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When I was living in Singapore, K and I ate a lot of acai bowls, so much so that we became friends with the owners/staff of Project Acai. I think I’m more obsessed with it than K; he likes it but eats it more to accompany me than anything else. I haven’t had any since moving to Tokyo (cray cray ex) so it’s such a joy to find affordable acai bowls in Seattle! Jujubeet does a mean acai protein bowl with PB, vegan vanilla powder, almond milk and paleo granola. I can almost feel my body thanking me for such a healthy lunch!


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“No meat, no pizza, no pasta”, that’s what I told my awesome boss/friend when we were discussing where to have lunch. Admittedly it was a challenge but he didn’t disappoint me with McDonald’s or some crappy place! The grilled arctic char with chickpeas from Mistral Kitchen is tasty enough to make me wipe my plate clean. This is one of those happy moments where food and company are equally good, thank you Ryan!


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