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Because we churn soft serves day in day out at Matchaya, I no longer crave for soft serve ice cream when in Japan anymore. Except perhaps milk flavour as dairy is king here. I found Laitier レティエ by chance; with the eye-catching blue exterior, anyone walking by will pause and take a second look. According to their Facebook page, the milk used is from Izu Farm in Shizuoka (thanks to Google Translate) and lower in fats/sugar yay. I do like their soft serve; very creamy with a whipped texture. Almost as good as Matchaya’s! Hahaha.


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Thought it’s apt to publish this on a Sunday haha. The folks from ever-popular Creamier has opened Sunday Folks, a tastefully designed dessert cafe specializing in hand crafted soft serve ice cream, waffles and cakes.


We are huge fans of Creamier’s waffles (I still think it’s the best in Singapore!) and were told that the same recipe is used here. That said, I think I prefer Creamier for two reasons: 1. Sunday Folks’ waffles are not as crispy on the outside (which I’m sure can be easily corrected) and 2. one swirl of soft serve is somehow not enough for two waffles (I’m a “ice cream > waffle” girl). At Creamier, I can happily pay and heap two or even three scoops of ice cream on the waffles (yes, been there done that) but it’s simply not possible at Sunday Folks simply because it’s soft serve. And yes, staff needs to work on their “dispensing softee” skills.

Waffles with Sea Salt Gula Melaka ($10.80)
strawberries, blueberries, thin slice of roll cake, chocolate sauce and maple syrup


Texture of both the salted gula melaka and roasted pistachio soft serve was excellent! So creamy and velvety~ Flavours were good too, especially the gula melaka which had a bold salty taste to it. Dark chocolate, earl grey lavender, madagascar vanilla and summer strawberries are also available but we will definitely be sticking to these two 🙂 Oh ya, we can do without the “frills” though – pastry stick and roll cake (on the waffles buried under the soft serve)?

Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve Ice Cream ($6.90)
homemade black charcoal cone, pistachio nuts, pastry stick


I couldn’t resist the homemade green tea cake (yep, three desserts just for two of us – that’s not unusual) and it turned out to be a good choice! Delicately light and moist, this is perfect for people who don’t like cakes that are too sweet.

Japanese Matcha Cake ($7.90)
with white chocolate and kinako (roasted soybean flour)


Sunday Folks
#01-52 Chip Bee Garden
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Open till 10pm daily except Monday

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