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I don’t understand why Magie Du Chocolat マジ・ドゥ・ショコラ is so popular. There’s constantly a stream of people queuing and because I was sitting right next to the cashier, I could see how much those people were spending. Let’s just say they didn’t hesitate to fork out yen for chocolates. But I was not impressed with their 35% & 75% mixed chocolate soft serve, and the signature baked chocolate soufflé cakes (matcha so sweet omg). Average and very forgettable.


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This is seriously a case of “my brunch is better than yours” at La Mère Poulard ラ・メール・プラール. Look at that ふわふわ (fuwa fuwa, meaning fluffy) souffle omelette!! It’s so soft and light and airy and foamy and although it doesn’t look substantial, I was surprised that I felt full after polishing it off. So much love for this but my only gripe is that it was unevenly seasoned as some parts were way too salty.


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