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It was second time lucky with ca ca o カカオ, a chocolate specialty shop from Kamakura. The website listed Shinjuku NEWoMan as one of the two Tokyo branches but I couldn’t find it a few days ago. I’m now 100% sure it had shut down unless someone tells me otherwise. So when I walked past the other outlet at Lumine, I ain’t leaving without getting myself some choco treats of course! The soft serve made from Colombian beans was excellent, as was the bittersweet 61% dark chocolate ganache tart with a delightfully smooth filling and firm buttery crust (albeit I prefer a thinner shell).

cacao store 1cacao store

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Pierre Marcolini needs no introduction. His chocolates were top on my to-try list 7 years ago when I travelled to Brussels, Belgium and they didn’t disappoint. And then 3 years ago was when K and I first tried his chocolate (duh!) soft serve and we liked it more than Godiva’s and Lindt’s. This time, having had Le Chocolat De H’s and Cacao Sampaka’s in the same week, I have to be honest and say that this is no longer the “best” hmm… Let’s see what other chocolatey softies come my way next!


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I don’t understand why Magie Du Chocolat マジ・ドゥ・ショコラ is so popular. There’s constantly a stream of people queuing and because I was sitting right next to the cashier, I could see how much those people were spending. Let’s just say they didn’t hesitate to fork out yen for chocolates. But I was not impressed with their 35% & 75% mixed chocolate soft serve, and the signature baked chocolate soufflé cakes (matcha so sweet omg). Average and very forgettable.


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Because we churn soft serves day in day out at Matchaya, I no longer crave for soft serve ice cream when in Japan anymore. Except perhaps milk flavour as dairy is king here. I found Laitier レティエ by chance; with the eye-catching blue exterior, anyone walking by will pause and take a second look. According to their Facebook page, the milk used is from Izu Farm in Shizuoka (thanks to Google Translate) and lower in fats/sugar yay. I do like their soft serve; very creamy with a whipped texture. Almost as good as Matchaya’s! Hahaha.


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With 2014 coming to an end, I reckon it’s apt to write about Honey Creme since it is definitely one of the best F&B success stories this year (even my mom knows of it haha). Contrary to popular belief, Honey Creme is not from South Korea! They sell Korean-inspired soft serve ice cream, hence the confusion I think. The brand first opened in Taipei in March 2014 and has since expanded to Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore within a year! Such astounding growth!

Honey Creme Organic Cotton Candy Affogato ($6.20)


On that crazy I-don’t-care-about-calories night, we tried five varieties and I picked out my favourites easily. The first was unorthodox – soft serve with mixed grains! It was surprisingly very delicious, especially the blended powder of millet, black sweet rice, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, and black sesame! Reminded me of cereal ice cream, yumz. The other one I liked was the theatrical cotton candy affogato. A freshly brewed shot of Nespresso dark coffee sealed the deal and I probably will get the version without the sweet cotton candy next time. The other three flavours of organic honey comb, caramel popcorn and dark chocolate sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt were nice (how can velvety soft serve not be?!) but it’s gonna be the mixed grains and affogato that will bring me back.

Honey Creme Organic Honey Comb ($5.50); Honey Creme Caramel Popcorn ($5.50); Honey Creme Organic Mixed Grains ($5.90); Honey Creme Double Flavored Macarons ($3 per piece)


For a limited time until 31 December, Honey Creme introduces a new limited edition flavour, Honey Creme Irish Cream ($6), just for Christmas. I’ve been told that the soft serve is swirled with sweet caramel and dark chocolate atop a bed of crushed pretzels, topped with bittersweet chocolate beans and crunchy pretzel, and drizzled with a milky smooth Irish Cream formula with hints of coffee and liqueur. The picture looks very cute so I’m going to try that tomorrow before it’s too late, see you there!

Honey Creme Dark Chocolate ($5.50)


Special thanks to the lovely Ate and Honey Creme teams for letting us beat the queue and hosting such a sinful session!

Honey Creme
#01-37, 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road
6884 8468

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