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Hello uni omelette!! Went to Mercer Brunch just for that but ended up with two same-same-but-different plates on the table, score. Because there’s uni, and there’s lobster. The latter has a reddish tinge from the fresh tomato lobster cream sauce and I like the slight sweetness. The one with uni has a more briny flavour so it really depends on personal preference. Worth a try but pity that the texture is not as fluffy as La Mère Poulard’s!


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I fasted for almost 18 hours because of a medical checkup this morning so being hungry was an understatement by lunch time. Plus the nurse withdrew three vials of my blood for testing so I was pretty desperate to feed myself well as a reward for enduring the needle. Enter まぐろだけ, a nondescript maguro (tuna) shop in Roppongi. The space is extremely small and cramped but who cares when their dons (rice bowls) are so delicious. I chose the 三色丼 with generous cuts of akami, toro and negitoro — all for 1,200円! Oh ya, the akami and toro were slightly salty though, probably been aged?


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