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Between HeartBeet Organic and Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, I prefer the former for sure even though the latter clearly has their share of fans. Flavours at HeartBeet are more “refined” (K will know what I mean ha) whereas my salad of smoky kale, roasted yams and tempeh bacon at Chaco is pretty one-dimensional.


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I’m back for more feel-good food at HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe within 24 hours! This time I make sure that I choose a light salad (marinated kale FTW) so that I can indulge in a slice of “pure pie”. The dark chocolate salted caramel pie is remarkably rich and decadent! And it’s 100% vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, can you believe it?

heartbeet cake

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The Living Cafe is one of my all-time favourite cafes in Singapore and HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe reminds me of TLC very much. There’s smoothies, salads, warm grain bowls and desserts, basically everything I want to eat! But reality is harsh and I can only pick one… HeartBeet burger it is. A walnut, sesame seed and sun-dried tomato burger patty with dehydrated “onion bread”, served with maple coconut chips and BBQ sauce. I love it but oh my, this is super dense and filling!

heartbeet burger

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Other than Cafe Flora, Plum Bistro is another well-regarded vegetarian restaurant in Seattle. I prefer the former though; my order of pan seared creole tempeh with wilted collard salad is not exceptional and the celery root puree is strangely cold hmm.


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The rule is universal — take anything fatty/creamy, fry it, and you will get a party in the mouth. I’m thinking of uni and avocado, mmm. The fried avocado strips at Cafe Flora are gloriously crispy and buttery, so bad yet so good. This place is well-known among vegetarians and I can see why. The menu is creative and goes beyond salads which anyone can toss together at home. I also tried the sesame crusted sunchoke-daikon croquettes with coconut lentils and grilled rapini. See what I mean? Don’t worry, I had to google “rapini” too so you are not alone!


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