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It’s all about girls and dolls on Hina Matsuri, a day traditionally celebrated in Japan on 3 March when families wish their daughters success and happiness in life. In line with this time-honoured festival, Mikuni pays tribute for the 4th time through Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo’s culinary interpretation – an impressive lunch bento thoughtfully arranged to be a feast for the feminine eye and palate that’s only available from 1 to 10 March.

organic japanese green salad, snow crab, orange, blueberry, black sesame


Priced at $120++ per person for lunch, the Hina Matsuri bento features an array of elegantly crafted dishes in a dainty tiered box and a complimentary glass of amazake (sweet rice beverage). When the three tiered boxes were carefully served, everyone went “waaaaaaa!” as they were indeed a sight to behold. I wanted to take mine home but Chef Moon said the box is really expensive lol. What I could take home was the menu – prettily printed and designed as a bookmark.


Pulling out the three drawers was like opening a treasure box filled with edible gems! The top drawer housed a beautiful layer of Mikuni’s signature truffle kanpachi served with a distinctively indulgent black truffle sauce. I’ve tried this before during the past Savour events and the top notch quality has never changed. If it’s your first time at Mikuni, this is a must try!

kanpachi sashimi, truffle soy sauce


The second drawer is a showcase of eight traditional Japanese appetizers with my favourites such as grilled miso cod, unagi and tamago. Be on the lookout for one quail egg – it’s been cutely disguised ha. The most surprising element for me was the abalone. I usually don’t like abalone because of the chewy texture but I have to say that this slow-cooked version was not rubbery at all. In fact, quite delicious I say.

Assorted Appetizers
8 traditional hassun: grilled miso cod, slow-cooked abalone, eel, octopus, umeboshi plum, asparagus, japanese pickles, miso egg


I felt sad when the third drawer was revealed as that meant that the end was near. The default chirashi don unveiled is Miyazaki wagyu beef on rice but Chef Moon pampered me with uni instead since I’m a pescetarian. So fresh and creamy! The medley of colours artfully decorated atop sushi rice was lovely too.

uni chirashi don, seaweed, shrimp, tamago


The tempura was not oily but not as impressive as the other dishes for sure. I’m generally a big eater (when I want to) and this bento filled me up nicely about 80%. Just right for lunch without the food coma afterwards, I guess.

prawn, sweet potato, fish, pumpkin, green bean


Rounding off the meal is Chef Moon’s rendition of a sweet ending with premium Shizoka musk melon and salt ice cream. The tinge of saltiness in the ice cream seamlessly enhanced the sweetness of the melon, interesting!

shizoka musk melon, salted ice cream


My thanks to Chef Moon and the Fairmont team for hosting us!

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
6431 6156

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Fellow unagi lovers, you won’t want to miss the summer unagi festival “Doyo No Ushi No Hi” at Mikuni!

Celebrated in Japan during the sweltering summer season, referred to as “Doyo”, the Japanese believe that the consumption of nutritious eel helps to increase stamina and beat the summer heat. So from now till 31 August 2015, Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo will showcase a resplendent display of traditionally cooked unagi dishes through a specially curated lunch and dinner set menu. Live unagi can be seen swimming in the huge tanks at the entrance – imported live from the Aichi prefecture and all ready to be eaten *evil laugh*


Complemented with the season’s freshest items, the delectably presented dishes are a treat for the senses. Although the 5-course lunch is a subset of the more luxurious 8-course dinner, it looks no less impressive!

Mikuni Eel Special Summer Lunch ($120++)
chef’s seasonal selection of zensai, sashimi, sunomono moriawase, grilled eel on rice, kyushu peach ice cream


My favourite on the dinner menu ($220++) is the appetizer of delicate barbecued eel jelly with tamago accompanied by tangy smoked salmon yuzu, eel yahata maki burdock and addictive crispy eel bone. All parts of unagi can be eaten and this dish demonstrates exactly that – skin, meat and bone are all creatively utilized!

Chef’s Seasonal Selection – 3 Kinds of Zensai
bbq eel jelly, smoked salmon yuzu, eel yahata maki burdock, eel bone


Out of the 8-course menu, only the soup and dessert have no unagi in it (I’m not complaining). Warm and comforting, this bowl of beancurd skin and shreds of snow crab seems like a savoury version of the Chinese ginkgo beancurd 腐竹 dessert!

fresh beancurd skin, hokkaido snow crab, mushroom, yuzu


No words needed when there’s fresh fatty toro and creamy uni! *bliss*

Seasonal Sashimi
hokkaido sea urchin, aori ika, toro, yellowtail, sea bream


Beautifully presented in a shell, the plump and delicate grilled “salted” eel is far from salty but naturally sweet and luscious! Have to admit that I’m not a fan of the chewy abalone though.

Grilled Salted Eel
abalone, mikuni sauce, wasabi, daikon


Each well-seasoned skewer of beef is deep-fried in panko before being topped with a piece of unagi, mustard caviar, flying fish roe and uni. Not for the faint-hearted, these golden skewers are Chef Moon’s take on the traditional Japanese recipe!

kagoshima wagyu beef kushikatsu, black truffle, mustard caviar


My seafood version was equally decadent!

Skewers (Seafood)
salmon, scallop, crab, asparagus


Sunomono Moriawase
eel, scallop, shrimp, ginger flower, seaweed, tomato


Highlight of the lunch and dinner menu is definitely the unadon (鰻丼), a.k.a. charcoal grilled eel on rice. Presented in an exquisite lacquer box, the finely grilled and aromatic eel takes center stage with its succulent and tender meat. Incredibly soft!

Charcoal Grilled Eel on Rice
mixed japanese pickle, kyushu shijimi freshwater clam miso soup


Peaches (momo) are in season now so I was not surprised to see it being featured on this limited-time-only menu. Ripe and juicy Kyushu peach goes extremely well with the smooth ice cream made of peach and yogurt! Wonderful and refreshing end to one of the most memorable meals at Mikuni so far!

kyushu peach, raspberry, peach ice cream


Thank you for hosting dinner, Ruth and Laureen!

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
6431 6156

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Let me start by stating the easy conclusion of this post.

We like Mikuni.

Especially when we have the FAR card in hand!


Mikuni has four seating areas – sushi counter (not the best as it is very near to the entrance), robatayaki zone (cozy room), teppanyaki section and a main dining hall. We always sit at the teppanyaki table because K loves watching the chef in action and I’m, well, more practical – I just love the tray of condiments laid out neatly in front of us ha. It sounds gross but I can drink the sesame sauce, it’s that potently good. And don’t get me started on the crispy garlic. I couldn’t stop munching on those addictive little chips!! Garlic breath so what, haha.

prawn crackers, organic mixed green salad with sesame dressing


Having been to Mikuni for both lunch and dinner, I prefer the former as their lunch sets are of good quality and value for money. My weirdly-named business bento had everything I like – from heavenly truffle salmon sashimi (cheaper form of the signature truffle kampachi) and soft kinki fish to a juicy grilled miso eggplant which I still crave for! Plus, I was given anago tempura instead of the default chicken karaage, score!

Business Bento ($68++)
soya braised hokkaido kinki fish, truffle salmon sashimi, futomaki (toro, shrimp tempura, unagi, tobiko), anago tempura, grilled miso eggplant


K likes teppanyaki; I do not. In the 2+ years that we’ve been together, we’ve only had teppanyaki together once (it was one of the first few dates so obviously he didn’t know I’m so fussy about food LOL). Predictably, he jumped at the chance of finally having a teppanyaki meal without subjecting me to the same!

Teppanyaki Set ($68++)
king prawns with golden sauce, miso marinated cod, asparagus, shiitake mushroom


I have to admit, some of his dishes were pretty good (to a non-teppan lover)! Though the king prawns were smoldered in a creamy eggy sauce, they were bouncy and fresh. Likewise the mildly marinated miso cod, lovely piece that melted in the mouth. And I’m sure K was glad that he didn’t have to share his medium rare tenderloin with me! FYI – chawanmushi, garlic fried rice and miso soup also included!

australian beef tenderloin with garlic soya sauce, crispy garlic, beansprouts


My eyes are always bigger than my stomach so despite the amount of food we’ve had, I ordered an additional item from the a la carte menu too! All eyes were on us the lobster when it was served. Seriously, everyone looked over and the lady beside K even asked aloud what did we order haha. The lobster topped with torched uni cream was simply delicious. I won’t even bother describing it!

Lobster Uni Yaki ($48++)
grilled boston lobster, sea urchin cream


The dessert for set lunch is not fixed. On that day, we had an intense espresso ice cream (wish there was more!) and the staff brought out a scoop of green tea ice cream for K since it was an early birthday celebration ❤

espresso ice cream, matcha ice cream, azuki jelly, matcha truffles


Because we really enjoyed lunch, we went back for dinner shortly after! Fresh tongues of buttery uni with crispy nori on the side were the perfect starter~

Uni Sashimi ($38++)
hakodate sea urchin


Both unagi and salmon belly maki rolls were nice stomach fillers but nothing spectacularly different from the ones we can get from Koh Sushi or The Sushi Bar. Nevertheless, there’s about 8 other varieties on the menu which I want to try!

Mikuni Maki ($25++)
bbq eel, cream cheese, caviar
Salmon Belly ($26++)
grated green apple, salmon roe, avocado


I’m a sucker for anything sous vide and the tako kari-kari age (love the kari-kari name!) is one of the best octopus dishes ever! Tender meat (K said the texture was similar to chicken!), thin crisp batter, aaaaamazing.

Tako Kari-Kari Age ($30++)
sous vide octopus, shishito, wasabi mayo


Lobster uni yaki again! Still as good as before!


I think the wagyu don was the most boring item tried and tested. K won’t order it again, I’m 99.999% sure.

Kagoshimi Wagyu Beef Don ($48++)
wagyu beef, onion, crispy egg, dried seaweed, rice


Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
6431 6156

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