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I know it’s early days (only Day 18!) but I think I’ve found my firm #1 favourite gelateria in Tokyo. Buon’Amore ブオン・アモーレ supposedly churns “healthier” gelato with low/no sugar and what got to me were the beautifully smooth texture and deep intense flavours. I sampled a few (moringa matcha is a funky one) and settled on pistachio and dark chocolate. This is one of those times when I just want to keep on eating and eating. So sooo good.


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You wouldn’t expect a middle eastern nuts/spices shop selling matcha gelato but it is what it is at Far East Bazaar ヒカリエ. The unmistakably earthy matcha flavour is very intense (the staff even warned me in advance) but I don’t like the icy and “crumbly” texture. Next.

far east

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I have a terrible sweet tooth but I try to find “healthier” alternatives most of the time. Like dairy-free ice cream, or agave-sweetened desserts. They make me feel better about inhaling sugar haha. Finally found something not so sinful at Gelateria Tie-An. They do soy versions and apparently the bestseller has edamame in it. Too funky for me though; I’ll stick to my usual dark chocolate, matcha (can skip the one here), and kinako kuromitsu. The kinako kuro is very good! More intense and much better than Pariya’s.

tie an

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Ooooo glad I found Pariya パリヤ, a gelato place I like! Picked dark chocolate (always!) and kinako kuromitsu; that tiny glob you see there is almond coffee. Before handing the cup to you, the staff will ask whether you want to try any other flavour so you get a mini serving of the desired flavour, so cute! P.S. Pariya is also the supplier of salads at Cityshop Deli, +++ points because I’m a fan!


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Shortly after our visit to Milk and Honey Gelato, we went back again for (a lot) more!


The unassuming display holds a wide array of gelato, meticulously crafted and freshly made daily. Choose away!


Waffles are, of course, on the menu (I’d be shocked if any ice cream/gelato place doesn’t offer it, what with the hype now). Disappointed that the supposedly “brownie-like” dark chocolate waffle embedded with melting chocolate bits (sounds so awesome, right?!) was unavailable so we had the signature plain “quaffles” – 4 x handmade quarter waffles ($3.80). Decent but not the prettiest around and not the best I’ve tried (my waffle allegiance is currently pledged to another) so I’ll just stick to gelato!


Seven scoops at one go – definitely a first for me! Oh well, at least these were well worth the calories with well calibrated texture, body and aftertaste:

1. White Mac (white chocolate + toasted macadamia) –> still my favourite!
2. Salty Malty (horlicks + sea salt) –> still K’s favourite! We are 专一, they are consistent, win win!
3. Mao Shan Wang (durian) –> intensely pungent, polarizing yet popular, must try for durian lovers!
4. Yuzu –> subtly flavored, light and refreshing~
5. Choc-a-Baby –> skip this only if you are not into dark chocolate (not me, for sure!)…
6. Passionfruit Mango –> too sweet for me, I prefer tangy and tart~
7. Lychee Malibu –> they were running a contest to name this flavour when we visited. Just saw from their FB page that the official name is now Malychee! Kind of cheesy, haha. Anyway, I usually don’t like lychee ice cream/gelato but this was quite good (must be the Malibu rum talking hehe)


We also tried the shy green nut (i.e. pistachio) milkshake! Three generous scoops of blended gelato with milk resulted in a thick, rich and oh-so-creamy shake. Omg it’s like drinking a glass of melted ice cream – super sinful but so good!


Judging from the wall of thank you notes, we are obviously not the only ones smitten with Milk and Honey! Our thanks to Gary and the team for having us over!


Milk and Honey Gelato
Block 86, Bedok North Street 4, #01-179
9838 0687

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Besides Maple and Market, there’s a new dessert cafe (or more specifically, a gelateria) near my house yay! The Hideout sells an array of artisan gelato made fresh daily with no preservatives and (what else but) waffles, of course.


Honestly, most of the flavours tasted rather average (chestnut, matcha and pistachio were disappointing) but we managed to settle on the three better ones – mao shan wang, salted caramel and dark chocolate ($10). I must remember to ask them not to pour the colourful sprinkles and marshmallows on my gelato next time. Hate those artificial stuff.


The Hideout
Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50
6440 0971

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If you have been following my Instagram, you’d know that we are crazy about ice cream (15 soft serve plus multiple tubs of Häagen-Dazs green tea ice cream on our last Tokyo trip woooo!) so I’m happy to report that we have found a new favourite place for gelato – Milk and Honey! It’s very near to the famous Bak Chor Mee stall at Bedok 85 and obviously we are not the first to know about M&H because the small shop (more tables outside than inside) was absolutely packed on a Saturday night. A good sign!


Pretty standard pricing for “artisan” gelato? We thought it was kind of expensive though for the serving size. $10 for a cup of triple scoops (2 “mason” and 1 “queen“); ooh well, the price to pay for weekend indulgence~


After tasting all the flavours (yes we really tried all!), we chose:

1. White Mac (macadamia –> my favourite! So strong and nutty!)
2. Salty Malty (horlicks + sea salt –> K’s favourite! He likes salty ice cream/gelato/soft serve haha)
3. Mint (tea) Earl (mint + earl grey –> almost like drinking a cup of Earl Grey Tea! The tinge of mint in it was just nice)
4. Shy Green Nut (sicilian pistachio + belgium chocolate bits –> Undecided… I think I’d like this even better if it’s pure pistachio without choc)

Love the smooth texture, intense flavours and strangely enough, I kind of like how fast the gelato melts! Will definitely be back soon to try their quaffles (handmade quarter waffles) and more gelato!


Milk and Honey Gelato
Block 86, Bedok North Street 4, #01-179
9838 0687

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