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I’m so happy today! K came to visit on my 65th day in Tokyo, finally!!

First meal after he landed was at Le Spuntik, a 1* Michelin restaurant that’s been raved about online. Fantastic value for lunch but I won’t be heading back any time soon. It was a painfully dragged out meal with long pauses in between courses as it seemed like the kitchen was unable to handle 12 diners all at once. The service staff was apologetic but there was nothing she could do. That said, I must note down my favourite dish — mushroom crepe with poached egg and shaved truffles. Everything is made with mushroom, including the crepe and ice cream, so creative!


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Hello uni omelette!! Went to Mercer Brunch just for that but ended up with two same-same-but-different plates on the table, score. Because there’s uni, and there’s lobster. The latter has a reddish tinge from the fresh tomato lobster cream sauce and I like the slight sweetness. The one with uni has a more briny flavour so it really depends on personal preference. Worth a try but pity that the texture is not as fluffy as La Mère Poulard’s!


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I fasted for almost 18 hours because of a medical checkup this morning so being hungry was an understatement by lunch time. Plus the nurse withdrew three vials of my blood for testing so I was pretty desperate to feed myself well as a reward for enduring the needle. Enter まぐろだけ, a nondescript maguro (tuna) shop in Roppongi. The space is extremely small and cramped but who cares when their dons (rice bowls) are so delicious. I chose the 三色丼 with generous cuts of akami, toro and negitoro — all for 1,200円! Oh ya, the akami and toro were slightly salty though, probably been aged?


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