhaling that subtle aroma of chocolate in the air is enough to make me happy. The power of endorphins chocolate!


Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar
#01-11 The Pier @ Robertson
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
6235 9007

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Schokolart has been lurking at the back of my mind ever since a reader’s enthusiastic recommendation (hi, Tiara, if you are reading!) of this new chocolate café-lounge in town. But they seem to be having some logistical problems since the few times I popped by, the display cases were empty. Yup, that’s right, no cakes in a chocolaterie! How absurd. Anyway, Schokolart (say “Sho-koh-lart” with me) hails from Kuala Lumpur and apparently, the cakes are shipped from KL daily, which is why there’s often no cakes during tea time. Weird, I know.

Like Bakerzin and Canele (but Schokolart is way out of their league!), there’s savoury food on the menu besides the sweet stuff. Hot & Saucy ($12.50++) is very much a fusion dish: angel hair tossed with sambal and chicken meatballs. Nothing worth mentioning.

I love the combination of chocolate and orange so it’s hard to go wrong with Chocolate Orange ($5.60++). Totally adore subtle hints of orange flavoring the extremely soft and moist sponge. What I didn’t like was the lack of professionalism in its presentation. The cake wasn’t cleanly cut, had jagged edges and on the verge on topping over!

Things Desserts went downhill after that. The Raspberry Brulee ($5.60++) is essentially a dome of creamy (not in a good way) creation that didn’t impress. It’s not even mousse, it’s just cheap flavoured cream.

On a random note, is it just me or does this remind you of Elmo, the cute muppet from Sesame Street?

Again, another dessert that’s more cream than cake. And nothing screams “ARTIFICIAL” more than that too bright hue of Mango Passionfruit ($5.60++).

Cream, cream, cream. That’s what the White Chocolate Coffee ($5.60++) is made of too.

I quote the friend: “it’s cheaper to buy a tub of cream and flavouring from the supermarket.” How true.

I want cakes, not cream!


#01-25, Orchard Central
6509 6139

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