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I have a terrible sweet tooth but I try to find “healthier” alternatives most of the time. Like dairy-free ice cream, or agave-sweetened desserts. They make me feel better about inhaling sugar haha. Finally found something not so sinful at Gelateria Tie-An. They do soy versions and apparently the bestseller has edamame in it. Too funky for me though; I’ll stick to my usual dark chocolate, matcha (can skip the one here), and kinako kuromitsu. The kinako kuro is very good! More intense and much better than Pariya’s.

tie an

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Someone recommended Hitsumabushi Bincho ひつまぶし備長 to me on my IG so I made it a point to try. It’s good indeed! And so conveniently located at Ginza/Skytree. I love the crisp chargrilled surface and it reminds me of Man Man in Singapore where K and I like to go to after work. Ahhhh those were the days…


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If you saw my IG stories or if we are FB friends, you would know that I trained out of Tokyo to Satte, Saitama, for the most beautiful view of canola fields flanked with rows and rows of sakura trees! Truly breathtaking and it made me so happy!

Ok, back to food. Most people go for bento boxes when taking train rides in Japan but I prefer the simple tamago sando (egg sandwich) from Amanoya 天のや. Ignore the dry bread; just focus on the custardy egg slathered with an addictive wasabi mayo spread. Too much love for this.


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I don’t understand why Magie Du Chocolat マジ・ドゥ・ショコラ is so popular. There’s constantly a stream of people queuing and because I was sitting right next to the cashier, I could see how much those people were spending. Let’s just say they didn’t hesitate to fork out yen for chocolates. But I was not impressed with their 35% & 75% mixed chocolate soft serve, and the signature baked chocolate soufflé cakes (matcha so sweet omg). Average and very forgettable.


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Another work lunch, this time at Midori Kaiten Sushi 回し寿司 活美登利. I’ve been to Midori Sushi at Shibuya and Ginza numerous times but this is the first at their kaiten outlet. As usual, there’s a queue and we had to wait (single diner gets seated very fast!) before it’s our turn. Quality is good considering the affordable prices; my favourites are the huge slab of anago and aburi salmon.

(and yes, one kani miso gunkan sushi is missing in the photo because I was too hungry!)


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I plan all my meals. Like seriously, ALL. Impromptu is not in my vocabulary because life is too short for mediocre food. So I took a big risk (yes I exaggerate ha) when I stepped into Patisserie Cacahouete Paris パティスリー カカオエット・パリ as this was not on my to-go list. But I couldn’t resist when I saw so many locals queuing! Walked out with a crunchy chocolate cake with mango, a lovely pairing which I really like. Anyway, this place is apparently famous for their cubed cream puffs (there’s pistachio!), should I try that next hmm.


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This is how a sushi chef (who previously trained at two Michelin ** Harutaka) presents a fish burger: no frills, no fries, just a solid good burger on a clean white plate.

At Deli Fu Cious デリファシャス, the signature kobuzime fish burger is every bit as delicious as those online raves say — even David Chang approves on his IG! Chef cooks everything upon order so this may be the freshest burger I’ve eaten to date. Mine was with sawara (鰆 or Spanish mackerel) fillet but it changes occasionally, depending on what’s fresh in the market. Will be back to try the tamago and anago tempura “dogs” (instead of hot dogs, get it?) for sure!

deli fu cious


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