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Have you ever had one of those “wow, I’m gonna try to replicate this at home!” moments when you eat something simple yet so good at a restaurant? That’s what I feel for the warm cauliflower and kale salad from The Carlile Room. Generous shreds of parmesan, fried cubes of chickpea croutons, addictive black garlic caesar on the side, this is one salad which I can eat everyday! By the way, I won’t be recreating this since I don’t cook ha #justsaying


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I spent the day doing touristy stuff — Pike Place Market (it’s bigger than I thought!), Waterfront, Pioneer Square etc. Then it started raining (again), sigh. So I ducked into The London Plane for shelter and food. Their bakery is famous for naturally leavened sourdough but you know I’m not into bread right ha. My brunch main of crispy farro, roasted salmon, atchara, shaobing (?!) and fried egg sounds more interesting on paper than in reality; overcooked salmon and salty overall; don’t think I’ll be back again.

london plane

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Yes, it’s still Day 20 because I’m now in Seattle! After a long flight where I couldn’t sleep despite being tired, I’ve finally landed in the ‘Emerald City’. The plan is to not catch a nap (jetlag, take that) but head out for a quick meal before hibernating for the rest of the day.

If there’s one cuisine I miss living in Tokyo, it’s Middle Eastern food so I make sure I do my research on Mid East restaurants in Seattle. Mamnoon Restaurant comes highly recommended online and rightly so! The fatteh comes with chickpea, yogurt, crispy pita, spinach, pine nuts and poached eggs; so much flavours and textures going on there. Falafels are a must and pair well with muhammara, a dip made of walnuts, red pepper paste, cumin, garlic and topped with pomegranate. Delicious.


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