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My first yusheng of the Monkey Year was at Jade Restaurant where Master Chef Leong and his culinary team prepared a feast for the eyes and tummy!

Eight-Happiness Gold Rush Salmon Yusheng
champagne jelly, olive oil, peach dressing


Jade’s signature yusheng with wobbly handmade champagne jelly, edible gold leaves, salmon, olive oil and peach dressing is always a sight to behold. During this festive period, dine-in orders of yusheng will feature calligraphic drawings complemented with auspicious greetings created by Chef Leong. So spot the two cheeky monkeys on your plate!


Priced at $68++ (5 pax and below), $98++ (6-8 pax), $138++ (9-12 pax), orders should be made one day in advance. I’m going to ask my mum to order for our family gathering yay!


My favourite dish is eight treasures fortune pen cai, a twist from the traditional featuring premium seafood such as abalone (I’m not a fan!) and fish maw (sooo good!) braised in a rich flavourful broth for approximately 3-4 hours in a claypot. I like that it is served individually instead of in a massive pot #portioncontrol

Eight Treasures Fortune Pen Cai ($58++ per pax)
six-head whole abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, chinese cabbage, flower mushrooms, roasted garlic, roasted pork


Actually, now that I think (or rather, write) about it, my favourite dish may be the simmered boston lobster with ginger milk instead! (Yes, I’m a fussy and fickle-minded eater ha) Imagine fresh lobster meat simmered with milk, ginger, butter and a hint of lemon before being drizzled with a geneous serving of fragrant ginger milk gravy. It sounds a tad heavy but tastes surprisingly light and the sweetness of the lobster comes through.

Boston Lobster ($88++ per whole 700g lobster)
simmered with ginger milk


If you need the daily dose of meat, try out the new roasted duck marinated in foie gras sauce and Chef Leong’s specially created sour plum guava jelly.

Roasted Duck ($23++ for quarter portion; $46++ for half; $92++ for whole)
foie gras sauce, sour plum guava jelly


The best thing about the roasted duck is that it comes shots of refreshing guava granita and tart sour plum jelly!


When Chef Leong wants to impress, he really goes all out. Look at this beautiful and delicate handmade golden bird sculpture crowning the dessert platter! Painstakingly assembled over 5 days using gelatin, wow.

pan-fried rose-flavoured water chestnut cake
honey peach pastry ($26+ per box of 8 pieces)
sweet potato pandan-flavoured ‘nian gao’ tart ($28+ per box of 8 pieces)


Although the sculptures stole the show, we still wiped out the ‘nian gao’ tart, buttery baked honey peach pastry and pan-fried water chestnut cake! These goodies are available as takeaways till 22 February 2016.


My thanks to the Fullerton and Jade teams for their hospitality!

Jade Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
6877 8188

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From today till 8 September 2014, The Fullerton Hotel’s signature Jade Restaurant (玉楼) is offering a specially crafted 6-course Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner Feast (中秋之夜宴) at $88++ per person. Each item on the menu has a meaning, e.g. the trio of starters features 嫦娥奔月 (the legend of Chang Er flying to the moon) which honestly requires a healthy dash of imagination haha. Still, I must applaud Master Chef Leong for his creativity and effort in creating such a thoughtful menu. Of all the dishes, I love the nourishing boiled sea grouper soup most! I remember that I was also very taken with the fish maw soup on my previous visit to Jade; it’s definitely not a coincidence and I’m convinced that Jade serves excellent soups! Since it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s not surprisingly that dinner ends with a pair of petit mooncakes, plus superb shaved almond ice (almost like almond jelly ice cream!) and the cutest mini white rabbit meringue coated with coconut flakes! I had a good laugh while beheading it oops.


Clockwise from top left:

Boiled Sea Grouper Soup with Black Fungus and Chinese Wine served with Steamed Quail Egg

灯笼彩椒凤尾虾, 麻香蜜餞手撕鸡, 茶薰斎鹅
Trio of Mid-Autumn Combination
Steamed Sea Prawn Roll with Capsicum and Mushroom, Shredded Chicken with Preserved Fruit in Honey Mustard Dressing, Tea-smoked Bean Curd Carrot Roll

Classic Trio Desserts
Shaved Almond Ice with Osmanthus Jelly, Chilled Rabbit Shaped Egg White Cake, Petit Traditional Oven Baked and Snow Skin Mooncakes


Clockwise from top:

Fragrant Crispy Duck Stuffed with Yam Paste

Stewed Whole Abalone with Dried Scallop and Homemade Edamame Bean Curd

Fragrant Wok-fried Five Grain Rice with Crab Meat



A time for joyous reunions, celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with The Fullerton Hotel’s collection of mooncakes in traditional and delectable local flavours made with a touch of finesse. A contemporary assortment of the classic, The Fullerton Snow Skin Treasures includes White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk and Pandan Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncakes using premium palm sugar for a comforting taste of home with a dose of indulgence.

Returning this year is the popular The Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncake, a divine blend of salted egg yolk and custard encased in a light butter pastry that melts in the mouth. Emanating sophistication and style is The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set featuring a large baked mooncake filled with eight egg yolks filled with velvety white lotus seed paste and 14 miniature baked mooncakes symbolising vivacity, prosperity and bliss.

Available from 25 July to 8 September. Click here for the order form and more information.

Special thanks to Joyce for the kind invitation!

Jade Restaurant
Ground Floor, Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
6877 8188

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