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Brunch at Bochinche is slightly different – the menu goes beyond the normal done-to-death-but-somehow-I-still-go-back-for-more eggs ben/waffles and successfully dispels the notion that Argentinean cuisine is only about meat. I was happy to find several pescetarian-friendly items on the menu, such as the classic provoleta (darn, no good photo of this!) – rich and creamy/milky grilled provolone cheese served sizzling hot in a pan. Other memorable dishes include the squid ink burger with a thick disc of golden-brown crayfish patty, yellow fin tuna (light and healthy!), and the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs (sounds boring, I know, but sometimes it’s the simplest dish that stands out!)~

K was the meat tester for me that day and he pretty much finished everything I dumped on his plate haha. The sirloin steak and chorizo sausage made in-house were his favourites. Think he will skip the bland ossobuco the next time round though (poached eggs are so not him anyway). Pancakes and French toast (bacon ice cream is losing its novelty factor these days, don’t you think so??) are good to try but not something we’d order on our own since they are kind of average.

Save some space for desserts because they are lovely, especially the bitter chocolate tart paired with chili flakes yogurt (so interesting!) and smooth crème caramel. Milk cake and crème brulee were rather sweet, so I passed and didn’t go back for seconds. Can’t say the same for the chocolate tart though hee.


Sirloin Steak Salad
porcini mushrooms, sweet potato, grilled leeks & mustard dressing


House Chorizo Sausage
malbec braised ox cheeks & caramelised onions


Squid Burger
smoked pepper, chopped romanine, crayfish & dill mayo


Ricotta Pancakes
berries salad, maple syrup & cinnamon crème fraîche


Yellow Fin Tuna
grilled pak choi, spicy humita & crispy “aji molido” tofu


Braised Ossobuco & Organic Poached Eggs
toast & chives hollandaise sauce


Brioche French Toast
house-cooked ham & bacon ice cream


Smoked salmon & Scrambled Eggs
red onions, capers & dill cream cheese


Milk Cake
passion fruit sorbet & toasted almonds


Bitter Chocolate Tart
chili flakes yogurt & chocolate ice cream


Crème Caramel
“dulce de leche” & crushed meringue


My thanks to Alexandra for inviting and hosting brunch!

22 Martin Road
6235 4990

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Here’s one more place to note on your to-go list (yes, I believe everyone should have one!): The Missing Pan (for brunch next weekend)

Prices are on the higher side but why is it still packed all the time? Well, they obviously know what they are doing. Hearty portions, fresh ingredients, and a menu which spans beyond the usual big breakfast and eggs benedict.


Okie, I take back half my words. They do offer eggs ben but it’s with a special twist! Instead of normal smoked salmon, cubes of 45 degree sous vide salmon are paired with perfectly poached eggs instead. 62 degree eggs, 45 degree salmon, brilliant combination!

62 Degree Eggs Benedict ($22++)
smoked salmon, avocado, seaweed crumbs, sourdough, in-house hollandaise


For the carnivores (heard good feedback from the dining companions):

Pulled Pork Burger ($19++)
sunny-side, fries


Beetroot and quinoa are a regular part of my daily diet so it’s great to see something familiar on the menu. Love the interplay of bitter, sweet and nutty flavours, plus the texture of the quinoa was just right (not overcooked and mushy)! Definitely the star dish of the day for me.

Beetroot Quinoa Salad ($12++)
candied beetroot, arugula, herby flatbread strips


K always say I’m wasting money whenever I order bircher muesli because it’s such a simple thing to make! True true, but whatever, I still like it! Not this though, unfortunately. Way too sweet and watery.

In-House Bircher Muesli ($10++)
yoghurt, muesli, granny smith, puffed brown rice, oats, maple syrup, nuts, cinnamon


Now, this french toast is really unique with a fabulous aroma and presentation (like the Taiwanese snack 棺材板, i.e. coffin bread). I wish there will be a seafood version soon!

French Toast Salpicon ($19++)
chicken, spinach and mushroom stuffed in French toast, banana nuggets, mixed berries, strawberry-smoked maple syrup


Within the french toast:


Other brunch cafes serve simple sweet treats such as cakes and tarts but plated “deconstructed” ones are quite rare right?

La Passion ($14++)
meringue, passionfruit, fresh fruits


Both desserts we tried looked very pretty! I prefer the la passion slightly more as it’s refreshing, light and tangy – ideal on a hot summer day!

Mela Con Formaggi ($14++)
granny smith, banana caramel sauce, chocolate soil, citrus mascarpone, parmigiano reggiano chips, homemade honeycomb


My thanks to Imen for arranging and Ivy for hosting brunch!

The Missing Pan
#01/02-01, 619D Bukit Timah Road
6466 4377

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I felt kind of bummed that we did not enjoy Nordic deli Gæst as much as I imagined we would. In fact, K has already written off this place completely (his recent infatuation with The Humble Loaf is not helping) while I’m still hopeful of a repeat visit someday, maybe…

To be fair though, I think he chose the wrong dish (which was my doing since I had read raving reviews about the to-die-for pork sandwich). Unhealthy crispy roasted pork which screamed fat!! with a capital F was totally unsuitable for a relatively clean eater (the chicken breast option sounds more like him). Plus the mustard mayo made the sourdough soggy – his ultimate sandwich nightmare since it reminds him of *ahem* sanitary pads (his words, not mine), oops.

I had the poached eggs off the weekend brunch menu and while it was certainly photogenic, we returned it to the kitchen as one of the eggs was overcooked, a no-no for me. Second attempt was all good and I love the rye bread so very much~ Perfect mopping-up-the-yolk material. Consistent with my dining experiences in Scandinavia, we find that the food tends to be on the salty side so the post-meal sodium rush was not too pleasant hmm.


Pork Sandwich ($13)
roasted pork with crackling, orange marinated red cabbage with parsley, red apple, mustard mayonnaise, homemade sourdough bread


Poached Eggs with Eggplant & Goat Cheese ($15)
rye bread, salad, smoked salmon (additional $4)


#01-01, The Clift
21 McCallum Street
6634 0922

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