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Cityshop Deli is my favourite salad shop in Tokyo but now I’ve found a close second at PULP Deli & Cafe パルプ デリ&カフェ! Newly opened at Shibuya Cast (take exit 13 from Shibuya train station), it offers a DIY custom deli plate which adds a lot of points for fussy eaters like me. Their broccoli with ricotta cheese is the best and I’m going to have two servings of that next time!


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The rule is universal — take anything fatty/creamy, fry it, and you will get a party in the mouth. I’m thinking of uni and avocado, mmm. The fried avocado strips at Cafe Flora are gloriously crispy and buttery, so bad yet so good. This place is well-known among vegetarians and I can see why. The menu is creative and goes beyond salads which anyone can toss together at home. I also tried the sesame crusted sunchoke-daikon croquettes with coconut lentils and grilled rapini. See what I mean? Don’t worry, I had to google “rapini” too so you are not alone!


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Vegetarian food is no big deal but when it’s raw, creative and delicious? Enter Afterglow – a plant-based, farm-to-table eatery with a cool, industrial vibe complete with the ubiquitous bike-hanging-on-the-wall thingy which cafes seem very fond of these days. I really enjoyed the food but our bill was rather pricey for the quantity. Hopefully we will see more copycats of Afterglow around soon – healthy competition is always a good thing!


I love the fake “cheese” here simply because I do not like real cheese! Made of cashew nuts and blended with herbs, the texture was creamy (kind of like a thick and coarse version of hummus) and easily spreadable on the raw dehydrated crackers. Lovely dish to share.

Raw Cheese with Beetroot and Almond Crackers ($16+)


Between the kimchi and achar rolls, I prefer the latter! Packed neat and tight with blended nuts (yes, a lot of nuts used so don’t think you won’t get full eating rabbit food!), the pineapple within made it fruity and refreshing while the kimchi was too pungent for me.

Kimchi Nori Roll ($12+ for 6) and Achar Nori Roll ($12+ for 6)


This may be one of the most tasty bowls of rice I’ve ever had! The dressing was magical and extremely flavourful that I kept snatching it from K. We have already agreed to order this as takeaway in future and buy some sashimi to make our own perfect chirashi hahaha.

Deconstructed Sushi Bowl with Avocado and Miso Dressing ($16+)


24 Keong Saik Road
6224 8921

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Fou de FaFa #1

Lunchtime at Fou de FaFa was a scene of organised chaos. The place was downright buzzing with activities! Jam packed with people dining in or waiting around to collect their takeaway orders, the cafe somehow exudes pure positive energy. It’s just a happy place to be in! Besides the quirky and funky vibe, the imaginative and ingenious food brings cafe fare to a whole new level.

Don’t scoff at anything with the word “vegetarian” on it, please. Because the Vegetarian Organic Pancake Lasagna ($16.50) was unbelievably good! Thickness was just right with layers of cheese and zucchini in between the pasta sheets. The magic probably lies in the savoury “special sauce” which has a tinge of sweetness I suspect comes from applesauce.

High carbs, high fats, low protein. Healthy? Nope. Delicious? Absolutely!

I like hearty salads that prominently feature grains or legumes as they are filling enough as a main dish. Go ahead and feel virtuous with the Les Salades ($15.50) with Organic brown rice, chicken, egg, tomato and pistachio. Heavily spiced and seasoned with herbs, it sounds (and IS) so healthy!

We really need more cafes like Fou de FaFa around. How I wish Singapore has as strong a cafe culture as cities like Melbourne! True, local cafes are aplenty but I find that character is wanting for most and menus lack creativity and originality. If it’s not pasta, then it’s uninspiring salads and sandwiches, aye?


Fou de FaFa
#01-05 Capital Tower
168 Robinson Road
6327 9418

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Original Sin

Whoever says/thinks that vegetarian food is bland/boring/tasteless should have a meal at Original Sin. More likely than not, you will be hooked. Just like I was.


I always have the same thing here: Bosco misto ($25++), a fancy name for 2 thick discs of spinach, feta and tofu patties served with sautéed button mushrooms in a plum sauce and topped with asparagus. Yum! Enough said.


The classic Greek/Arab Moussaka ($24++) is equally almost as good: Oven baked layers of char-grilled eggplant, potato, tomato and lentils, topped with a béchamel sauce. The infusion of Middle Eastern spices packed a punch of flavour.


Impressive as usual. Hands down, this is my favourite vegetarian restaurant!


Original Sin
#01-62, Chip Bee Gardens
6475 5605

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