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Why is it that I find such a fab restaurant on my second last day in Seattle?! Shaker + Spear is all about seafood paired simply with fresh and regional ingredients; exactly my kind of place. My sage arctic char with cauliflower, polenta and tapenade looks so beautifully and tastes even better! I’m making a mental note to come back here on my next trip.


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Hello, pistachio croissant?? Just take my money please. Crumble & Flake Patisserie is apparently one of Seattle’s best pastry shops and this infamous croissant with pistachio cream even made an appearance on The Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets”! The real thing is good but not perfect; I wish it’s more flaky and the pistachio flavour more intense. That said, the magical part is that it starts to grow on me and I find myself finishing the whole calorie bomb!


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There are crab cakes and there are real crab cakes. The Dungeness crab cakes from Dahlia Lounge are incredible. Two hefty pieces of crab cakes (each about the size of my palm) without nonsense potato fillers and paired with curried cauliflower make a substantial meal, something I can never find in Singapore! Definitely one of my best meals in Seattle. And yes, this is another one of Tom Douglas’ restaurants!


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2 things I learn today:

1. Tom Douglas is a famous chef with multiple restaurants in Seattle and Serious Pie is one of them.
2. Pizza joints don’t provide bags for takeaway pizza boxes.

I learnt #2 the hard way when I realized that we ordered wayyyyy too many pizza for our happy hour. Imagine 2 girls carrying 10 boxes (!) of pizza plus bottles of wines and walking back to our office from the restaurant, that’s us #powergirls

After the hard work, pizza sounds like a good idea even though I’m not a pizza fan. These are admittedly good with a crusty base and solid toppings; the roasted mushrooms with truffle cheese is my favourite!

serious pie

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This is it. I’ve found my favourite ice cream shop in the universe!!

Frankie & Jo’s does plant-based (interesting choice of words and great branding!) ice cream so think handmade sprouted cashew nut milk, coconut milk, organic cane/date sugar, gluten-free waffle cones etc. Most of the dairy-free ice cream in the market lacks a creamy texture and/or intense flavour but not at F&J. My choices of salty caramel ash with activated charcoal, chocolate date, and nettle pistachio (an April seasonal flavour) are amazingly smooth and rich. I don’t think anyone will miss the milk at all!


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