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Hi I’m back in Tokyo! The first thing I crave for is not sushi or sashimi but unagi. I really love those slippery fatty eels so much! A colleague brought an American guest and I to めぐろ大黒屋, an unagi specialty shop near the office and my unagi don totally fix my craving, thank you eel you didn’t die for nothing!


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Another work lunch, this time at Midori Kaiten Sushi 回し寿司 活美登利. I’ve been to Midori Sushi at Shibuya and Ginza numerous times but this is the first at their kaiten outlet. As usual, there’s a queue and we had to wait (single diner gets seated very fast!) before it’s our turn. Quality is good considering the affordable prices; my favourites are the huge slab of anago and aburi salmon.

(and yes, one kani miso gunkan sushi is missing in the photo because I was too hungry!)


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Lunching around Meguro is great as there are a lot of options and the office lunch crowd is not as crazy as the CBD area. My Japanese colleagues brought me to つきはし, a restaurant hidden on L4 of a building (sorry I don’t know the name). People who work around here obviously know this place; it was packed and we snagged the last table yay. My negitoro don was wonderful with plenty of leeks (which I love), natto, tororo (gooey grated yam) and a gorgeous onsen egg. 1,000円 well spent!


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