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Oh wow, I didn’t know amazake kakigori can be so delicious! There’s ample cream but it’s amazingly light. The strong shot of matcha on the side is lovely but I’ll be equally happy with just the amazake flavour alone. This is a May special so let’s see what they will do in June!


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We were so lucky to try this coffee soy kakigori! It was off the menu and I’m thankful that the staff kindly agreed to make it for us. The topping is soooo good! (so-so ice)


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This kinako kuromitsu kakigori is my first in Tokyo and oh dear, my obsession with kakigori has officially started. We want to eat the best so that Matchaya can produce a worthy version in Singapore. Plus, K is the best kakigori buddy I can ever wish for. He encourages my over-ordering tendency and unfailingly finish every single bowl.


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