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Gosh, 3 times within a week; I told you Frankie & Jo’s is my favourite! This time it’s chocolate sauce over chocolate date ice cream, and moo goo (in-house activated charcoal salted caramel) over salty caramel ash ice cream. I love this place so much that I told K that we should open one in Singapore haha.


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Other than Cafe Flora, Plum Bistro is another well-regarded vegetarian restaurant in Seattle. I prefer the former though; my order of pan seared creole tempeh with wilted collard salad is not exceptional and the celery root puree is strangely cold hmm.


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The acai bowl at Jars Juice beats Jujubeet hands down because of one word: customization! I’m a fussy eater who knows what I like so it’s easy to create the perfect bowl for myself: acai veggie blend, coconut flakes, nut butter, hemp/chia/flax seeds, pecans and walnuts. I love this so much that I’m going to have it for lunch everyday for the rest of my stay in Seattle. (and I did!)

jars juice

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There are crab cakes and there are real crab cakes. The Dungeness crab cakes from Dahlia Lounge are incredible. Two hefty pieces of crab cakes (each about the size of my palm) without nonsense potato fillers and paired with curried cauliflower make a substantial meal, something I can never find in Singapore! Definitely one of my best meals in Seattle. And yes, this is another one of Tom Douglas’ restaurants!


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2 things I learn today:

1. Tom Douglas is a famous chef with multiple restaurants in Seattle and Serious Pie is one of them.
2. Pizza joints don’t provide bags for takeaway pizza boxes.

I learnt #2 the hard way when I realized that we ordered wayyyyy too many pizza for our happy hour. Imagine 2 girls carrying 10 boxes (!) of pizza plus bottles of wines and walking back to our office from the restaurant, that’s us #powergirls

After the hard work, pizza sounds like a good idea even though I’m not a pizza fan. These are admittedly good with a crusty base and solid toppings; the roasted mushrooms with truffle cheese is my favourite!

serious pie

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Served Maine (mayo), Connecticut (butter) or New England Style (mayo, celery, and chive), the lobster roll at Bar Harbor is so fresh and tasty. Same goes for the Dungeness crab stuffed eggs! You know this is legit when someone who grew up in Maine and knows his lobster rolls gave a thumb up too.

lobster roll

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Back at Frankie & Jo’s because there is one more flavour I want to try — tahini chocolate! It’s quite interesting; sweet, nutty and salty at the same time with lashings of sesame fudge throughout. The staff recommended adding the vegan chocolate sauce and I’m game for it of course #yestomorechocolate

frankie 1

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Mbar belongs to the Mamnoon Restaurant family so I already know I will like this place! Most people come for the rooftop bar and I’m the weird one who doesn’t care much for that. I’m only interested in food! You probably can’t tell from the photo, but that’s grilled trout with avocado, sumac, labneh and fenugreek (a type of herb). The thin fillets are practically melt-in-the-mouth soft, so good!


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I didn’t expect to have Thai food in Seattle but never say never. A colleague and his wife kindly invited us to dinner at Pung Kang Noodle Place because they are going to move to Tokyo too so it’s a good bonding session. If you are wondering what’s underneath the broccoli and capsicums, it’s fried salmon curry! Too sweet and I should have asked for extra extra spicy ha.


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When I was living in Singapore, K and I ate a lot of acai bowls, so much so that we became friends with the owners/staff of Project Acai. I think I’m more obsessed with it than K; he likes it but eats it more to accompany me than anything else. I haven’t had any since moving to Tokyo (cray cray ex) so it’s such a joy to find affordable acai bowls in Seattle! Jujubeet does a mean acai protein bowl with PB, vegan vanilla powder, almond milk and paleo granola. I can almost feel my body thanking me for such a healthy lunch!


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