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We walked over from my apartment to 俺のBakery&Cafe at 9.30am and were shocked that a line was already forming for the sale of takeaway loaves at 10am. If you are dining at the cafe, you can skip the queue but full menu is only available after 10am so you still have to wait anyway. Both the tamago sando and azuki toast were tasty but we wouldn’t queue for the bread!



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I have very fond memories of Shake Shack. When K and I went to Tokyo in April last year, Shake Shack Ebisu had just opened for a couple of days and there was a huge hype (= long queue) as usual with the Japanese. We dragged our luggage over for our first meal after landing and spent almost S$80 on fast food! To be fair, we ordered a lot so the cost was kind of justifiable — 2 burgers, 2 milkshakes, 1 cheese fries, 3 concrete sundaes. Satisfaction level was 100%.

Fast forward one year. This time I met my visiting Matchaya crew member and I didn’t go loco with ordering. A cheesy ‘Shroom Burger and black sesame milkshake (can be stronger in goma flavour but what a brilliant idea!) later, I left feeling 100% satisfied too.

shake shack



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I spent the whole morning and early afternoon visiting the local ward office, bank and telco to finalize all the paperwork so by the time everything was done, it was past 3pm. You will probably think that at this sort of timing, it will be easy to get lunch. But nope, my chosen lunch-dinner spot of Cosme Kitchen Adaptation コスメキッチン アダプテーション was full arghhh. Anyway, I had the all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet which features a wide variety of veggies. The romanesco, asparagus and sweet potato were mind-blowingly sweet!! Only downside is that it’s very expensive; I paid more than 2,000円 after taxes. Oh well, it’s never cheap to eat healthy anywhere I guess.

P.S. I’m amazed by how much greens Japanese ladies can eat. Many went for their 4th and 5th rounds while I could only manage 2 plates, ha.


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