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Served Maine (mayo), Connecticut (butter) or New England Style (mayo, celery, and chive), the lobster roll at Bar Harbor is so fresh and tasty. Same goes for the Dungeness crab stuffed eggs! You know this is legit when someone who grew up in Maine and knows his lobster rolls gave a thumb up too.

lobster roll

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I’m so glad that the recent food fad involves lobster rolls and not something chicken/beef/lamb which I don’t take. After being bombarded by the wonderful food porn on Instagram and food blogs, I’ve finally succumbed (yes, I’m weak when it comes to food) and had my virgin lobster roll experience at Platypus Lobster Shack! This place has been churning out lobster rolls for about a year (way before the craze started) so they must be doing something right!


We were lucky to be seated at the counter where a “live” show was going on. Lobster rolls were deftly assembled with ease, laid out on trays with care, and promptly delivered to the hungry diners (including me)!


Before the main highlights, we shared a bowl of thick and creamy bisque. Least memorable because the other dishes were just too awesome!

Urchin & Lobster Bisque ($16.90++)
roasted lobster & urchin broth, double cream, maris piper potatoes


I was very curious about the crustacean bowl (limited quantities available daily) because I couldn’t quite picture it in my mind upon reading the description. This is probably one of those controversial love/hate dishes but for me, it turned out to be a really brilliant combination of lobster, rice, cheese, uni creme and caviar! Beautifully presented too. The taste reminded me of aburi sushi, believe it or not. Try and you will know what I mean!

Crustacean Bowl ($19++/starter or $26++/main)
uni creme, butter-poached lobster, japonica rice, honey ponzu, caviar, char-grilled cheddar cheese, sesame, chervil


You can order the lobster roll as a standalone roll ($19.90++) or as a set which comes with a small side of truffle crisps and salad ($22.90++). Compared to the other restaurants serving lobster rolls, this is definitely one of the most affordable options in town!

Each roll holds approximately 100g of lobster meat and because I’m not a small eater (K always say I eat more than him!), I can easily down two at one go haha. It’s a good thing that there are so many different varieties on the menu – which means that I can feast on lobster rolls without getting bored!

The Traditional ($22.90++)
butter-poached lobster meat, roasted-garlic mayonnaise, chives, sea salt


The traditional is a must-try for first-timers like us! The toasted bun was not the best around but still an adequate vessel for the butter-poached lobster meat tossed in roasted-garlic mayo. Simple and good!

Spicy diablo was our favourite, partly because we went crazy pimping it with burnt cheddar (additional $4++) and double lobster meat (additional $16++). Yes, double lobster meat omg!!! Our big fat roll was overflowing with all kinds of deliciousness, period. Words are superfluous.

Other add-on toppings include fresh wasabi creme, caviar, shaved truffles and sea urchin creme.

Spicy Diablo ($19.90++ without add-on toppings)
butter-poached lobster, home-made mayonnaise, piquant garlic, spice


I’m honestly not a mayo lover so I was initially worried about not liking the rolls (ya, foodies will worry about such #firstworldproblems haha). If you are like me, fret not! There are two mayo free options on the menu – piquant garlic and the more intriguing red miso and sesame. Flavour was naturally sweeter and a welcome change from the mayo loaded rolls. I wanna try the garlic version next!

Red Miso & Sesame ($19.90++)
akimiso infused lobster meat, aged soy sauce, black & white sesame


Here’s an open secret: there’s off-menu food items, such as the luxurious uni roll! Just ask for it!

The Uni Roll ($32++)
boston lobster, sea urchin butter, caviar & sea urchin cream


Special thanks to Nick for hosting us on such a busy night!

Platypus Lobster Shack
3 Pickering Street
Nankin Row #01-31
6438 7961

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