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Shinji in Singapore is famous among local foodies and Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo is a must try for fans of Shinji. We opted for 15 pieces (excellent value!) and left very satisfied. Standouts for me include the chutoro, shima aji and shiro ebi. It’s also where I had my first taste of kisu – a Japanese silver fish in season now.



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新橋鶴八 分店 does serious sushi but the location is arguably sleazy with massage parlours and sex toy shops. Reminds us of Orchard Tower which we go often (for food, not for anything else!) haha.

Anyway. There are a few pieces which I really like — katsuo, kohada, anago (omg don’t get me started on this), the signature trio tuna maki (best!) and uni, of course! K even let me have his share of uni sushi, a sign of true love right! That said, we agree that the shari is too dry and the finale of tamago is forgettable.




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If not for the unexpected (and unfortunate!) closure of Hanare on a Saturday, we wouldn’t have gone to Sushi Kou because that was not in the immediate “let’s go eat there!” plans. And yes, I plan every meal hehe. Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and we like our ala carte orders (usual favourites so everything was oishii!) enough that one day soon, we will be back for the omakase, which I heard is priced very reasonably for the quality~

Clockwise from bottom right:

yuzu and green tea ice cream, negitoro maki, unagi avocado maki, soft shell crab maki, tamago, anago sushi


Sushi Kou
1 Tras Street
6444 8433

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